MOMD: Displaced people from Mosul exceed 62,000

Displaced families. File photo.
Displaced families. File photo.

Nineveh – ( General Manager of Branches Affairs Directorate at the Ministry of Migration and Displacement, Diaa Sallal, announced on Saturday, that the number of displaced people from Mosul exceeded 65 thousand, and pointed out that the ministry continue providing aids to them.

Sallal said in a press statement, “The ministry’s teams received, yesterday, more than 3700 displaced persons from several areas,” noting that, “26 of them were wounded due to the heavy shelling of ISIS terrorist gangs in Hayy al-Samah and al-Qadisiyah al-Thaniyah, in the western coast of Mosul.”

“3001 displaced persons were received from the neighborhoods of the western coast, including the areas of Adan, Zahraa, Bakr, Tahrir, Hayy al-Qadisiyah, Zohour, Eintsar, Samah, Khadraa and Shafaq,” Sallal explained. “301 persons migrated from Tel Serwal in Mahlabeya, in the western axis of the city of Mosul,” Sallal added.

“251 displaced persons from the villages of Sedyrat, Haigel and al-Sobeih in Sharqat district were received, as well as 150 displaced persons from Hawija district,” Sallal said.

Sallal also revealed that the total number of displaced people since the start of the battles to liberate Nineveh reached 62399 persons, and emphasized that the ministry is providing the needed aid to the families in displaced camps and liberated areas.

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