Murderer of Iraqi refugee, Awadi, captured

Murderer of Iraqi refugee, Awadi, captured

( The US Police revealed, on last Friday, the real murderer who killed the Iraqi refugee, Shaima al-Awadi, who was killed on 21th, March, 2012 in an ambiguous and confusing crime in which her head was crushed by a metal tool inside her house in Kahon city of San Deigo province, in California State of USA.

The chief of the city police, Jim Redman, said in a press conference held on last Friday, that “The killer of Awadi was arrested who was discovered to be her husband, named (Qasim al-Hemaidi) where the investigations indicated that the motive behind the crime was for marital violence without revealing further details about the crime’s circumstances.”

It is worth mentioning that many press outlets have reported that Awadi was planning to get divorce and leaving California to live in Texas where her mother lives and that the police had found the paper of requesting divorce inside her car.

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