Murderer sentenced to death

Murderer sentenced to death

Baghdad ( The Central Criminal Court issued sentenced to death against a criminal for being affiliated to the armed groups and being involved in kidnap and murder crimes in Baghdad.

The Supreme Judicial Council reported in statement received by on Monday ”The criminal and his armed group murdered a citizen while he was driving his vehicle heading towards his house in Abu Gharib district.”

”This group is implementing sectarian terrorist operations and kidnap crimes in Abu Gharib district aim to disturb security and stability among citizens, ”the statement added.

The statement pointed that ”The evidences collected in the case, represented by the clear confession of the criminal during investigation, were enough to criminalize him according to the Anti-Terrorism law for first charge, and according to the law article 4/1 of 2/1/8 for kidnap charge,” stressing that ”The verdict is initial and subject to appeal by the Federal Appeal Court.” \

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