Nineveh Operations Command denies releasing Islamic State mufti in Mosul

Iraqi army forces in Tal Afar, wsst of Nineveh.

Baghdad ( Nineveh Operations Command has denied news circulated over releasing Islamic State mufti in Mosul in return for bribe.

“Newspapers and news agencies circulate every now and then fabricated news on sensitive cases in order to destabilize security,” the command said in a statement on Wednesday.

The Saudi Okaz newspaper, according to the statement, “published news on the release of Ezz Eddin Taha Ahmed, who was the IS leader (Wali) when Mosul was liberated.”

“We absolutely deny the release and urge the newspaper to stick to accuracy before publishing the news, in order not to be a source for circulating rumors that harms the Iraqi social security,” it added.

On Monday, the newspaper quoted Zuheir al-Jabouri, spokesperson of the mobilization forces in Nineveh, as confirming IS mufti’s release in return for US$7,000 as a bribe. He indicated similar cases of releasing the terrorists due to corruption.

The mufti, known as Abu Omar, was one of the militants who intimidated the residents. He was famous for stoning people to death.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi declared in July victory iover IS militants who had held Mosul, the second largest Iraqi city since 2014. More than 25,000 Islamic State militants were killed throughout the campaign. Earlier this month, Abadi announced full liberation of Iraqi lands, declaring end of war against IS members.

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