Iraqi official: Diyala records one more bird flu infection

Diyala ( The Iraqi province of Diyala recorded on Saturday another bird flu infection case case at a local barn, adding to billions of Iraqi dinars in losses due to the contagion in the city.

Hassan Shallal, mayor of Habhab region, told Alsumaria News that veterinary teams have detected one more infection focus at a poultry coop in al-Jadeed, north of Habhab.

He said virus containment efforts will begin by the elimination of tens of thousands of infected birds.

The infection, according to Shallal, dealt poultry farms in Habhab losses exceeding 1.5 million Iraqi dinars.

On Friday, the mayor of Diyala’s al-Khales said the infection killed more that 130.000 chickens in Habhab.

Last Tuesday, NRT quoted a medical source in Mosul saying that al-Salam Educational Hospital in the eastern region recorded three deaths with the disease, while the fourth case was recorded at al-Shifa Hospital in the western region of the city.

Sot Aliraq said one of the deceased was an Islamic State member in custody.

Earlier this month, Iraqi agriculture minister Falah Hassan declared that a poultry farm caught the infection in Babil province, days after another infection focus in Diyala province was brought under control.

The Paris-based World Organisation for Animal Health confirmed the reporting about Diyala, saying that the infection killed 7250 out of 43000 birds.


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