One more infected case with bird flu recorded in Iraq’s Diyala

Diyala ( Diyala ( A new infection of bird flu has been recorded in Diyala province, despite declaring control on the disease few days ago, BasNews quoted official sources as saying on Thursday.
“One case infected with bird flu was recorded in a farm in a village in Kanaan region, east of Baquba,” head of the municipal council of the region, Hatem al-Ta’iy, said.
“Authorities in question started taking necessary measures to get rid of the infected chickens in order to avoid the transfer of infection to other regions,” he added.
This comes after Diyala Governor Muthanna al-Tamimi announced few days ago controlling the flu there, ordering suspension of chicken breeding.
Many people have been killed in the wake of spread of the disease in several Iraqi provinces, which urged authorities to kill thousands of infected birds over the past month.
Last month, Iraqi agriculture minister Falah Hassan declared that a poultry farm caught the infection in Babil province, days after another infection focus in Diyala province was brought under control.
A medical source in Mosul was quoted in January as saying that three deaths were recorded at al-Salam Educational Hospital in the eastern region due to the disease, while the fourth case was recorded at al-Shifa Hospital in the western region of the city.
The Paris-based World Organisation for Animal Health had confirmed the reporting about Diyala, saying that the infection killed 7250 out of 43000 birds.

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