Parliamentary security committee to investigate thefts at Basra military airport

Basra Airport. File photo.
Basra Airport. File photo.

( Basra – The Iraqi parliament’s Security and Defense Committee has ordered an investigation panel to probe thefts inside the military airport in Basra, Al Sumaria News reported on Wednesday.

Al Sumaria News published a document released by the security and defense committee, said, “Based on recent robberies inside the military airport in Basra, it has been decided to form an investigation panel to address the consequences of those incidents,” adding that, “The panel comprises five parliament members.”

Last month, Ministry of Transportation announced retrieving materials stolen from the military runway located outside the premises of Basra International Airport, and revealed that the perpetrators were arrested.

Despite a relative stability in its security situation in the province, Basra had witnessed a spike in armed tribal tensions, murders, kidnappings, armed robberies and carjacking during the first half of 2015. The situation, however, improved slightly early 2016 with a security operation resulting in the arrest of thousands of convicts within a few months.


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