4 People infected with H1N1 flu detected in Najaf

4 People infected with H1N1 flu detected in Najaf

Najaf ( Najaf Health Department announced detecting four cases of epidemic flu (H1N1) in Najaf province.The Director of Public Health at Najaf Health Department, Najih al-Qazaz, told on Thursday ”Four people infected with epidemic flu (H1N1) were registered at Najaf hospital,” noting that “The infected people were isolated in special room to be treated.””Two of the infected people were cured, and they are in a good health now, ” Qazaz added pointing out that ”The teams of Najaf health department are coordinating with the general secretariats of the holy shrines in the province in order to conduct periodic cleaning operations for all religious places to prevent spread of the epidemic flu among the people in these places.”

The last few weeks witnessed registering death states and illnesses with infection of H1N1 flu in a number of Iraqi provinces.

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