Rapist arrested in Erbil province

Erbil ( The Kurdish Asayish Security Directorate announced arresting a person responsible for raping 14 children in Erbil.The Commander of Asayish Directorate, Tariq Nouri, reported in press conference ”After receiving several complains from families about raping their children, we managed to arrest, Saadallah Hamad, 19 years old, for raping 14 female children,” noting that “The rapist is living in Erbil province since a while.”The Commander of Asayish Directorate confirmed that ”The detainee admitted about committing his crimes making use of the under construction houses and he decieved these children to go with him under various pretexts.””Some families did not file a lawsuit for raping their children due to habits and traditions while others filed lawsuits against the defendant,” the statement concluded. \

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