Refugees return to their homes near Ramadi after ISIS expelled

Iraqi refugees in a UN Displaced Persons Camp. Archival photo.

( Ramadi – On Monday, the President of the Khalidiya District Council announced the return of hundreds of families to their homes after escaping conflict zones near Ramadi.

The president of the council Ali Dawood stated in an interview for “Hundreds of displaced families from the residents of al-Khalidiya district have returned to their homes,” noting that, “The district is fully secured by the security forces.”

Dawood added, “The residents of al-Khalidiya had escaped as a result of hearing sirens that called them to leave their houses and that ISIS militants were present in the area, however, the district was under control of the security forces since the beginning of the crisis.”

Khalidiya District is located 23 km east of Ramadi.

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