Rubai denounces Sunday bombings

Rubai denounces Sunday bombings

Baghdad ( The member of Baghdad Provincial Council, Mohammed al-Rubai, condemned the bombings that took place in Baghdad on Sunday.

In a press statement received by, he said “Killing dozens of the innocent citizens is a new phase of the brutality of the criminals and an approval to the failure of the security forces in adhering to their duty in protecting the citizens.”

“We call the security forces to arrest the doers and hand over them to the judiciary to be judged and be an example to others,” he added, stressing the necessity of “Changing the security plans and increasing the intelligence efforts to face the terrorists.”

He held “The political blocs that aim at exploiting the masses by the sectarian slogans the responsibility of the bombings,” calling “The judiciary to activate its laws to face the sectarian slogans and those who adopt them.”

He condoles “The families of the victims, wishing the quickest recovery to the injured and the mercy to the dead.”

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