Russia ready to provide Iraq with S-400 anti-aircraft system: ambassador

S-400 missile system

Baghdad ( Russia is ready to provide Iraq with S-400 anti-aircraft system if the Iraqi side makes a request for it, its ambassador to Baghdad has been quoted saying.

Speaking to Russian news agency Sputnik, Maximov said “I hop we receive new orders from the Iraqi side for the purchase of arms of local producers, and that applies also to the S-400 missile system”.

“When we receive a suitable request from the Iraqi government we will discuss it,” Maximov said.

He explained that, as part of technical military cooperation with Iraq, Russia had delivered “large amounts of military equipment which have proved efficiency on the battlefield against Islamic State terrorists in Iraq”.

Those, he recounted, include MI-35 M and MI-28 H helicopters, SU-25 fighters and anti-tank Kornet-TI.

S-400 entered into service with the Russian armed forces in 2007. The system is capable of hitting targets at heights up to 30 kilometers within a range of 400 kilometers. It is designed for supersonic targets and chemical attack air defense.


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