Russian satellites uncover cemetery with 300 fresh graves near Syria’s Rukban refugee camp

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Moscow ( – Russian satellites’ images have uncovered a cemetery with 300 fresh graves near the Rukban refugee camp in Syria, Russia’s Defense Ministry told journalists on Tuesday.

“A fresh cemetery with 300 fresh graves has been uncovered on the southern side immediately outside the camp’s fence,” Tass quoted the ministry as saying.

According to the ministry, the cemetery and other proof of the refugees’ stay in the camp were registered by the satellite images made several days ago.

The satellite data suggest that most structures in the Rukban camp are makeshift settlements and unfit for the living of people in the winter period and a part of refugees simply had to live under open shelters.

The Rukban camp is surrounded by a mound and a fence.

“Actually, the Rukban camp has long lost its status and turned into a reservation area where hostages are held forcibly,” Russia’s Defense Ministry pointed out.

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