Several commercial steamers anchor in Iraqi seaports

Several commercial steamers anchor in Iraqi seaports

Baghdad ( The Iraqi seaports have received several commercial steamers with various goods from different countries.

A statement by the Ministry of Transportation received by on Wednesday cited “Khur al-Zubair seaport of southern Basra province received the steamer, Nardin, from Panama and it also received a Launch from the United Arab Emirates with calves for the first time since 1980 where it has 385 calves,” noting that “The steamer, San Bed, from Bermuda and another one from Tanzania with 3360 tones of Cement material.”

“The Asphalt material was exported by the steamer, Star/3, from Singapore,” the statement added.

“Abu Flus seaport of southeastern Basra received the steamer, Nazdan, from South Korea which has containers and another steamer, Mag Express, which also has containers,” the statement concluded.

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