Six killed, six wounded in suicide bombing west of Karbala

Suicide bombing in Karbala in August, 2016.
Suicide bombing in Karbala (representational photo).

( Karbala – Six people were killed and six others were wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a house at Ain Tamr, west of Karbala, the Interior Ministry said Monday.

“Six suicide bombers had sneaked into al-Jihad district at Ain Tamr precinct, west of Karbala. Security forces engaged with, and killed, five of them,” said Saad Maan, a spokesperson for the ministry in Baghdad.

“The forces encircled a sixth suicider, prompting him to storm one of the homes and blowing himself, killing six people and wounding six others.”

The United Nations said last week that 58000 people were killed in violence since the self-proclaimed Islamic State occupied large parts of Iraq in 2014.

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