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 Sixth case dies of infection with bird flu in Salahuddin: Medical sources

Bird flu (representational photo).

Sixth case dies of infection with bird flu in Salahuddin: Medical sources

bird flu (representational photo)
Salahuddin ( The sixth case infected with bird flu has succumbed to death in Salahuddin province on Sunday, Iraqi medical sources said, indicating doubts over infection of two other cases, BasNews reported.

The victim, according to the sources, died of bird flu at the outskirts of Balad town, south of Salahuddin. Two other cases are being medically examined.

The sources indicated launching vaccination campaigns within the precautionary measures at Balad and al-Dujail towns, fearing spread of the disease.

Several death cases were recorded over the past few days across Iraqi provinces due to infection with the disease.

Iraqi sources previously said that the first case was recorded in Baghdad on Thursday. Five other cases died of the disease in Salahuddin.

Last week, a medical source from Nineveh province said an Islamic State member held in custody has succumbed to death after being infected with bird flu in Mosul. Medical workers raised alert in the city, especially with drugs needed to counter the disease short of demand.

Sources from Diyala provinces said on Thursday that authorities in question killed around 70,000 chicken infected with bird flu at farms in northwest of Baqubah.

The Paris-based World Organisation for Animal Health confirmed, earlier this month, the reporting about Diyala, saying that the infection killed 7250 out of 43000 birds.


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