Two kidnapped girls freed in Baghdad, kidnappers arrested

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Baghdad (IraqiNews) Two kidnapped girls have been freed at al-Obaidy District, east of Baghdad on Sunday, the Baghdad Operations Command said.

In a statement, the command said two of the kidnappers were arrested and referred to the bodies concerned for interrogation.

Baghdad Operations Command is the security force for the Iraqi capital. It has a department specifically to combat kidnapping and track down gangs. The department has set up a kidnapping hotline for citizens to report cases. Despite these efforts, kidnapping cases continue.

Iraqi officials fear that kidnapping cases are affecting investments in Iraq, where these cases have become a threat to businesses, their employees and investors. This could lead businesses to move or avoid the country.

In the chaos of 2003, when the US-led coalition invaded Iraq, and at the peak of the civil war in 2006 and 2007, kidnapping cases increased and gangs proliferated, which led to the emergence of the prominent abduction groups and organized crime concept.

With the proliferation of weapons and vehicles owned by influential people and armed groups — who aren’t searched when they pass through checkpoints — the kidnapping cases are expected to rise.

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