UNAMI announces death toll in Iraq during September

UNAMI building. File photo.

( Baghdad – The UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) revealed Saturday that more than two thousand Iraqis were either killed or injured during September, confirming that the capital Baghdad was the most affected.

A statement issued by the mission reported that 1003 Iraqis were killed and 1159 others were injured as a result of terrorism, violence and armed conflicts in September.

The statement added that the civilian death toll reached 609 including 19 people affiliated to the Iraqi police and civil defense, while the number of civilians injured rose to 951 including 29 people affiliated to police and civil defense.

The statement elaborated that 394 people affiliated to Iraqi security forces, Pershmerga and militias fighting alongside the Iraqi army were killed, while 208 were injured.

According to figures mentioned in the statement, the capital Baghdad was the most affected where total civilian casualties amounted to 1127 people. 289 people were killed and 838 were injured.

Nineveh came second after Baghdad where 42 were killed and 55 were injured.

“Things are very sad as big and unacceptable numbers of Iraqis fall between dead and injured, and civilians are still the ones who bear the brunt of violence,” said Special Representative and Head of UNAMI Jan Kubis.

Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces, from time to time, witness explosions caused by car bombs, suicide attacks and explosives that usually target civilians and security personnel in different parts of the country.

This takes place at a time security forces, Peshmerga and tribal forces carry out military operations to retake areas in the grip of the terrorist group of ISIS.

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