URGENT: 7 year prison sentence given to Central Bank head, Sinan al-Shabibi

The former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi.
The former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi.

Baghdad ( An official source stated on Thursday, that a judicial decision of 7 years in prison was issued against the former Central Bank of Iraq governor, Sinan al-Shabibi.

The source told IraqiNews that the Judiciary in Iraq has issued a ruling against the former governor of the Iraqi Central Bank today on Thursday, based on the case filed about his administration.

Iraqi High Judiciary Council declared on 19 Oct 2012 that an arrest warrant against the Central Bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi was issued on charges of corruption during his administration of the bank, whilst Shabibi was in Tokyo attending an annual world conference.


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  1. This looks like a move to block Shibibi from getting his old job back it is a shame especially after what Maliki has done. In the name of true justice this should be drop immediately and Iraq needs to take a closer look at there Judiciary Council. It is like a kid in the candy store who has been told NO so what does he do knocks over all the Good Candy on the way out the Door.

  2. I would like to see the true story be published on what exactly happened to Dr. Shabibi to warrant an arrest warrant and now sentence of 7 years in prison. The facts have not been made public, lets hope they will be soon.
    -American Contractor

    • Dr. Shabibi didn’t allow Maliki to touch Iraq reserves. Turki himself over looked all the books an every ounce of gold, IQD, and USD were accounted for. Peace on earth one day is a dream. But for the time being allow my fruit trees to bear fruit over the dead bodies of these sissy ISIS toys!!

  3. Deserve him and them right all these Iraqi politicians who are unashamedly pinched the penny from the mouth of all those you see looking for something to eat in Baghdad rubbish tips. Children as young as 3 with their mothers scavenging for bread crumbs because some greedy fat (so called) elite decided to build their fortunate at the expense of these rachides soles. My tears and heart goes out to them. As for these B….ds Do I feel sorry for them, Not a bit! let them all rot in hell!!. Oh By the Way, Dr. Sinan, how does it feel being called a thief and a crook? I know I feel happy and laughing, you disgusting low rate banker!

  4. Dr. Sinan Al-Shabibi rejected several attempts by Noori Al-Malki to force the Central Bank of Iraq to report to his office. Al-Malki for a very long time tried to access the foreign currency reserves of the Central Bank. This was a clear violation of the Central Banks regulations and bylaws. Almalki threatened Al-Shabibi that if he did not comply with the PM office demand Shabibi will face corruption charges. Al-Malki waited for the departure of Shabibi to the IMF meeting in Japan then instructed his corrupt Commission of Public Integrity judges (CPI) to issue an arrest warrant for Al-Shabibi and 29 other Central Bank employees charging them with violating money laundry laws and receiving unspecified amounts of money from the USD / IQD daily auction held by the Central Bank. If Al-Malki was interested in arresting Shabibi he could have waited until Shabibi returned back to Baghdad after the IMF meetings, all he needed to do is to wait 5 more days before issuing the arrest warrant. Dr. Sinain Al-Shabibi was told over the phone while he was in Japan not to return to Iraq because he will just make matters worse for himself. Please note that almost all of the employees of the Central Bank that were arrested on these bogus charges went back to work. Dr. Mudher the senior advisor to Dr. Shabibib was forced to retire. It is a common practice by Noori Al-Malki to create false and bogus charges to those who refused to comply with his corrupt demands. There are so many cases that were filed against senior Iraq government employees and officials that Al-Malki forced corrupt judges to file including but not limited to charges that were filed against the MD of TBI Hussein Al-Uzri, the Minister of Finance Dr. Rafa’a Al-Esawi and many others.

  5. Bogus. Dr. Shabibi is a man of integrity and the world knows it. Trumped up charges by maliki who wanted to rob the cbi blind. Thank GOD dr. Shabibi held his ground against that thug.

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