URGENT: ISIL leader al-Baghdadi escapes to Syria after serious injury

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

( According to Iraq news TV network, Al Sumaria, a representative of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace revealed, on Friday, the escape of the leader of the organization of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to Syria after he was seriously injured in a raid in the west of Anbar. has not verified this claim reported by Al Sumaria news.

According to Al Sumaria news, the representative of the International Parliament in Iraq, Dr. Haidar al-Shara said, in an interview that “The Iraqi security forces carried out an operation in the city of Qaim on the border with Syria based on accurate intelligence and with the help of the Air Force where the leader of ISIL, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was seriously injured.”

Shara added that “after being hit, al-Baghdadi, with a range of elements of his organization fled into Syrian territory because of its proximity to Qaim,” indicating that “al-Baghdadi might be killed as a result of the severity of his injuries.”

According to Al Sumaria TV the Iraqi security sources speculated earlier today, Friday, that the injury of the leader of ISIL, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was incurred by aerial bombing carried out by Iraqi troops on Wednesday night, in Qaim in west of Anbar.


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  1. Arey wo lanati kutte cheeer k rakhdenge hum Ali k chahane wale hai world pe hamara domination hai hum agr chahe to Asmaan b zameen par la sakte hai tu launde samajta kya shiyoun ku……..thear ja kch der uske baad dekh chun chun k ghaaroun me se nikal k marenge….

  2. Hey Raza! By ur name,u seem muslim..but i believe that ur not muslim,ur shia. Means worst kind of people in the world
    2.u abuse these mujiahids because they hv captured ur whole area and ur dominated by them
    3.u people have lost the game,now, ur time has got over,and u need to book ur possession
    4. These r our mujahids,and inshahallah,their dominance wil be soon seen whole the world.
    5.i think.i would have got whole backdroup now,i hope that next time u wil think 1000 time before commiting such bludy commits.And 1 more thing,if next time,u carry on the same,there then wil be dire consequenceses for u..

    • Seems like you are so extremist. This guy killed so many innocent sunnis in Mosul and Islam never teaches killing innocents but I it preaches PEACE. This Baghdadi is created by Yahoodi. Understand bro,. Wake up. We don’t have to fight each other.

    • Very good mr.xy
      1. Aplog ki trah muslim nai h hmlog allah ka shukr h jo inocent logo ko mare uski supprot to nai karte km se km
      2. Jo v wo kutta abu bkr kar raha h this is not islam bos
      3. Agr us kamine ko jihad hi karna h to bolo apne nafs se jihad kare ye ek ali k chahne wale ne kaha h
      4. Nd chup kar rahne bolo apne bhagode khalifa ko q k jhaanm bula rai h or us k chahne walo ko b
      5. Mr xy agr apko lgta h k wo islamic role bannae k lye piada hua h to phle apne abu bkr bap ko bolo k saudi .dubai me roles lago kare agr wo ek bap ki aulad h to nai to wo sala hinda ki aulad h aur yazid tmlog ka rahbar h .wait for ur khalif in the hell

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  3. @Aamir Bhatt Spn, how could you even say that!! His not a leader of islamist group his the leader of the a*****e terrorist group were they kill innocent people and rape innocent woman!! This has most definatly become a sick world with sick people if thats how ur gona think! You want him to take over the world well hopefully he starts off with u soo u sayy ‘ohh god whyy’ and know what kind of ‘muslim’ he is!!!

  4. Actually isis is ment for dirverting attention of the all muslim world towords first sirya now iraq giving freedom to israhell to kill inocent in falasteen.unfortunately some people call them mujahideen

  5. this is not iraqis killing. its people from all around the world. when they speak its not iraqi and sometimes not even arab. and for who ever is saying shia or sunni falt. well its no ones falt. we are together. its the other people who are doing it.

  6. Hey RAZA!
    Hey Basu!
    Hey proud Aussie!
    U all listen carefully,fist of all,ur shia and the supporter of shia, ur abusing These islamist Group because they have taken control over ur regions,where u bluddy were commiting rape,drug abuse,sexual pleasure and other political disorder.u people r from that communities,in whose regins,they made these things possible 4 u people …u people always want secular rules on the earth.
    But my and The islamist Group’ want to impose islamic rules on the earth.As Allah mentions in Quran that ‘This earth belongs to Allah and only his rules wil run on it’ but u people want ur own one’s and hate those who want to impose Allah’s rules on Earth.
    3=> u people say that,they (ISIL G) Have commited Rape,murder and other forms of disord.
    now listen! Ur wrong because the Group who want islamic rules,wil never commit these offences.itz clear indication that they r less in majority,who guid and helps them?
    Itz Allah who helps them in their movement,because Allah helps only those who r his real believers!they r real muslim,and they r helped by Allah.
    3.u people say that there wil be ur goveance.
    Now listern! Itz impossible they would never it happen.inshahallah,they hv gaven defeat to all who used to fight with them including Powerful USA.
    Inshahallah,ALLAH Protects them and wil protect them in future also and soon, u would see complete dominace of this group and all country would be in their control.inshahallah!

    • Your assumptions are so weak. It’s a matter of time for the all ISIS member as their countdown begun . And for your information Islam preaches PEACE but not to kill and attack innocents. Why this group don’t attack Israel who is killing your brother in Palestine, this shows as they are loyal to Israel and that’s why USA refused to attack ISIS. Wake up brother, stand United against such evil force ISIS who defamed Islam.

    • Just like everyone else who tries to stand against the US, ISIS will die in the desert. Like Saddams so called great military, was defeated in record time by the US. They will run and hide, and eventually immigrate to the US to run a motel or convience store. There is no powerful arab or Islamic country,ISIS will cower like woman in the face of the US. Just like all before them. Thank Allah that we let u live your life.

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  8. Bloody son of many Muwaiyyas you will be rotting in the helll with the whole clan of Banu Ummayya for ever o bloody son of Hinda you are day dreaming to wipe out Shias of Amir ul Momineen Ali Ibn Abi Taleb like your father Abu Mussab Al Zarqawi did you dont you know his fate.

  9. 10 million dollars in reward for tips about this SOB and Iraqi army managed to injure him ! Allah helps the righteous. Iraqi army was once the best in the world and it will be again Inshallah, because Iraqi people er strong and have pure hearts. Khallij is more and more spoiled and getting weak and blinded by luxury, while Iraqis are suffering and getting stronger. There is a reason to that, and Allah knowes what reason that is. Arabs and Kurds stabbed Iraq in the back, but Allah will turn the sword against our enemies Inshallah !!!!!!

  10. Time for Syrian jets to pound his location with heavy bombardment…. He defamed the value of Islam by killing innocents. He should be killed. For all my Muslim brothers, Islam never teaches killing innocents but it preaches PEACE. Jihad means defense but not to attack. In today’s world Israel killing Palestina but this group never said anything against Israel instead they busy killing Muslims who follow Prophet Muhammad(saww). Thus I can conclude this ISIS is a fraction of Israelhell group getting support from various countries…. Oh I see that’s why USA rejected idea of bombing. Wake up my Muslim Brothers and stand United against this evil force.

  11. it is a story that a dog was barking too much .he was thinking every one is afraid of him.but when he faces a tiger .he runs away as a rat.but he don’t know that another tiger is waiting him their.

  12. Actually, nobody knows where Baghdadi is except his close allies. However, US special forces are looking for him and waiting just like they looked for Osama Bin Laden. How long will they look? For as long as he lives he can believe they are going to be hunting him. US special forces will never stop looking until he is captured or dead. There is a 10,000,000 dollar reward for his scalp so to speak. So, as COIS, the Criminal Organisation of the Islamic State, begins to fall apart in Iraq maybe one or more of those criminals will decide to turn him in. To collect the reward, first call the US embassy in any country. If he is captured or killed, you get the money!!

  13. bagdadi is a veryraskle man he is kaffir.he is no muslim but he is only on kaffir.he father is muvaiya.

  14. And actually Erwin how do You know that???? American government always tries to show that they are the heroes. The situation today wouldn`t happen if USA wouldn`t stick their nose were it doesn`t belong. And now how is mister Obama helping? He says he will send his troops on the condition of deviding Iraq. Are You aware that if Iraq will be divided the ISIS will have better opportunity to destroy Syria and Iraq? Why the people who let ISIS in – Kurds and Sunnis should have their own state? It is like rewarding them for letting ISIS in. 9th`11 was carried out by your government, together with Israel, to have an excuse to steal oil form the Arabs. USA and Saudi Arabia are alias, USA is alias with Israel, the worst terrorist in the world. IF anybody knows where Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is, it is surely USA. I do not like Saddam but Kuwait was our city, it was a part of Iraq, not a country and it should be ours. If USA wouldn`t interfere. Why does the USA not interfere there were there is no oil adn nothing to steal?? Leave Iraq alone. Stop pressuring and making coalitions with our enemies and than say that you want to help – on your terms. USA thought Iraq was weak, they were sure they would get Maliki out and and divide Iraq as they wanted, and than come and fight ISIS and become the heroes who saved Iraq again. This is your snake-double morality – hypocrite government. I do not have anything against American people, I know many good Americans, but your governemt is a illuminati lying devil.

    • Actually, the US will leave Iraq alone. I thought the Iraqi government requested our help! More importantly, the US is not going to be sending an Army to fight in another country that you will ever see or know is there. The real problem with Muslim countries and I should know as my wife is from Central Asia a Sunni, is that they can’t get along with themselves. They kill each other with no more concern than killing flies. More importantly they killed each other long before the US “interfered.” Is it not a fact the under the dictator Hussein’s rule, killing was like a sport. What is more interesting to me is how many Muslims are so quick to want to kill Americans who are friends. While living in Central Asia I was kidnapped by some of these fanatical crazies. I was only released when my wife and her family proved that I was not the “infidel enemy”. My best friend ever was a Shiite Muslim named Morteza. But Morteza was different in that he really believed in Allah and lived a pure life of goodness and kindness. No religious leader could tell him how to believe, what to believe or how to be moral. He didn’t pray in the Mosque and then go kill the innocents the next day. So continue to spout off about big, bad America. Big, bad America is the most free country in the world. We don’t kill people for how they believe. We don;t murder the innocent for practicing a religion different than our own. As for not hating Americans, well, Morteza is an Iranian Shiite. I did say Iranian and I am an American. The difference is he did not allow his religion to poison his mind. I loved him and he loved me. That was all that counted.

    • those terrible infidels in the US, wheres all your terrible economic aid we so gladly accept year in and year out. we muslims hate you so much, but we never send the check back. We would starve to death without you, but we hate you and burn your flag every chance we get. We cant defend ourselves, but we hate you for saving the world. Half the world would be speaking german if it weren’t for those terrible infidels.Dont worry, we will save you, like everybody else.

    • Iraqi weapons for sale – never fired and only dropped once.As the enemy approached. The US should send their woman to defend Iraq, they would at least stand and fight. And not run from the enemy, better yet we should send our boyscouts of America. If ISIS gets to bad, call Isreal. They are gods chosen people that live on their own land and want only peace. But they would save you if you just asked them. Muslims kill more of their own people than anybody else does, I say the US should stand back and watch, sell tickets on pay per veiw . they play only reruns on TV anyway.

  15. Hey Abas! I also believe that islam is the peacful relgion,but it does not mean that muslims wil be crashed and oppressed and other muslims would remain mum..
    No way!! Even our massengers used to fight with persons who r muslims by name and whose work is to spread fray and choas among the muslims..under these cirmastances,it becomes imperative for every muslim to come out in the way of Allah and do JAHID..
    => u people r illerate and ignorant,u r always in favor ur Feeding Abdomen’ u even dont know what axactly islam and islamic teaching is.
    => why ur againt them because ur shai means the worst kind of people in the world.
    @@@> these r our hero’s (ISIL) And wil b the islam.they hv covered ur regin and r dominating over their.soon inshahallah,their domince wil be seen over whole world…inshahallah..

  16. Aamir Bhatt Spn u r just a phony peace of s**t… u just blabber on fb & u can’t do anything more than that… go 2 them & when they’ve used u there will be Isil sword hanging on ur neck & that’s when we’ll see how u blabber that time.

  17. Wow, what an interesting grouping of posts! It is good that all of you are not in the same room with a weapon because the only winner would be your true allah.
    All over Africa and the world, former muslims are finding the True Light for mankind and are receiving it directly while the followers of allah are killing, robbing and destroying everything in their paths as they have done from the beginning. Your families have suffered for centuries and you are encamped on the barren sands of the world, without blessings or hope. Why would anyone on the planet want what you have?
    O.K., I understand that you hate Israel and have from the time of Abraham. A very small country, surrounded by millions of those who follow allah, being fed by the nations of the world, especially America. Why not begin to take care of your own people for a change? Put away your AK 47’s and pick up a hoe and shovel, plant a garden and begin to use what has been given to mankind. I have also read the back of the Holy Book and the muslims are in big trouble.

  18. Dear brothers Shias and sunnis.. First of all d month of blessing ramadhan Mubarak to u all.. Plz avoid spreading haters among each other cz shias n sunnis are one soul in two bodies.. It’s all the conspiracy of zionists to divide us.. Actually Isil is nothing but a sprout of terrorist gp. Alqaeda founded by America… Terrorists have no religion.. They r just using the label of Islam to attain their evil means.. Inshallah they will be soon crushed.. The shias n sunnis are united against Isil in Iraq.. So why do we create hoax over here abusing each other in this holy month? Plz mind ua languages May Allah bless u all…

  19. I’m a Muslim from Malaysia and I’m sad at what is happening in Iraq & Syria. The Shiahs & Sunnis of Iraq & Syria has been living together in peaceful co-existance for hundreds or even a thousand of years ago, until this Wahabis satanic worshipper of the goddess ISIS wreak havoc & sown hatred between the Shiah & the Sunnis. & what ISIS did is pure demonic & satanic. ISIS is also the name of the Egyptian goddess & borne the son (Horus). The Illuminati worship this demonic goddess Isis. Is it coincidence? I advice all Muslims of the world to be united against this satanic so called “Mujahideen fighters” that killing their own Muslims brothers, just because they are not Wahabi/Salafis. This Wahabis scums are a threat to all other Muslims, either they are Shiahs, Sunnis, Alawites, Sufis or etc. If this stupid & b*****d so called “Mujahideen” fighters want to go to jihad & die a martyr, why did you guys go & kill fellow Muslims, you damn a*s!!! You guys should go to Israel, blow yourself up & kill some Jews, not your own fellow Muslim brothers, you a*****e!!! The Jews & the Illuminati are laughing and clapping their hands now at this so call stupid Muhajideen groups. Those so called stupid Wahabis Muhajideen should go to Israel, free the Palestine, kill the Jews, and not the Muslims, you stupid ISIS!!! Beware of the Wahabi/Salafis, they are not Muslims cause they are killing other Muslims. We as Muslims are brothers, either you are a Sunnis, Shiahs, Alawites, Sufis, etc. As brothers, we should help each other, not killing each other you a*****e Wahabis!!! The American & Zionist forces are training these so called stupid & blind Mujahideen to be their so called cannon folder, to bled blood for them & to die for them without they realizing it. Is it another coincidence that a military contractor for the US also called ISIS, is training the ISIS terrorist in Syria & Iraq. Go checkout this website: e.aspx. Even the British Ministry of Defense admitted openly that they are arming & training almost 100,000 Wahabis Mujahideen in Syria & now Iraq. Go checkout this website: Muslims, wake up and don’t get fooled & blinded like the stupid Wahabis!!!

  20. hey ,aamir bhat.
    tujhe yaqeen nahi hai, yazeed ki hukumath takhriban 80% duniya ki thi ye sab ko patha hai right, yazeed kaun tha.muslim ok wo namaz bhi padtha tha magar sharab me lath huke right, uski lanati fauj 10 lack thi karbala me. mukhabil me sirf 72 sher the usme budhe,bache,jawan, jaise ek khandandaan ka kumba rehtha hai, wo the 10 lack ka lashkar our 72 ? magar jeeth 72 ki huvi .ok ab sunn,hum 72 ki nasl hain our tum 10 lack ki nasl hu, ye thu declare hai na is me koi shak nahi ok, tum takrifi,isil,isis,al qaeda, ye jithneb hain na yazeedi fauj ki nasl ki hain jaisa baap waise bache, karbala me suron ko kata gaya, bachun ko qatl kiya ,gharon ko jalaya gaya,waise hi tum log karrahehu , yane nasl ki pehchan hurahi hai,,,,win only mohammed u aale muhammed ki hi hugi…dushmanane islam par laanaat, beshumaaar

    • Sakhi…

      Ur r right
      Nd mr.amir bhatt
      Allah apko hidyat de sai or glt ko chune ki .or apne rahbar abu bakker k lye dua manglo q ki avi eid arai h or hm shia ko eidy uski maut ki khaber malege isi lye allah ne abi zinda rakha h q hmlog k lye eidy h wo mr amir bhatt ok jst pry for ur bhag da di nam me b apne dadao yani ohd ki jang k bhagne walo ki nasl h

  21. just another dead follower of the satanic cult of islam. All muslims need to repent to the true G-d or die. Your Allah does not exist, Muhammad is in hell.

  22. Ur 1st khalifa abu suar oh sorry abu baker ne jab ek ladki ke sath raat me jina ke or subha rasool se aker mafi mag le !is it wrong or right?

  23. When are you Muslims going to wake up and realize this whole insanity is due to the fact that you follow an insane man? Muhammad was a mentally sick man. Islam brought nothing but death. It killed our ancestors and raped our great grand mothers and now you kill each other for it?

  24. islam omat should be aware of plans of england and Usa against islam and muslims ,Iraq war is a war between muslims arranged by english evils ,muslims killing each other and these two evils get the advantages .islam umats unite against enemies of islam (uk,usa,israel) fight against them .

    • You freaks have been killing each other for a thousand years, whats taking so long. You hate the infidels, but you would have starved to death long ago without our economic aid. And without the USA you wouldn’t have any motels and 7elevens to own and get rich from. You hate the USA, but all of you come to the USA for a better life.Thank Allah for the USA

  25. Veterans Today:

    “Iranian intelligence discovered the true and full identity of the Emir Daash, which is known under the name Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi; his real name is Elliot Shimon. Its role in Mossad secret agent in the Zionist espionage. His false name: Ibrahim ibn Awad ibn Ibrahim Al Al Badri Arradoui Hoseini.”

  26. Soon the Crusades will recommence, the cross of God will march against all fanatical cowardly islamists and we will use our technology and superior power and bravery to illiminate and destroy forever you the scourge of the earth. Musilms do not fear as we will only clense the devils not the true belivers. The time is soon.

  27. Salaam to all my true Shia brothers (the ones who do not hurl abuse at great Islamic personalities) and to my true true Sunni brothers (the ones who have no affiliations with the Najdi fitnah). May I ask you to refrain from vile language as this causes division. See where there is division there is room for the accursed Shaitaan (devil) to occupy the void left by the division. You see from the above posts that the devil is already visible, due to division! The devil speaks through people like Christian, Ali Sina and bassam. These people know damn well that their religions are full of contradictions and errors. They also know that nearly all the problems that the Muslim world is facing today are due to the interference of outside forces (first the British and French and now America). They then have the audacity to point the finger at the Muslim world and say words to the effect that “look at you guys, where there are Muslims, there is fighting” etc etc.
    They preach to us and try to tell us to “wake up” yet they can’t work out that their every action/ choice even institutiions are controlled by the Zionists. The USA give so much of their tax money to fund Israel and what can these guys do about it? NOTHING! They call it a democracy!
    Yes there are ignorant stubborn Muslims. Islam practiced properly and as it should be would never allow for these two words to be said in the same sentence i.e. “Muslim” and “Ignorant”. Throughout the glorious history of Islam you see a common theme, that those Muslims were highly knowledgeable and enlightened and so laid the foundations of how advanced mankind is today. There is no doubt about this. Those Muslims of the past came from Shia AND Sunni backgrounds. Amongst many other qualities that they possessed, they also had something in them called ADAB. Something the muslims are beginning to forget. Let’s try and get back what is our inheritance-KNOWLEDGE!!

    PS Suzzane, JdT and Sajid khan keep it up with the intelligent posts!
    Mr Bhatt you need to do some reading into history. The origins of Wahabism (Najdis). It will help you to understand what is going on today.

    Basically Zionism and Najdis are two cheeks of the same backside – that backside is the backside of Satan!!

  28. Zionists hide behind the jewish faith and Najdis hide behind the Islamic faith.

    Both groups will never allow peace in the world.


  30. May all 70 virgin goats be waiting for him in purgatory. & may he remained there to wander & be lost for all eternity.

  31. To the Christians and people from other beliefs on this website: don’t incite hatred, if you cannot contribute positively, then go away. Don’t equate terrorism & terrorists with Islam and muslims, otherwise Christians (Hitler) are more fittingly called as such, and you whoever you are represent them.

  32. @Aamir Bhatt Spn go f**k ya self . Brother are so dumb. Brother u must be thick after all them donkeys kicking u in the head . How u feel good about supporting a fake islamic group that kills innocent children thieves from ppl . Go f**k ya self . Ya mother should be ashamed of u . You are a waste of her life pppp pathetic piece of s**t. I love to see u to spit in ya face . Beta u don’t speak. If met u I would bring ya sorry lil b***h a*s to them women that have been raped , families of innocent mudered ppl . And the innocent ppl that have had there life’s ruined in some way. And so on. And goes for any one else who agrees with that #waste boy

  33. iscer walter
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  34. @ (From India) :- Wth…?? Self proclaimed Khalifa oF Islam flees for his Life….!! Lol and i thought he was smart enough to stay away in a bunker or a hideout but no that peice of S**t wanted the peice of action n got nailed. he got what he deserved. killing innocent Shias, Christians, Yazidis n other ethnic goups simply bcoz they dont support Salafi or wahabi thinking……!! All these gud for nothing Wahabis deserves that. Mind All of you guyz, These wahabis are the real enemies of islam, dont compare them to Our sunni bros. these are the agents of Saudi Salafi rulers and Yahoodi Scums trying to create tension in middle east for their own gud. Dont forget it is these wahabis that demolished several important religeous sites of Shias as well as Christians after they conqured Arabia and their modern counter part is doing the same s**t all over again. Long live democracy n long Live Islamic Unity…..!! Death to the “I.S” scumbags……!! U all go to hell with ur so called Khalifatul Islam….!! Enough Said……

  35. Muslims you don’t like the west..then go back to your dessert and leave the Jews and Christians in peace.

  36. Don’t Worry Heathens, the USA will step in and save the world as usual. Everybody hates the US, but when they are in trouble, the first ones they call is the USA. If it weren’t for the US, most of the world would be speaking german. Ur all cowards that cant defend yourselfs and like everyone else, you call the US. And muslims hate the infidels, but you sure depend on our financial aid every year.You would starve to death, if it weren’t for the terrible infidels.

  37. Lets hope the Scum dies in Agony from a Female Fighters bullet and then very slowly Cook him like a Pig and feed him to the Dogs, al-Baghdadi will burn in Hell and every night he will be Mounted by a Donkey which he will enjoy because he does that in the day because he is Gay and all his followers are gay to and all Love Donkeys too

  38. May U rot in both world. U r dirt of this world. U kill people savagely incomparable to anything. U r savage….death to u…like Hazrat Ali (ra) treated u; ‘make no mistake ur abode will be same. U destroyed 100s of people’s hearafter with ur dirty cause. U r not of Muslims and u dont represent Islam. U have nothing to do with our faith…the faith of tolerance…ask urself why Hazrat Salahuddin al Ayubi is loved by his enemies….coward u….Salahuddin treated his enemies with mercy and compassion…u butcher everyone cowards….we hate u all….u r worst then kafiroon to us…u r worst then Zionist Israel butcher government to us….no body can fool us…we know who is in right path and who is misguided cowards….dirty people..dirty mind….dirty thoughts….WE HATE U ALL…MAY U ALL PARRISH….U CAN NOT GIVE ISL BAD NAME…ALLAH WILL PROTECT HIS DEEN…INSHA ALLAH

  39. This guy is always dying or nearly dying and then coming back from the dead.. the story just gets old now…. He is actually working in KFC in Birmingham, and uses skype to to control his caliphate from his bedsit.

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