Correction: ISIS confirmation of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death

Correction: A Twitter account affiliated with Al-I’tisaam Media wrote that it would publish details regarding the killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his succession. reported that fact after it was republished by the Iranian government owned Al Alam news network. The information and photographs which later appeared on the Al-I’tisaam Media Twitter account contained images connected to the death of another ISIS militant, not Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. regrets that it did not wait for the Al-I’tisaam Media affiliated Twitter account to publish follow-up information in order to fully evaluate its veracity. We apologize to our readers for this error.


( A website affiliated with the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) confirmed the death of its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Al-I’tisaam Media which is affiliated with ISIS mentioned on Twitter “We will soon publish details about the killing of the Caliphate Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the nomination of a new Caliphate for the Islamic State.”


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  1. Alah decided to call you , and he se how bad you are ! And god say ” no more virgin , you are cominig in too many numbers , every day . Now you will get 72 your old team members for sex ” ! Burn in hell !!

  2. Baghdadi got off lightly, and his death will do little to slow ISIS. Unless you cut off the head of the Hydra, nothing will change.

  3. Is that his head separated from his body? Hope so. I heard he will killed by female fighters & the bombing story is to save face for Baghdadi. Oh too late, face gone.

  4. If this is true i will have a party muther f***r burn in hell you do not represent muslims you fuking dog!!!!

  5. Is he dead are not ? When you write impotrant information like this must be sure 100 % . You can not use some twitter account seriously . are write we get some unchecked info , some rumors . If he did not die this is second wrong info about his death ! Why you must be first with news , for public is better correct info .

  6. Nominate as many leaders as you wish, IS, bi idhni’llah you will lose your unholy battle against Civilization. Hell awaits.

    • Thanks . Today you dont know what is true , so many wrong info. If he have bad injury on head maybe not survive . We will see .

  7. suppose you are a man and your age is seventeen. you play soccer everyday with your friends. you go to university and carry yourself a dream a typical youth usually carry. then one morning you wake up and you find that foreign troops invaded your country, killing everyone blaming that your country or your government has chemical weapon. They capture you from roadside and put you into a jail where you meet many rebels. they are burning your country consistently for twenty five years. Your age is now 42. all through your life you walked and ran through war and killing. As one born man, what would you do.
    Respect a man’s death which you would not give away for or with a silly reason.

    • This is just one opinion and one story , i have mine and everybody here have. In your just remove chemical weapon and you have Iraq agrression to Kuwait . War before Kuwait is Iraq attack on Iran , 8 year war and 1 million victims . Sunni against S***e , Kurds in many battles used chemical weapons , especially on Kurds , town Halabju 5000 dead because chemical weapon , Iraq ofensive code name ” Anfal ” 50-100000 Kurds kill , hundreds villages destroyed and again used chemical weapon . Just how many S***e Sadam regime kill , i believe new PM Iraq Al -Abadi lost 2 brother and father was long time in prison , Abadi escape from country , somethings like that. And do not forgat in Iraq Iran war west give suport Iraq . I dont have intention explaning Iraq history , this is just small part how good life was in Sadam regime for S***e , Kurds and neigbors . And some Sunni have problems . For many Iraq peoples Sadam is bad and dictator when i speak with them , for goverment also . But this your idol Al – Baghdadi is pure evil for any normal person in world , faith is irrelevant . I am catolic and with all my hard i want Iraq peace and good life , but group like ISIS must be eliminated in any place on world , they are not human and they kill 99 % only muslims ! Why all Arap terrorist group come in Iraq ? Why kill here ? What peoples in Iraq make wrong all of them ? Example , Why coming China muslim to kill here , many of this radicals do not have any reason to come here but they coming from all word . Iraqi kill them all , you make good things for all world , Thanks !

    • Right.

      So beheading fellow Middle Eastern Muslims and raping women from the Middle East really
      gives the infidels a spanking.

      I’m sure the Marines are shaking in their boots…

  8. The giants in hell are waiting for this killer he should not bury but should hand over to fir…curse upon him and his follower .Allah says in holy quran la tufsidu fi alrz……

  9. If he is not dead today, death comes to all at some point, and then the judgment of GOD. It does not matter at whose hand this man falls, or even if he dies of old age. “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord,” and this man will pay for every evil deed in a way that the human mind cannot even conceive of. “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of The Living God.” He doesn’t even know enough to understand the fate he has earned for himself, blackness of darkness… suffering indescribable by the human mind. He is numbered among all the others who have said to themselves, I will make myself like the Most High. They all receive their reward… “Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame, wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever.”

  10. I only say yazeed ki nasal ka hai tha…creed of yazeed ..he is matherchod gandu harami ka pilla burjar bahenchod randi ki aulaad andhey ka choda makaa laura iskee makee chut .iske bahen r maake chut maro iski bahen ka bhosraa maroo m**********r etc etc

  11. Rot in hell and for your successor to follow you ASAP…. the victims you slaughtered , may now rest in peace! I

  12. Haha! HERETICS Do U know? “death is not da greatest loss in life, greatest loss is what dies inside U while U leave” I PITY U CUZ ISLAM HAS DIED OUTTA U , let all ov U note that when caliphs death comes no 1 can add him a single breath, there4 U wait, until Allah SWT reveal da DECREE. “ONCE AGAIN MY ALLEGIANCE 2 KHILAAFA”

  13. Mahoma was protected by Christians, He lived a time protected in a Christian monastery, he ordered to protect the Christians, today Muslims and their holy war is a dirty business for selling weapons. Religion is love, not war. Where are the real Muslims who do not report these murderer?
    The Torah, the Bible and the Koran God is the same.
    Let people talk to the creator as they feel it, Jews, Christians and Muslims are brothers.

  14. He’s a f*****g MOSSAD and CIA dog. Sekf-Proclaimed Caliph Abubakar Al Baghdad leader of the ISIL, in real life, is Actor Simon Elliot, says Writer Snow den, and born to a Jewish parents and recruited by the MOSSAD and CIA with the mission to sow discord and dissensions to the Muslim Ummah. F*****g Satan. Live to hell forever.

  15. He was a sin on the world and should have died the day he was born. He is a stigma on humanity and brother-ism. He was born pig and died as dog…

  16. So guys frm today their wil b no bloodshed…nd nw U.S. wil take charge of other ISIS militant and blast them all…nd whole world wil hav Peace…nd today is the world’s beautiful day…nd more happiest day…nd the people who hav beheaded by F*****s of ISIS wil go to heaven happily nd take birth once again in the blessings of Jesus….PRAISE THE LORD….HALLELUJAH…..Thank u Jesus…

  17. Baghdaadi gaandu madarchod mar gya tu bhosdiwale itti jaldi, achha hi hua behen ke lode varna hum bhosdike tei gaand me sariye daal k tujhe ulta latka k madarchod teri lulli pe.pyaar se roz blade maar maar k tujhe maut dete maadamaadarchod harami suar k lund ki paidaish, tere chutad buri tarah faade jaaye tere jahannum me madarchod, aur jinn ke kaanto wale lode chusaaye jaaye tujhe behenchod

  18. What a great feeling knowing this ISIS pig is dead by his own hand!
    I also read that all the pieces of his remains were buried at sea as per Islamic traditions.

    I am going to hold off eating fish for a few weeks, until this sewage has cleared.

    I also read that Baghdadi’s replacement was taken out. Wonder who is next in line?

  19. Trump should authorize the release of the videos taken of al-Baghdadi’s last moments at his home compound on a site there things like this is not censored. Would be interesting to see.

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