URGENT: ISIL destroys the Virgin Mary church in Mosul

File photo of a Virgin Mary statue destroyed by ISIL in Mosul. Image credit
File photo of a Virgin Mary statue destroyed by ISIL in Mosul. Image credit: Ankawa.

Mosul ( On Saturday, the Ministry of Human Rights announced that the elements of the terrorist organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant blew up the Virgin Mary Church in Mosul.

The Ministry said, in a statement received by, that “today the terrorist elements of ISIL blew up the Virgin Mary church located in the city of Mosul, with a number of improvised explosive devices.”

On July18, 2014, the Niveneh Council member, Zuhair al-Chalabi said that the leader of the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi gave Christians an ultimatum to leave the province, convert to Islam or be killed, while he directed his followers to loot the property and possessions of fleeing Christians.

On June 20, 2014, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Iraq revealed that the organization of ISIL imposed the Jizya tribute to Christian citizens in Mosul, in an attempt to pressure them to convert to Islam or expel them from the city, calling on the government and the international community to put an end to that.

ISIL has been rampaging through Iraq, destroying world-famous antiquities and holy sites of Shia Muslims, Sufi Muslims, Christians, Yazidis and any other group they oppose as reported extensively by


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  1. ISIL is destroying Christian churches In occupied Iraq.It is heart breaking to all.I am from India.Here Muslims are minority when compared to the majority religion ie . Hindu.But, Muslims enjoy more privileges than upper class Hindus in jobs, education, house loans, etc.But, wherever Islam comes to power by force, we see they snatch everything from the hands of minorities like Christians,Bahais, Sikhs & Hindus ( In Pakistan ). Is there any International Agencies that will ensure the safety of minorities from the hands of Islamic Dictators?Why the western powers are silent over the persecutions?Who will save the Christians in IRAQ?

  2. Dear Mr Johnson

    Please dont spread stupid and false information.
    First of all do you know how many churches have been destroyed by RSS in India.
    And secondly who told you that muslims are given the higher posts in India may be 1 from 1 lakh,
    secondly muslims are no more minority in india

    it will never be declared officially the strength of muslims in India.
    And you should also know that forget the privileges but most of the waqf propery in India is utilized by non muslims. arent we patience enough.
    during time of Aurangzeb non muslims are safe and secured but indian history has written all false about him.
    By writing false things people like you are not cheating others but cheating yourself.
    you will not live ever on earth there is a death sometime and this is for sure and is the truth.
    fear god .

  3. You illiterate dickhead… What do you know about India.. stop living in illusion you have no idea about my country… we do face problems here and there but we are a secular nation our constitution gives equal rights to everyone… I am sure you are not aware about these terms as you people are brain washed in the name of religion….

    I don’t have to say more apart from population can we discuss about literacy rate in any Muslim country… you know what i mean first learn to read and write and then start getting into conversation…

    you people are full of s**t…. not all but people with extremist mentality should be wiped out from the phase of this earth.. you think you know everything about other religion and cultures… its time for you all to be whacked on the back side so you guys can face the reality that is difficult because for that you have to work on your education system which is not going to happen as you all will give first preference to madrassas ….. so keep talk s**t without evidence only your extremist muslim brothers would listen to your crap as that makes sense only to those morons….

  4. @ Deepak you and ur forefathers converted itself into christian for few bucks this is proof how much ur patriots . if ur search on google Most Racist country in the world you found muslim and christian.

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