URGENT: ISIL dug up grave of Prophet Younis (biblical Jonah) in Mosul

Unverified photo of ISIS element destroying grave of Prophet Younus at Younus Mosque in Mosul, Iraq.
Unverified photo of ISIL element destroying grave of Prophet Younus at Younus Mosque in Mosul, Iraq.

Mosul ( On Friday a local Nineveh official, Zuhair al-Chalabi said that there is information that almost certainly confirms that members of the organization of the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant dug up the grave of the Prophet Younis in the east of Mosul.

Zuhair al-Chalabi
Zuhair al-Chalabi

Al-Chalabi said in an interview for, that “The elements of ISIL controlled the mosque of the Prophet Younis in Mosul since they invaded the city. It is still held by them until now,” pointing out that “elements of ISIL engaged in the process of tampering with the contents of the Mosque.”

Al-Chalabi added that “there is almost certain information stating the fact that the elements of ISIL dug up the grave of the Prophet Younis.”

In just one day, ISIL members committed a series of horrific crimes which illustrate their hostile nature, said Iraqi police in Ninawa spokesman Maj. Ahmed al-Obaidi.

They torched 11 churches and monasteries out of 35 scattered across the city of Mosul, and hours later destroyed statues of poets, literary and historical figures of which Mosul has long been proud,” he said.

Three Sunni clerics were killed at the hands of ISIL gunmen in different parts of Mosul, he added.

The clerics, named Khattab Hassan, 43, Riyadh al-Wandi, 39, and Abdul Ghafoor Salman, 48, had called on local residents to reject the ISIL and had refused to leave the city, al-Obaidi said.

The gunmen then demolished the historic grave of the prophet Yunus (Jonah) and the shrine of prophet Shayth (Seth), revered by Muslims, Christians and Jews alike, which are located inside centuries-old mosques, he said.

ISIL elements have committed numerous crimes in Mosul in addition to the attacks on places of worship, setting fire to government buildings and violating the civil liberties of city residents, al-Obaidi said.

Here is an unverified video of prophet Yunus (biblical Jonah) mosque and tomb destroyed by ISIL terrorists:

On one of the two most prominent mounds of Nineveh ruins, rises the Mosque (an Nestorian-Assyrian Church before) of prophet Younis “Biblical Jonah”, the son of Amittai, from the 8th century BC which is believed to be the burial place of him, and where King Esarhaddon had once built a palace.

Father Sabah Boutros of St. George’s Church in Baghdad said to that the repercussions of these crimes will not affect the brotherly ties between the Muslims and Christians of Nineveh

“We have lived with our Muslim brothers in Nineveh for centuries in peace and harmony and never exchanged violence on any day,” Boutros said. “On the contrary, our joys were mutual, and so were our griefs.”

Boutros said the recent attacks on religious sites and properties do not represent Muslims and only represent the ISIL “as it launches its terrorist attacks on all without exception”.

UPDATE July 6, 2014: publishes photos of ISIL destroying and looting Shia, Shunni and Sufi mosques:

UPDATE July 9, 2014: Today, archbishops from Baghdad, Mosul and Kirkuk said the violence in Iraq is hastening the end of nearly 2,000 years of Christianity there as the few remaining faithful flee Islamic State militants.

War and sectarian conflict have shrunk Iraq’s Christian population to about 400,000 from 1.5 million before the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, they said on a visit to Brussels seeking European Union help to protect their flocks. And now, even those who stayed are leaving for Turkey, Lebanon and western Europe, they claimed.

The three – Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako, Syrian Catholic Archbishop of Mosul Yohanna Petros Mouche and Kirkuk’s Chaldean Catholic Archbishop Youssif Mirkis – are all Eastern Catholics whose churches have their own traditional liturgy but are loyal to the pope in Rome.

‘The next days will be very bad. If the situation does not change, Christians will be left with just a symbolic presence in Iraq,’ said Sako, who is based in Baghdad.

‘If they leave, their history is finished.’

UPDATE July 10, 2014: Are 2000 years of Christian history in Iraq coming to an end? Read more:

UPDATE July 24, 2014: Today, ISIL destroyed the Mosque of Biblical Jonah, Prophet Yunus after having already demolished the historic grave of the prophet Yunus (Jonah) and the shrine of prophet Shayth (Seth), revered by Muslims, Christians and Jews alike. URGENT: ISIL destroys Mosque of Biblical Jonah, Prophet Yunus

UPDATE July 25, 2014:  URGENT: Destruction of Yonus Shrine (Biblical Jonah) protested by Mosul residents. Protest leaders flogged by ISIL.


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    • Islam love and respect every prophets from our father Adam a.s to our Last and the most loving prophet and the kings of prophets Mohammed pbuh.

      So this news is fake absolutely fake.
      and my reply to ghulam reza stop using abusive language because a muslim is not a muslim if he use abusive language.
      repent and apologize in front of Allah .S.W.T.

  1. Hey u dumbo a*s thz news z authentic but alas u ppl denied it y but we nu the fact behind y u denied such a a bad news bkaz u have gr8 affection with these bastards hu killled innocent shia innocent sunnies and innocent kurdus

    • Mr Javaid

      I understand how hurted you feel.
      But do you see whats happening in gaza , you wont abuse israel.
      coz you are a coward.
      you will never speak for that.

  2. This news is 100 % fake and unathantic is to be done so as to defame the ISIL GROUP..They r the real believer of Allah..itz well-planned conspricy hatched by Shai and jews,and American polcy makers to pose suspecion and illussion in the minds of other muslim people so that they too would not join such Group.

    • Ager aap momin hotay to aisa nahi kehtay kyoun keh momin kabi dookha nahi khata. Is tarah kay logo nay hamesha mazlooma ka qatal kerkay apni hakoomat bananay ki koshish ki hay. Kya tujay Yazeed ka nahi pata keh us nay kya kiya islam kay naam per. Allah tujay baseerat aata fermayay aur mazloom musalmanoo ka dard – dil aata karay.

    • Wow…has your ignorance really blinded you. You don’t believe Islam has been high jacked by ignorant criminals who believe the murderers leading them? This group has nothing in common with the God of the universe ,only his jealous adversary, Satan. If you believe in a God of hate, murder, and depravity then you are an ISIl or Al Queda= anti God

    • Research on Islam and search real muslims in islam….

      every person know that Daash is Bad-maash. thaey have no real father just like Muavia and Yazid laantullah ……..

  3. FIRSTLY, amrica set up saddam husain as govrnor of iraq, when saddam completed his work by giving loss to iraq & killed many citizens….he (saddam) started abusing against america … amrica kill saddam under his conspiracy which was dat saddam killed so many people & he must be hanged… And wid dis conspiracy , he killed saddam,,,,,,,,,,

    the conspiracy of amrica is again started,,, he firstly setup ISIS in iraq to revolt against nuri maliki,, and when ISIS will won(khuda na khasta) , amrica will kill ISIS, & set their control on precious things lyk oil etc…..ISIS END IS NEAR

  4. These are all so called moslims if God give me one opportunity i will do other things. What its different for si called muslims need one opportunity. 0092 333 6658343

  5. with such pointless animosity towards cultural,historical, religious sites world wide and their apparant hatred of buried figures who represent the history of mankind, its amazing the whole lot havent decended on Medina and destroyed the prophet muhommeds tomb as it clearly violates their tenents of idolatry.
    that would be a shame
    Abraham,Seth,Jonah…who’s next?

  6. dont these people fear Allah Swt….they are killing people……..and now digging out graves of the pious….

    • thats the whole pt shamsa. people make shirk and worship other then Allaah. they are right to destroy these polythesists places. what the heck is holy about them? thats the problem most people are ignorant. they will a place where the prophets pissed. we must destroy these places that take over the peoples rememberance of Allaah. destroy it all!

  7. Raza your comment makes no sense at all despite me reading it twice.
    This ISIS or whatever they want to call them is an UnIslamic fitna which has no regard for human rights. It either their twisted way or the bullet.

    • everybody here makes comment without showing the proofs for what they beleive. Islamic State is correct in the application of Shria

  8. Allah ki beshumaar laanat on these infidels of Islam (meaning curse of Allah). Insha Allah we shall soon see a miracle and all these butchers and heartless so called jihadists who have already killed and executed hundreds of innocent people in the most merciless manner will be be totally eliminated and annihilated. Let us all together unite and pray to Almighty for success of the Iraqi people fighting the ISIS. Amen

  9. bismillah ir rahman ir raheem

    whats the big deal. worship Allaah alone without partner or equal. Islamic State is correct to rid the muslim lands of these places of idol worship and seeking refuge from other then Allaah wa’ta’ala.

    worship the creator not the creation. too many muslims have forgotten the religion of Islam, Qur’an and Sunnah finished. dont worship or honor the dead. reserve worship for Allaah alone

  10. I love ISLAMIC STATE force,as they r true ,not like u “ya Hussanies” whom u believe in. U r fake ,u don’t belive in ALLAH nd His Prophet {SAW}. U r the Hussanie Believers, u should be killed,nd that is what they r doing ,destroying ur shrines, masjids, is their mission nd that should be done as fast as possible

    • Why do you hate so much? Why do you wish death on anyone even another Muslim??? Are your opportunities so lacking, your self esteem so corrupted? Have you never been shown love? Trust me your hate can be equalled, easily. I guarantee every fire you start will lead to 4 more. It’s almost like the war we had with the Japanese. You are a fanatic. Take your own life before you take anothers.

  11. All the shia are Munafiqs and rafizi and are the people who brought Shirik in the world . But we forget All the messengers Of Allah and Prophet Mohammad SAW did Jihad just to stop people from doing Shirik and these Shia rafizi brought Shirik again in the world. lanat hoo In par aur in kay Maulvion par .

    Allahoo Akbar

  12. all the supporters of isis these are not muslims as they wear clothes of islam it doesnt mean they made their own imam they called it jihad but all is fake these are terrorists not jihadists

    • there very very condtions underwhich a muslim is not considered a muslim. pathan you are no one to say who is muslim and not. only the person who calls himself a muslim and take himself out of Islaam

  13. It is so very sad to see the bloodshed of the innocents around the world, specially in the middle east region. It is stated in the holy book of Qoran ”if one kills an innocent it is as if he killed the entire humanity and if one saves an innocent life it is as if he saved the entire humanity”. Killing of any innocent human, regardless of their belief, is punished by God and the punishment is the hellfire. We are all created by ONE GOD so then why we differentiate between Muslim, Christian, Jews and others? It is not us who must decide who is the sinner – it is only God who decide and will decide who is the sinner. Unfortunately, the world we live in today is a ‘power hungry’ world than ever before. ‘Divide and rule’ has been the policy of the West for hundreds of years. Division created between the Muslims and Christians, division created between the Muslims and Jews. Now we see a new wave in the last 25 years – division is created between Shia and Sunni. Before the west never knew what was Shia and what was Sunni. It was only during the Iraq – Iran war that the west started to know about Shia-Sunni. They found a nitch and used it to further divide the Muslim – Christian- Jewish world based on ethnic background so the West can rule with unprecedented power. This is what happening now and this is the recipe for ONE WORLD ORDER. What the West has failed to realize that ‘terrorism and chaos’ (which is what they have been doing for hundreds of years in the name of ‘peace’, specially in the last 50 years) breeds to more terrorism and chaos within the nations. The empires have emerged and gone into the history books. What goes up must come down. What is given life must die. This is the law of nature. The end is near. It wont be much longer when we face the Day of Judgement before our Creator. So my message to the power hungry world — your atrocities and crime against the innocent and against the humanity will not last long. We are here to die and we are going to die one day!

  14. There is no doubt about this news and this is not astonishing these so called isil are taught of saudi arab the fact is same regime had destored graved of ahl bayt and companions as well as tried to damage grave of prophet this isil is actualy army of sufyani and dajjal

  15. No one can verify this news. it seems to me fake and evil propaganda against the Caliphate.
    we are ( all muslims) along with suni muslims in Iraq. they are fighting with those revolved against our religion mainly RAWAAFIDAH….and malikist ( those loyal to the disappearing president of iraq)

  16. I am a Sunni and what I have to say is that the ISIS are the agents of the west. The world is now becoming increasingly aware of their devious ways. They are controlled by the west. Both Shia and Sunni have lived in relative peace throughout the glorious history of Islam. Both Shia and Sunni love and respect the Ahle bait. The great Imam Shafi (RA) said that if loving the Ahle bait makes you Shia then I am the biggest Shia. SubhaanAllah.
    They say little knowlegde is dangerous and certainly These Naji scumbags fit this description perfectly. They cannot define what Shirk is and set about destroying the shrines of those whom Allah swt loves most. To my Shia brethren, we Sunnis are with you. May Allah swt destroy ISIS. Death to all Najdi Takfiri Yazidi Scum!!!

    • rajah come back to ur deen. rafidah curse aisha and reject the companions. they claim there imams float on clouds. have you lost your mind. u must live in the west. IS is on a straight path

      • IS is on the straight path?! They kill innocent people and rape women. Please tell me how this is the straight path?

  17. I don’t hear a single word uttered by this so called “Caliph” al bigdaddy when Israel is committing war crimes against the Palestinians. Israel trained Al Baghdadi so this is why he does not speak.

    Zionism and Najdis are 2 cheeks of the same backside-Satans backside.

    • for 50+ years the zionists have been surrounded by the corruption of the arab dictators and they have been unable to do anything to help the palestinians. now we have a fighting force who seeks to create a Islamic govoranate free of these corruptions. i think most muslims are lazy and fear the deen of Allaah and his Messenger as it was meant to be.

      • Haha Isis represent the seen of Allah?
        Are u having a laugh?
        Killing enemy captives in cold blood is representing Islam? What about Aid workers who have been caught? You know what an Aid worker is you fool? They are innocent people who are in war zones/ disasters to try to help people as they have lots of humanity in them.
        Isis kill innocent Aid workers, they are there to make Islam look ugly to the non Muslims. They do not represent our beautiful deen of Islam.
        Don’t defend them and their actions. They are there for are reason and that is not to serve Allah swt but to serve their masters who are America, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

  18. How many fake Muslims support the ISIS, they are breaking all laws in the Quran and Hadith. On their own websites they are seen blowing up Mosques and beheading civilians who are Shiite/ some Sunni and Christian.

    All this in Ramadan, anyone here who is supporting ISIS is either retarded or is here to create more fitnah. God is watching you.

    Allah is everywhere and knows what is in your hearts, you will see soon that the entire ISIS will dissolve like paper introduced to water. I am a Wahhabi and I an anti-ISIS

  19. ISIS is committing serious crimes in IRAQ. They are not fighters but highway robbers looting and capturing the wealth and devastating the lives of innocent and peace loving people. Whole world deplore what they did to the Grave of Prophet Yunus and all Christian churches in Mosul.May God save IRAQ.

  20. F**k Mavia and his Generation they are Munafiqa and killer of Prophet Muhammad. Saudi and jews are the same Mushrik and wajib ul Qatal and ISIL is the belongs to same generation. May Allah killed all Wahabis from this world and clean this world from the s**t.

  21. Mr Salim,

    I can tell from your last post that you belong to Ahle-Shia. I have no problem with this. It is time that real Sunnis (the majority of Sunnis) and real Shia (the majority if shia) came together to combat this fitnah of the Najdis. However as a Sunni myself, who is against ISIS and firmly synpathetic with the Iraqi people majority of whom are Shia. could I ask you not to insult certain personalities. Remember Hazret Imam Hasan A.S. Did not Insult Hadret Muawiyah R.A. and made peace with him to avoid bloodshed of MUSLIMS. You or any Sunni/ Shia do not and will never know better than Hazret Imam Hassan A.S.
    Also RasulAllah (S.A.W) when speaking about Hazret Imam Hassan A.S. said words to the effect that this grandson of mine will make peace between two armies of muslims.
    He did this when he made peace with Hazret Muawiyah R.A.
    My point is that RasulAllah S.A.W. foresaw that the act of peacemaking of Hazret Imam Hassan A.S. was by divine will of Allah swt and not due to backing down because of fear etc and second that Hazret Muawiyah R.A. Was a Muslim and therefore a companion of RasulAllah SAW.
    However feel free to insult the accursed Yezid.
    Lets not divide ourselves and save the ummah from the fitnah of the Najdis from within and Zionists externally.

    • rajah you do not know what u say. who are you to say who should be accursed or not. the rafidah are the same as yezid. they are apostates. your dangerous to ur own community.

  22. Dear brothers,

    There is one thing that definitely unites us Muslims. This is the situation of the Muslims in Palestine. I know we all feel passionately about this. Could I ask you all to boycott certain companies that fund the terrorist Zionist state of Israel in your home countries. You already be aware that their is a global boycott of Israeli products and so please excuse me if you are already boycotting. Well done to you. For the rest of the Muslims, please boycott, Macdonalds, Coca-cola, nestle and Jaffa oranges as well as dates from companies named Jordan valley and king Solomon. Their are many more companies but these are the common ones that Muslims use daily. Please ask your families and friends to do the same and let’s bring Israel to it knees in an civilised, intellectual way. Pls don’t ever think “what difference will it make just me boycotting” because it is already making a difference here in the U.K. Remember it is from droplets that oceans are made!

  23. Renember every penny/ dollar/ rial/ rupee you give to these companies, is turned into bullets and shells with which the Zionists kill women and children in Palestine and also fund the ISIS.

  24. Isi people are blaind and crazy muslims they are.they dont understand real islam and propets. Then how they fight for islam. B******t. They urning mony this is a big besns net work. Easly come rich. Isi saithaan they are haramees.

  25. Letter to all Christians from Prophet
    Muhammad Sallallaho
    How should Muslims treat Christians? With
    violence? Anger? Hatred? The answer is none
    of the above. Below is the English rendering
    of a letter written by the
    Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho
    alaihiwassalam) to all Christians.
    In a time when tensions between Islam
    and Christianity seem to be at an all time high,
    we remind our Christian friends that a true
    Muslim cannot hurt a Christian in any way,
    neither by his hand, nor by his tongue.
    The below letter requires no explanation. We
    hope it provides credence and comfort that
    Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho
    alaihiwassalam) truly celebrated his Christian
    friends. (The original letter is now in the Topkapi
    Museum in Istanbul)
    “This is a message from Muhammad ibn
    Abdullah, as a covenant to those who adopt
    Christianity, near and far, we are with them.
    Verily I, the servants, the helpers, and my
    followers defend them, because Christians are my
    citizens; and by Allah! I hold out against anything
    that displeases them.
    No compulsion is to be on them. Neither are
    their judges to be removed from their jobs nor
    their monks from their monasteries.
    English Translation of the Achtiname by
    Richard Pococke:
    1. Muhammad (Sallallaho
    alaihiwassalam) the son of ‘Abd Allah, the
    Messenger of Allah, and careful guardian of
    the whole world; has wrote the present
    instrument to all those who are in his
    national people, and of his own religion, as
    a secure and positive promise to be
    accomplished to the Christian nation, and
    relations of the Nazarene, whosoever they
    may be, whether they be the noble or the
    vulgar, the honorable or otherwise, saying
    thus. I. Whosoever of my nation shall
    presume to break my promise and oath,
    which is contained in this present
    agreement, destroys the promise of God,
    acts contrary to the oath, and will be a
    resister of the faith, (which God forbid) for
    he becomes worthy of the curse, whether
    he be the King himself, or a poor man, or
    whatever person he may be.
    2. That whenever any of the monks in his
    travels shall happen to settle upon any
    mountain, hill, village, or other habitable
    place, on the sea, or in deserts, or in any
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    be in the midst of them, as the preserver
    and protector of them, their goods and
    effects, with my soul, aid, and protection,
    jointly with all my national people; because
    they are a part of my own people, and an
    honor to me.
    3. Moreover, I command all officers not to
    require any poll-tax on them, or any other
    tribute, because they shall not be forced or
    compelled to anything of this kind.
    4. None shall presume to change their judges
    or governors, but they shall remain in their
    office, without being deported.
    5. No one shall molest them when they are
    travelling on the road.
    6. Whatever churches they are possessed of,
    no one is to deprive them of them.
    7. Whosoever shall annul any of one of these
    my decrees, let him know positively that he
    annuls the ordinance of God.
    8. Moreover, neither their judges, governors,
    monks, servants, disciples, or any others
    depending on them, shall pay any poll-tax,
    or be molested on that account, because I
    am their protector, wherever they shall be,
    either by land or sea, east or west, north or
    south; because both they and all that
    belong to them are included in this my
    promissory oath and patent.
    9. And of those that live quietly and solitary
    upon the mountains, they shall exact
    neither poll-tax nor tithes from their
    incomes, neither shall any Muslim partake
    of what they have; for they labor only to
    maintain themselves.
    10. Whenever the crop of the earth shall be
    plentiful in its due time, the inhabitants
    shall be obliged out of every bushel to give
    them a certain measure.
    11. Neither in time of war shall they take them
    out of their habitations, nor compel them to
    go to the wars, nor even then shall they
    require of them any poll-tax.
    12. In these eleven chapters is to be found
    whatever relates to the monks, as to the
    remaining seven chapters, they direct what
    relates to every Christian.
    13. Those Christians who are inhabitants, and
    with their riches and traffic are able to pay
    the poll-tax, shall pay no more than twelve
    14. Excepting this, nothing shall be required of
    them, according to the express order of
    God, that says, ‘Do not molest those that
    have a veneration for the books that are
    sent from God, but rather in a kind
    manner give of your good things to them,
    and converse with them, and hinder
    everyone from molesting them’ [29:46].
    15. If a Christian woman shall happen to
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    16. That no person hinder them from repairing
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    have granted to them according to this
    18. No one shall bear arms against them, but,
    on the contrary, the Muslims shall wage
    war for them.
    19. And by this I ordain, that none of my
    nation shall presume to do or act contrary
    to this my promise, until the end of the
    English Translation of the Achtiname by Anton F.

  26. The average American’s biggest problem with Islam is not the religion itself, but the lack of separation of church and state. To the average US citizen this combination of religious and political government combined makes all muslims guilty by association. Also why cannot ISIS be stopped? Many here think it’s a lack of political and therefore RELIGIOUS will to defeat extremism. Again guilt by association. Would it be possible for Muslims to form a non-violent coalition and formerly denounce extremism? Again I don’t think so. To openly oppose extremism is would be to renounce Islam. As messed up as the politics here in USA are you people need to first help yourself. No way we can do anything about it, and I wish we would stop trying.

  27. Please explain to me how Bangladeshi; Pakistani; Indian; and other asian Convert muslims claim to know more about what is “shirk” than the Arabians muslim; christian jews living in Iraq for thousands od years. How can a devil from Egypt or Yemen mixed with Asians and few iraqis create this fake group isil can cause so much death. They are not muslims isil are a group of evil people doing the devils work not allahs. We should be monitoring entry into Iraq of all asians and all arabs of non iraqi origin.

    • Muslims converts of south asia specifically pakistan and india are not true muslims.Like ISIS is converting non muslims at gun point,centuries ago arabs converted them into muslims at the point of sword.Those who were brave did not convert,but those who were weak got converted.Hence entire muslim population of these countries is weak genetically.Please don’t let them interfere into Iraq’s internal problem.Pakistan and Chechnya are exporters of jihadis.I also think only a foreigner will cause so damage to Iraq,but no Iraqi will cause so harm to his own country.

  28. It’s amazing that with the amount of evidence of the crimes ISIS has committed that some people will still deny these atrocities. Are the images of people fleeing murderous ISIS people fake? Of course not. This is a barbarian criminal army. If you watch those videos it’s obvious that they are very afraid and that the crimes are true. The best way to live is in peace and harmony with others whatever their religion. Instead of blowing things up working on developing your country and learning new things. Civilized modern people do not harm others if those others are not harming them. It’s sad that Iraq had a great chance to become a productive member of the free world and ISIS is bent on destroying that.

  29. Peace = People
    No matterwho or where you are Everyone should be able to live in Peace & Harmony. Everyone!
    i believe the whole earth is groaning with all the pain being thrust upon it. Our beautiful world flooded with tears.

  30. Salam,
    Isil is the enemy of both the shia and sunni.They r kllng bth shia and sunni.
    Few days ago they killed six sunni molvies.
    we must be unite and say LABBAIK YA RASOOLLAH (S.A.W).
    We have one God.
    We have one holy Book.
    We have one prophit.
    We have one ummah.
    so b like a muslim and fight against isil.

  31. What we have over there are thieves, graverobbers, murderers, maniacs, psycho, the misguided, juvenile, enemies to mankind, shame to their own faith. They should hold their heads as low as possible in complete shame. Destroying property not their own – looking like compete sissies and fools.

  32. These are the US and Israel are making mess and only non msulim can do this. so dont blame each other.

  33. All of you guys saying that muslims wouldn’t do this, you’re right, but ISIS claims to be muslim but muslims wouldn’t kill innocent people, commit suicide for suicide bombs, make children kill themselves, and blow up masjids, etc. Whoever would destroy a prophet’s grave is no muslim but an evil person claiming to be. Also you have to remember there is no such thin as radical islam, either you’re muslim or not. Prophet mohammed said “God will inflict harm on anyone who harms others.” so beware all ISIS recruits and followers when the last day comes and your judgment is given prepare for the worst.

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