URGENT: Italy’s Prime Minister to visit Iraq tomorrow before weapons deal with Kurdish Peshmerga

The Italian Prime Minister,  Matteo Renzi.
The Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi.

( Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi will visit Iraq on Wednesday for one day.

On Tuesday, the spokesman for the Italian prime minister said that “Renzi will travel to Iraq tomorrow, and will visit the capital city of Baghdad and Erbil before returning by air to Rome on the same day.”

The spokesman added that “Renzi will cut his summer recess for this visit, which coincides with a meeting of parliamentary committees to discuss the Italian government’s proposal to supply weapons to the Kurdish Peshmerga forces that are battling militants of the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant.”

A number of Western officials visited Iraq in the past few to determine the security developments and research supplying the Peshmerga forces with arms to fight the terrorist gangs of ISIL.

This matter has provoked protestations by the Iraqi Federal Government for “affecting the sovereignty of Iraq.” On Sunday a delivery of military equipment to the Kurdistan Region was condemned by Baghdad.

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