URGENT: Two Ebola cases confirmed in Mosul


( On Wednesday, an official newspaper revealed, that two Ebola cases and 26 AIDS cases have been reported and registered in Mosul.

The Iraqi official newspaper ‘Al-Sabah’ said in its today’s issue, “Many diseases and epidemics have spread among residents of the city of Mosul,” and added, “Two Ebola and 26 HIV AIDS cases were registered.”

The newspaper quoted medical sources in the city,”These diseases moved to Nineveh by terrorists and expats from different countries, especially Africa.”

On November 23, 2014, the Parliamentary Committee of Health and Environment warned from the entry of the Ebola into Iraq by the Islamic State (IS), while confirming that the Commission had taken the necessary measures to prevent the entry and spread of this disease in the country.

On November 21, 2014, the United Nations Security Council expressed its grave concern about the Ebola outbreak on an unprecedented scale in Africa, which poses a threat to the international peace and security, at a time when the World Health Organization announced the rise of Ebola victims to more than 6000.


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  1. There are few labs who can test for Ebola, And several types of VHF diseases. So I question how the Ebola was confirmed. Now that being said they attract from all over the world some pretty low life scum, many that are felons with prison time. Which has a high percentage of HIV, etc. From all over the world. So ISIS has in essence created their own pool of viruses that can spread. From every where.

  2. Mosul is a city of over 1million people. The implications of (truly) confirmed Ebola cases in such a large population should be of concern to us all.

    I hope the Ebola outbreak does not prove to be true. Iraq has had a tough road to travel over the last few decades, and may find this new possible challenge difficult to meet.

  3. This is very clever propaganda, to incite violence against foreign fighters, It is very unlikely that someone will have Ebola in Iraq, and nearly 700,000 people live in Mosul if there are only 26 cases of AIDS it would be a miracle.

  4. يرفع اللـه الذين آمنوا منكم والذين أوتوا العلم درجات ۚ ابنكم يمني ابن وزير الدفاع اليمني و سفير اليمن بمصر)(طرد يهود اليمن)(مطار) ساكن في هولندة موجات لاجئين هائلة جاسوس على لاجئين يوجد جواسيس عرب جميلة يوما أبي ارابيا( holandy-alksander طرفية هولندا الفاقة التضخم هائلةinterpolgirslasse سوف لا احلق شعري والذقن، لذلك أن العالم يسمع لي البنك (التضخم التضخم) السؤال له ((المال متزوج)) له ((الدينية والعلمانية))له ((وتباع الصومال)) Mlotov (Desel + + betrol oilkrolstrol (توقيعاتكم ضد هولندة العار )( لا استطيع ان اتحدث هولندا لا أستطيع أن أكتب هولندا ليس لدي دراجة تعلمت 6اشهر هولندا (البلدية) وأنا أعلم أن بلدة واسعة فرع [حجم معرف سائل الاعلام = كبير] و (27-9 جيد لسرطان الأطفال)هاجم, شعر الفتيات (مدارس و واحد صيني قال ساعة وصول راسموها خطة ) هاجم, جمال الفتيات هجوم, إرهابي وقالت اعصار هاجم, غرفة التجارة أنا أعيش في التواضع 14 عاما هاجم, على الشروق الطبيعة قال لو أعجب (النظافة) قلنا حساسية شهادت للغة رجعت بلدي رفضوها لازم انجليزي بعض الصور ⭐ 1500 1360 1001 في سقطت في الدم في هولندة age65 إلى الوراء بعد الخاصة age65وأنا أعرف أن المرء إلى الوراء

  5. I tend to agree, however, we can always hope. There are many diseases that can mimic the symptoms of ebola such as Malaria.

  6. Did IS rob that taxi carrying the samples?
    I fear that they will infect themselves with it and travel.
    This may have already happened.

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