URGENT Video: ISIS beheads American journalist Steven Sotloff

( WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIDEO AND IMAGES BELOW. The terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS, released the video which appears below of one of its members beheading American journalist Steven Joel Sotloff and threatening another captive, a British citizen, David Cawthorne Haines.

The British hostage may already be dead after sources in the US suggested that the Sotloff and Foley murders may have been carried out at the same time and released weeks apart to increase their impact.

Both videos appear to have been filmed in the same location, and unnamed US government sources quoted by the Wall Street Journal said some officials believe that Mr Sotloff was killed immediately after Mr. Foley, whose death was made public on Aug 19.

The 2 minute, 46 second video titled ‘A Second Message to America’ was produced by ISIS’ al-Furqan Media Foundation and uploaded to a file-sharing website on September 2, 2014.

The video opens with Steven Sotloff stating:

I am Steven Joel Sotloff. I am sure you know exactly who I am by now and why I am appearing before you. And now this time for my message:

Obama, your foreign policy of intervention in Iraq was supposed to be for the preservation of American lives and interests, so why is it that I am paying the price of your interference with my life. Am I not an American citizen? You’ve spent billions of U.S. tax payers dollars and we’ve lost thousands of our troops in our previous fighting against the Islamic State, so where is the people’s interest in reigniting this war?

From what little I know about foreign policy, I remember a time you could not win an election without promising to bring our troops back home from Iraq and Afghanistan and to close down Guantanamo. Here you are now, Obama, nearing the end of your term, and having achieving none of the above, and deceivingly marching us the American people in the blazing fire.

The ISIS captor states:

I am back, Obama, and I’m back because of your arrogant foreign policy towards the Islamic State, because of your insistence on continuing your bombings and [unclear] on Mosul Dam, despite our serious warnings. You, Obama, have but to gain from your actions but another American citizen. So just as your missiles continue to strike our people, our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people…

We take this opportunity to warn those governments that enter this evil alliance of America against the Islamic State to back off and leave our people alone.




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 Full Video:
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  1. Isis is a bunch of p****s. Up against the American military of the same size they wouldn’t Stand a chance. Who kills people because the don’t believe the same as they do. Who cares what u neighbor believes as long as it’s not threaten my way of life

  2. You are too scared to show your faces!! Take off your masks you and let us see you. You are giving the wonderful Muslim people who are not jihadists a horrible preconceived ideas to others. I cannot find in the Q’aran where beheading and being faceless is what Allah decrees for the world. You are all just sadists without the mental capacity to understand that we can all exist in this world without hate, but your hate only fuels hate.

  3. jeff shut your f*****g stupid american mouth you people cause more problems in this world than anybody else the s**t yank army wouldnt stand a chance without the british to do all the hard work you are the p****s

    • You must be one of those brit faggots. I suppose Churchill probably would have liked to have had a good n**i a*s f*****g right? Since we decided to drop a couple biggy sized bombs on Japan and focus on saving your a*s, i guess we’ll never know.

      • Are you for real?
        The yanks show up at the LAST possible moment and try and steal the glory of victory, the yanks had F**K all to do with defeating the n**i regime! This clearly shows how poorly educated you are.

        • In case no one noticed, America and England are together in this issue. We both want ISIS to be stopped. However, some people have lost sight of what is important. There are people being murdered. And it is no one’s fault other than ISIS. Stay together on this, and we can defeat them.

          • Stay focused people its not England against the USA we are friends and allies not evil degenerate subhuman terrorist such as Isis. We got to go after each and everyone of them and as the French President said after the cowardly Paris attack show no mercy to any of them kill them all they are pure evil….

          • you guys realize that we are all on the same side the ememy is isis not americans or french

    • How can you read what he is saying and not blame America? Cause they’re right , America puts its nose in and claims itself as the greatest country in the world and that every other country should be like or get destroyed by America… British and American (and alot of other nationalities) soldiers are off right now fighting and dying against an enemy that the American government helped create, these people wouldn’t hate America if America didn’t give them reason to… But nah, Americas solution is drop bombs on them and then act shocked and surprised when the world hates them for it, America are the real terrorists, if you added up all the American soldiers/citizens killed by Terrorist groups in shootings/bombings/executions i guarantee it would still be nowhere near the number of innocent civilians (and yes sometimes they actually get terrorists with their mass bombings) that are killed by American missiles and firearms…But America being the country that it is just declines all accusations and puts these guys upon the pinnacle of hatred and evil, When really they are to blame right? and Any American who sees this will do the natural ameri-f*g thing and probably call me a f****t because merica is the greatest country on earth…then why are you so hated? America….Check yourself before you wreck yourself…

      • Yes, it was a mistake for the US to enter Iraq, but for its own sake. The US was justified in taking out Saddam Hussein ever since Qwait because he was a menace to the region and had been for a long time. He was also brutal to his own people. It may not have been practical for the US to go in or well handled, but the reason it didn’t turn out well for the Iraqi people is because of certain elements of Iraqi society, not because of Americans. The US did all they could that they wanted the best for the Iraqi people and they were sincere. If it weren’t for the insurgents, the US would have made it a much better place to live. The US made it clear it had no intention of ruling over the Iraqi people or exploiting them. The US could have used Iraqi oil to finance the operation, but it used its own money to try and rebuild Iraq. So,don’t give me your ungrateful s**t while millions of Iraqis seek refugee status in this country wanting a better life. The whole problem with the Iraq war was not abusiveness on the part of Americans,it was the bigotry of the Iraqi people.

    • big dummy… Yanks kick your asses everytime…. Only p*****s like Isis for heads off while their hands are tied… Pathetic pukes… And Muhammad was a pervert and a murdered too… Spoon all Isis will die.

    • The US treated its prisoners with respect and dignity, unlike ISIS. The US did not want to take over Iraq, it desperately wanted Iraq to prosper and respected their sovereignty. They wanted to help Iraq. The US was responding to aggression from Islam. Is it not Islam’s intention to “fight the people until all religion is for Allah”. It’s intent is aggressive by its very nature. You know damn well we are more noble. Why is it that you want to come here? For a better and more just society. You claim the right to open up mosques, but they don’t allow Christian churches in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. Islam is all about war and cruelty. You are one incredible hypocrite to criticize the West.

      • Sometimes I wonder if 8-year-olds like this guy run the USA.

        ‘F**k your country’, seriously? That’s what the great US of A has done, pretty much.

        Solve microviolations of human rights with macroviolations, that’s always been their solution, hasn’t it. Dumb shits.

        • Guys really? Are you so immature that you have to insult other countries that want the same thing as us? That’s so pathetic. I am an American citizen, I always have been but ragging on othe countries who want Isis stopped as much as we do is completely idiotic. We should fight Isis not each other. You all need to grow up and get over your pathetic differences and opinions.

  4. Really I cant see God behind this murders.
    When He decides a man must die… does He need help? Does he need a man with a knife?
    This murderers obtain pollitical power, in order to be rich themselves. To get that power, they use religion. I cant believe they themselves think God really wants this murdering.
    Life is allways very very short; and after life we shall all meet God. And then we will explain to Him our lives.
    This is why I very much prefer to be murdered rather than being a murderer.

    • Because ISIS is an organisation and not one guy? Showing his face would personalise him as the executioner, ISIS is a faceless organisation, The entire point of terrorism is that you don’t know who the terrorists are, it makes people afraid knowing that anyone could be out to kill them…hence Terror-ism

  5. All america wants is PEACE. the reason we are in iraq is because you people dont understand in modern times YOU CANNOT COMMIT GENOCIDE it is ILLEGAL TO WORLD LAW.. and nobody is going to stand around and not do Nything while you people kill innocent people..its ILLEGAL…if you dont want us in your country then stop killing innocent people..IS THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND..ARE YOU THAT STUPID?

  6. In america muslims and people of all religions and race can live peacefully, raise their children and have good jobs but when an american is in your country you cut our heads off! How disgusting! What does that say about the kind of people americans are? We are kind loving and caring people that love islamist practitioners and christians, when you stand before god how will you explain the HATE you have in your heart for his children, all murderers will go to hell! You are too blind to see you are murdering people for god…GOD DOES NOT WANT EVEN HIS ENEMIES MURDERED. Come to america is safe..and beautiful..and we live VERY PEACEFULLY. THANK YOU LORD.

  7. We need to bomb the F**K out of these people..i dont give a s**t helping others like these a******s out..i wish us americans would do the SAME thing to these f*****s make the suffer but were better than that because its called a BOMB and its all over with 🙂 watch your backs f*****s its going down.

    • They are killing people because of American bombing them…Violence creates violence, if America left them the f**k alone they wouldn’t be executing its citizens on camera, America has killed more innocents in the middle east than terrorists have killed innocent Americans… Afghani children have said in interviews that they are ”afraid of the sky” because of how f*****g evil America is, 7 and 8 year old kids whos parents have been killed or raped by American soldiers, or bombed by American drones, America has made too many homeless orphans for it to just be forgiven…why are you as a country so blind to that? you might think these guys are evil but ISIS is just retaliating…what goes around comes around, Its wrong for all the horror America has brought to the middle easy to go unpunished…Anyone who thinks America has done nothing wrong is living in a bubble…

      • When are you going to leave Europe alone. They are trying to impose Sharia law, they’ve taken over entire neighborhoods, raped the women. KSA insists on building mosques all over the US, but won’t allow Christian churches in their own country. Oh, but wait, we can’t complain against you, that’s racism.

      • ISIS is just responding to American bombings? Most the victims are not American. ISIS is just following the Quran to the tee in spreading Islam through terror and violence. It’s all in the Quran. The US would like nothing more for these countries to prosper and be at peace. Compare ISIS, or any force in the Middle East to the US. The US with all its faults is way, way more humanitarian and fair. You know that. But they are somehow held to a higher standard.

  8. what yall b*****s hatin for shiit dont act like the past never happened. christians killing people and forcing people to convert hmmm that never happened. what comes around goes around and why doesnt the news tell people how many people were killed by american soldiers they only tell you how many americans were killed. so what isis is doing now is nothing compared to what america has done to the middle east .

    • Americano that’s a joke Obama is the one that deserves to be beheaded for i and many others believe that he is one of them a******s too. He has f****d up this country royally and should have at the very least been impeached unfortunately the people that have tried to take his a*s out already have failed. All Obama cares about is his own a*s.

  9. All you Muslim dogs need to understand your religion properly! Being forced into religion as a child then growing up into a useless piece of s**t isn’t the fault of others. Learn your religion properly and and study your own paths of life. Do these Muslims think they are a nation because they run and hide and cover their faces? Your women are w****s. Your sons are rapist and your daughters and s***s!! ALL HAIL AMERICA! BRING THE RAIN!!!

    • You’re f*****g stupid… ”Being forced into religion as a child then growing up into a useless piece of s**t isn’t the fault of others.” that’s so contradictory it made me chuckle… And how is it any different to the American children who are brought up having Christ shoved down their throats? And it really does make me laugh that you would call Islamic people w****s rapists and s***s when America is the home of w****s rapists and s***s… and funny story, American troops probably rape more Civilians in the middles east that you can count, which with the American education system id guess you probably cant count that high…

  10. Isis please for the love of god and the hopefull future in the middle east put on a uniforme, fight us without using women and children as sheilds ,ingage us because our rules and values are different,and die like the worthless,pitiful, minute,scar on this earth that you are.We don’t hide.We don’t run.You are the snake in the grass.And we will chop of your head and roast your wiggling body over a fire,eat it and use those calories to repeat that process until you all are a memory that we all soon forget. When obam is gone so will you BE!!!

    • John, your statement made me laugh, and I can’t wait for the day when the allies give the green light to show this high and mighty group, how weak and feeble they really are.
      I wish the western countries would let the common citizen join their military for only one war, rather than a long term commitment (I’m Canadian). I’d live to join the fight and show the iskens (iskens is a cross between isis and chicken) how weak they really are.
      If their cause was as greatness noble as they claim, they wouldn’t be hiding their faces, ashamed of being identified for standing for their cause, and they wouldn’t be fighting everyone around them. It would take a vote and they would have what the iskens seek. Except everyone around them disagrees, so they need to kill the opposers.
      The battle is shifting to isis being on the defence, instead of the aggressor. The locals don’t need our ground troops, with some weapons to fight with, they will do it all on their own.
      And the world will watch as isis is defeated by the local people.
      This war victory isn’t going to be blamed on meddling Americans, it will be given to the locals.
      And I hope this is the first step to the Middle East moving out of their medieval age and closer to main stream society.

      • They’re not ashamed of showing their faces… they’re a terrorist organisation… Organisations don’t have faces… and the entire point of terrorism is that people don’t know who the terrorists are…and btw most locals want america out of their countries as much as ISIS do… and by closer to Main Stream Society you mean more like America? ”the perfect country?”….and one last thing… you are a f*****g idiot to wish yourself into war, if you saw an ally get shot and killed right next to you, you would freeze with fear, you call these guys ”iskens” but they have been fighting for a while now…. and they are not afraid to die for that believe to be right, can you say the same? you say that you want to personally show them ”how weak they are” that’s the exact kind of attitude that will get you killed, you’d have to be an idiot to call an organisation that THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, which controls THE MOST POWERFUL ARMY IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND cannot even put a dent in… if the might of America and all its redneck soldiers and missiles cant stop them what reason do you have to call them weak? They have the western world scared and yet you call them weak…

        • The Western world is scared correct?? Therefore you are too! The way you think is totally western, they are weak! Hiding behind WOMEN!!! CHILDREN!! Don’t see America doing that or imposeing its religion on others, what kind of a life is that ?? If life was meant to be lived like that the earth would be alot less scenic,Come to think of it all they have is sand.

  11. Where is Harry Truman when we need him? we should just find out where the greatest concentration of ISIS, ISIL, UnIslamic state(or whatever they are called this week) fighters are and drop a small nuclear bomb on them.

  12. I’m from the UK, and you can blame the the UK liberals that dictate EVERY part of our lives for this disgusting low life degenerate that has cowardly killed un armed men in this brutal fashion.
    The political correctness lefties are responsible for encouraging uneducated and illiterate school girls to have as many children as possible, by as many men as possible, bring them all up without father figures where they then join gangs for identity. The Jihadi “Mullahs” like Abu Hamza, who was treated with kid gloves under UK, then siezes the opportunity to easily manipulate these young men, who have no purpose or real future other than prison or gang related death.

    Islam has been cultivated so much in the UK, (even the police turning a blind eye to Islamic Paedophile Gangs as documented in the news, due to fear of being labelled racists by the “progressive libs”) that the chickens have finally come home to roost.

    At least you Americans still have a judiciary with the cajones to prosecute Jihadists (as you are now doing with Abu Hamza when we refused to) but I see the political correctness that has utterly ruined our society creeping into YOUR daily lives.

    I hope the “progressive libs” who have done all they can to cultivate, protect and encourage “jihadi Johns” now have the decency to admit they were wrong, but that would take the humility-and moral compass not found in the mindset of the “progressive liberal”.who is NEVER culpable!

    We, along with most of Europe, have already openly lost the battle with the Sharia Law that is surely coming, I do hope the fortitude lacking in our spineless invertebrate politicians will not be repeated over there!

  13. I worked in an Arab nation before and there you have to abide to whatever their faith dictates otherwise you could be punished, expelled or even in the US we have to let them so much freedom so and so they want to impose Islamic law in this country and if you oppose their way, you will be branded racist and risk of being punished , fined or jailed! Whats goin on America? Wake up and open your eyes!

  14. wow!…. this was hard realy. Sometimes i think they dont have any feelings this guy he cut his head off without any reaction i think they aren´t afraid of the death, and thats the big problem the americans are afraid of the dead.

    • Islamic children as young as 8 have told reporters that they are ”afraid of the sky”, many of them are orphans or homeless because of American bombs dropped by drones…These people live with death every day, they are not afraid to die for what they believe in, and they believe America is Evil…

  15. David Cameron needs to think of the people of the UK the government have already let extremists into the country and now he wants to declare combat ffs the man needs to be booted out of power before he destroys the country more than what he already has.

  16. We always see ISIS parades with lots of troops marching with their black flags.
    Lay down napalm on those and those parades and a lot of hateful radicals would be eliminated.

      • There is no such thing as innocent middle eastern people attending an Isis parade. The only way to rid this world of their evil is to kill every man woman and child who follows Islam. Track down all their friends families all of them. My time in the war let me kill many of them. I’d happily kill the rest of them and feed my pigs the remains.

        Isis, I’m not affraid of you. I will kill you with every opportunity I get

  17. Let’s face it,…………..America and the UN illegally invaded Iraq and Afghanistan ….. For WHAT??? ……….. …..Resources.. $$$$$$ ….Oil “Where is the SEED of Democracy”
    American Parents are so blind, and choose to be ignorant… keep sending your children to fight for Petroleum.

  18. Me
    I agree with Jeff. What is unbelievable some of you have lived in UK, taken our hospitality taken our benefits, if you didn’t agree with our values why live in the UK in the first place. You are scum of the earth and I support the US and UK. Your organisation are cowards and thick as f**k. Would just love to see you slapped into a Thai prison and degrade you to the point of despair and make sure you never see the light of day again. your sick and your organisation is sick and doesn’t deserve anything other than to be wiped off the face of the earth. I hope that happens soon and good will defeat the evil.

  19. Isis ka america khatma karde .
    M indinan hun mujhe ye bola ya khatma karne ko bola jae to m inki jaat nasll hi mita dun jay hind jay bhart. Plz order karo aap.

  20. You think you’ve warriors well let me tell you we have retire veterans and what you do will look like a walk in the park in comparison. You want war -bring it soon you be facing a hell like you’ve never seen before.

    • Do you even understand guerilla warfare and terrorism? They wont be fighting your ”veterans” on a battle field, they’ll be planting bombs at your kids school or releasing biochemical explosions at the place where your wife works… don’t wish for something like that, you have no idea how lucky you are that America is out of their reach… because you think the terror attacks are bad at the moment… the people carrying out those attacks are kittens in comparison to the ISIS members fighting in the middles east…

  21. @americano idiot…!!!,,you’re dog,,come here to me you and animal isis,i will behead you and burstard isis

  22. Question – if Steven Joel Sotloff does not submit to filming this video and say the things he says he would be torchered for days and weeks?

    What a harsh reality choosing to be beheaded over torchered . How crazy is that?

  23. Isis Dogs, You are proof that mohammed did fornicate with sows. You are not feared, but are being hunted for the cowards that you are. Go pray to your black rock you idolaters and see that your devil allah will abandon you when you bring you snouts here. Sssssuuuuuueeeeeeeeeee!!

  24. What kind of DRUGS are they giving these poor victims that make them just KNEEL there and accept their fates without a fight? AND what kind of coagulants are being used to prevent the arterial spray/splatter that (I assume should) occur when the carotid is breached.

    Heinous, shameful and cowardly. (Smh)

  25. You, yes you the one who cut his neck, you will go to hell, you will be in pain, agony, and you will burn and burn forever

  26. This is not bravery, but an act of cowardness. Killing an unarmed, tied person with a knife WTF !
    Jerks! stop killing innocent civillians.

  27. Americans should leave this shitty country alone so we don’t recieve casualties, and to let them drown in their own pile of 3rd world s**t!

  28. I think this fair war that the brits are playin at is just stupid, only bombing a bit to gain piwer so they maby stop. @Anonymous what dafuq are you talking about? If we leave them alone more people get killed because they just want their country to contain their religion and their people. And if you are really one of those Anonymous P****s your only a scared little internet troll.
    Thankyou and goodbye

  29. My dear prophet Maomao…i have much full metal jackets performed on the juice of pig for your sons…if you are on paradise, i think our sons is, morning, on my hell…not seven valkirias, but only fire 4 all*****

  30. You think you will beat america down when we will only grow taller. Isil you send your children strapped with bombs to die for you cowards, when us Americans are willing to die for are children are wives are husbands we are all family no matter what your higher power is here in the U.S.A we stand together and will die for are freedom. You will never win this never winning battle. But you push us and we must rise to the occasion united. We are proud of who we are that’s why in war we don’t ware masks. After a plane hits a building we rebuild and mend together stronger we will never be defeated cause we will all give all for what we got in the U.S.A

  31. I’m Arabian .. And I Don’t Agree With What ISIS Are Doing ; Killing People Because Of Their Different Religion And Beliefs , US Army And UK Army And IRAN Army Should All Attack ISIS .. ISIS Wouldn’t Stand a Chance …. F**K ISIS !!

  32. ISIS and their likes will meet their maker (or the devil who s*****d them) in very similar ways. beheading a hekpless person in that way, a mask on and surrounded by imbecils of the same kind is an act of highest cowardice in all aspects. get this rat dressed in black and a few of his friends on a battlefield and have them facing 2 or 3 seals and we’ll see how quickly they start sweeping (those who coould not run away). hope is that many of those mice are already in hell, terminated by pershmergas

  33. Its a fake video thats why they cut it out and didnt show the real beheading also when he started to cut into the victims throat he just stayed there like nothing, in reality he would of jumped right of the bat when that knife made the first cut. Im sure the final video part is real, but he was killed prior to that video.

  34. Dear I s I s I r a bunch of cowards for hiding behind a mask !! My knives will strike the heads of Muslim s of all ages and my films u will see my face wast mans

  35. Unfortunately Economics has dictated, that the Western world have for hundreds of years plundered the resources of the Middle East…
    And will continue to do so…
    So yes the U.S. led forces invaded Afghanistan for noncompliance, Iraq for trying to sell oil Barrels in Euros instead of the U.S. Dollar and threatened Iran for the same reason…
    This causes resentment and as I mentioned it has been going on for hundreds of years, opioum, oil the list goes on…
    But as they say, don’t blame the player…..
    Why don’t the people of the Middle East realise that the wealth through world trade has been going to Gready individuals in there own countries, instead of being reinvested in infrastructure and commerce….
    The real villains are in there own backyards and it’s time they realised it…
    They are too busy hating each other for having different beliefs to notice the greed right under there own noses..
    Have voted leaders whom treat all ethnic groups equally and invest the countries wealth back to the people for the people…
    So my message to ISIS, apart from the fact I pity them for there uneducated and narrow minded views is to start fighting for the rights of there own people in there own backyard first…
    Then when you achieve a peaceful civilised community as is promoted in your own religions, come back to the table and in a civilised political way fight for better deals for the Middle East….

  36. Hey!!
    isis. All of u look like stupid from hell
    Why u don’t show your face? Or you fear?
    If you fear please don’t do anymore
    If u still hide face, I think you look like homosexual or gay….

    Stupid isis

    i = i am
    S = stupid
    i = Islamic
    S = stage

  37. isis don’t show their faces , because they fear of die and this awful group has only homosexual and gay.

    A*s hole is Isis’s requirement

    I hope isis understand my English

    C u homosexual isis !!

  38. Hey dirty group (isis)
    I don’t understand what things motivate isis do like this
    U don’t know how get money or you r left by parent or all of u come from poor people
    Your Parents have die

    Your family know you get money by kill human

    Why don’t u cut off your parents head or yours

    Isis is liked f**k

    F**k u isis

  39. ha calling them selves Muslim i laugh i don’t know know if these ‘top secret intelligence force’ knows this but every Islamic country city village is against and will fight against you f*****g masked b*****s

  40. They’re not real muslims. They pretend to be. ISIS is created by the U.S and Israel. Killing is a sin in Islam.People with power in America and Israel are controlling ISIS and Al-Qaeda and all of us to be honest. We’re the puppets and they’re the puppeteers.Please do your research before you assume all Muslims are like this.

    Thank you 🙂

  41. This is all a load of s**t, I have seen real uncut/unedited beheadings and NONE of the ISIS ones are real. also i didn’t know the desert has 2 suns as we can see with the 2 japanese citizens demand video.. Good one Mussad and CIA you should hire a hollywood team ext time you make a bogus execution vid

  42. lol childish comments of you american s, you attack Afghanistan and Iraq declaring the threats for your people how country will like afghanistan who dont have even a jet fighter dont have enough food and medicines because of international restrictions. you killed thousads of innocent people in afghanistan and iraq, your attack is just to get resources of afghanistan and iraq,
    you want to control china from afghanistan to stop his economic growth by seprating bloachisan province from Pakistan to control gwader port but here i mention double game of Pakistan intelligence they beat you in your own way take money from you to defeat you although Pakistan pay big price but first they took money from you to to beat russia and then beat you with your own money american intelligence and services cheifs accept about double role of Pakistan. and now you leave afghnaistan last december you leave iraq already. you made pupits govt in afghanistan and iraq. you killed thousands of innocent people you burnt many people in air strikes rape many womens when all such brutal acts were happening where was the so called champions of human rights where was un. the isis and alqaida did with you the same you did to them. you bomb innocent people for resources torture them in your jails and they did same with you same what you did to them.

  43. You Americans are the ones that started this war, the 2003 invasion of Iraq was lead by your president George bush, which WAS illegal. I am Assyrian, my parents are from Iraq, and we are Christian. And I ABSOLUTLY adore my religion and pray with my family all the time. You dumb Americans killed hundreds of thousands of Christians, as well as my people. YOUR STUPID PRESIDENT STARTED THIS. The Christians in Iraq faced more than 35 genocides due to you Americans , and the evil Muslim demons. you are all sitting here crying over beheaded American journailists, WHEN MORE THEN HALF OUR NATION HAS BEEN WIPED OUT DUE TO THESE PIGS!! Don’t get me wrong I hope that the families of these men are ok, and I will pray for them. May all of them rest in peace. BUT THE WORLD BETTER DO SOMTHING ABOUT THIS AND STOP THESE ISIS DOGS!!!! ROT IN HELL FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO IRAQ !!! Taken over our country, THEY NAMED OUR COUNTRY IRAQ ! Before, our county was known as Assyria, the capital NINEVEH, now known as Baghdad. They have terrorized our people, killed our children, raped our women and little girls, taken them away from their families and sold them as sex slaves, they have done the most horrible things possible to us Christians in Iraq, please WORLD. Do somthing about this. May all of the Christians in Iraq rest in peace. My angels❤️

  44. fake as a three dollar bill ..the mooslums are a cia created unit , its a control weapon for the international bankers

  45. If you truly feel that way the people on here who can talk through the screen pick up your weapons and go face that evil enemy, how can you sit through a screen and say any of what you are saying, to criticize while standing through a screen go say it to those Isis soldiers faces, if not then please say nothing at all this is no game enjoy the peace you are fortunate to have to sit through a screen while you scream empty words if you don’t have the courage to go find the demon we all see , please say nothing because while you talk there are those who wish they could trade places with you in the comfort of where you sit to antagonize through a screen, these men were pushed far enough to face the world, where is the world now to face them, through a screen we will not win

  46. please say nothing because while you talk there are those who wish they could trade places with you in the comfort of where you sit to antagonize through a screen, these men were pushed far enough to face the world, where is the world now to face them, through a screen we will not win

  47. This is f*****g sick. GO F**K YOURSELF ISIS! They are stupid idiots. They think the can behead innocent Americans for WHAT reason? They are so stupid. Terrorists are just men who try to look and act tough. This is desgusting. If Obama dosent want that to happen DONT LET THEM INTO THE COUNTRY! Obama is stupid! Im so furious at everybody and everything. Can somebody please explain to me why Obama is letting these people into the country? I will admit, i am stupid for watching that video, and i wish i never did. But why behead them? Omfg get a life.

  48. I agree with zoey we wouldnt have so many terrorists if we didnt let these isis c**k suckers into our country!!!! Go cut your own ppl’s heads off

  49. You can’t judge the people America itself by a couple of ignorant Americans in the comment sections, same for Britain. Also, the people saying all Muslims need to die really need to just stop. There is a difference between a person with Islamic beliefs and someone who is a jihad. True, America did f**k up (I am American) and I will be the first to admit that, but we need to realize the common threat at the time and stop fighting each other.

  50. George Bush, Chenny and their twisted group of war criminals should all be executed for what they did to the poor people of Iraq. The Iraq war was over money, plain and simple. With that said, what ISIS and other fanatical Muslims are doing right now is wrong. Please stop before you feel the wrath of the free world.

  51. All this animalistic talk & behavior! For those of us that just try to live our lives day to day have nothing to do with this hatred you all are showing one another! I feel for the innocent women & children that are killed during American attacks, they like all of us are just in the middle of chaos we choose to not be a part of! Not every American is the same & not every Muslim is the same, there is good and bad in all races! I pray that all of this killing stops & people just lead a life peacefully as God intended! All the hatred will never stop if we let it consume us! People join the military to provide a better life for their families & some families lose their young men & women whose only fault was enlisting in the first place! No one wants death & no one wants war! I’m speaking on behalf of the poor because to the government we are disposable! God help us all!

  52. The only thing I would like to say about this topic, is that there is a life force out there that is making the world go around. What ever you want to call it is your choice. No one out there is happy to see another human being killed. Personally, I do believe usa is wrong to do mass bombing, anywhere!! What happened to loving another living, breathing entity. It is real sad to still see people take sides of particular countries. I think this world needs a reset. I think humans need to be on the brink of extinction before we realize what the true meaning of living is.

  53. all we Americans want is is peace and we can’t achieve peace without war, killing innocent people of our great nation will not get back at Obama, yes he goes on camera and acts truly hurt but he dosnt care that just makes him want yall dead even moreaube if you woke up and smelled bombs and realized you can’t win so instead of coming after the U.S. MOTHA F****N MILITARY LIKE REAL F****N MEN, you ATTACK OUR INNOCENT PEOPLE LIKE COWARDS, all because you know you can’t win so you keep the appearance of being tough by beheading defenseless people?? Yeah, so strong, you can kill defenseless people that has never done a damn thing to you but your too cowardly TO FACE THE AMERICAN ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE, MARINES, HELL THE F*****G COAST GUARD WOULD KICK YOUR ASSES, so yeah in short YOU F*****G BLOW

  54. Ok so, England And America are on the same side. If you ISIS loved your God, you would no he wants everyone to be happy, not to be killed and stapped to dead. ISIS we will f*****g break your neck because you wouldn’t like it if this was happening to you. Sort out your life. You think the world revolves around you and your f*****g God. Well dream on son, it doesn’t. America and England Will crush you mate. Btw I’m only 12 and I f*****g have more nuts than you.

  55. Hey guys take it easy on each other ,both side is wrong , Blaming Islam or Christian for the war in middle East ! And consideration America as christian country ,that is definitely wrong Jews have a round the USA to state without religion through democracy . USA leaders are puppets in the hand of Israel . all the wars in middle east served Israel .first and last .they fabricating problems since the Jews invented the Islamic religion . remember the crusades , that was the first war provoked and funded buy the Jews , if both side been smart , they can avoid more wars in the middle east but the whole world . if they figure , who is the real enemy for both side and i believe it is very clear it is the secret society [Illuminati] the richest people in the world 98% Jews bankers the oil weals owners . the people behind the new world order . find them on the internet ,they been exposed .then you my friend in both side will find out what is going on in the world and who behind it be foe you blame each other and going for deep mass {s**t} between both of you !!!be for i go, you fighting each other ,and leaving the real criminal the Jews watch and laugh.

  56. Gives human life Allah. Only Allah has right to take life. These animals put themselves more important than Allah. Don’t call them Islamic state! Call them devilish gang.

  57. If you’re one of the people talking crap about Isis then you need to stop. If they want to think their religion is right then they have the right to. They probably think our (American) way of living is wrong. We are the ones getting into their business. If they want to kill people over there they can deal with that but just because we are a wealthier country, doesn’t mean we can take over what they (Isis) think is right. I understand that they have killed many of us but we have also killed/kidnapped many of them. If you ask me, both of us are evil.

  58. Screw USA, they are getting exactly what they deserve, they have abused a lot in many ways. So stop crying stupid b*****s.

  59. No offense to France, or the people of France. The U.S. could easily take out isis IF bombing them was the answer, but it isn’t. That is why France and the U.S. are going to need to team up, after all, it will be a civil war. feel free to reply to my comment would love to hear

  60. f**k isis just chill and play fortnite with the boys or something instead of finishing downed people. pun intended. isis’s shotguns probably do 9 damage. NEW SMG IS BROKE EPIC PLS FIX

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