URGENT Video: Peter Kassig beheaded by ISIS with 16 Syrians

Screenshot taken from the ISIS video showing the beheaded American Peter Kassig and the beheading of 18 Syrian regular army soldiers.
Screenshot taken from the ISIS video showing the beheaded American Peter Kassig and the beheading of 16 Syrian regular army soldiers.

( ISIS terrorists released the video below which shows the beheaded Peter Kassig, a US aid worker, along with the beheading of over 16 Syrian regular army soldiers.

The graphic video which was initially published by Al-Furqan media and shared on several via ISIS-affiliated social media accounts, shows the black-clad terrorist who appears to be the British national known as “Jihadi John” standing over a severed head.

In a speech addressed to US President Barack Obama, Jihadi John says “the head is that of Peter Edward Kassig, a US citizen of your country, who fought against the Muslims in Iraq while serving as a soldier in the American army.”

ISIS terrorist known as Jihadi John presenting the beheaded American captive, Peter Kassig.

Mr. Kassig served in Iraq in 2007, and in 2013 traveled to Syria as an aid worker. He was captured and taken hostage by terrorists in October that year. According to his friends, Mr. Kassig converted to Islam in captivity and changed his name to Abdul-Rahman.

ISIS issued a threat to behead the American at the end of another video showing the murder of the British aid worker Alan Henning more than a month ago, prompting Mr Kassig’s parents, Paula and Ed Kassig, to speak out on the 26-year-old’s behalf. They said they had been doing all they could to try and free their son, and read out extracts from a letter he relayed via a fellow hostage.

Unlike in previous videos showing the killings of the US journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and the British aid workers David Haines and Mr Henning, the new footage does not show Mr Kassig alive in front of the camera. Also unlike the previous releases, it includes no threat to the “next” hostage.

A separate part of the almost 16-minute video released today shows militants carrying out the mass beheading of around 16 men claimed to be “officers and pilots” of the Syrian army. Each victim has his own executioner – and the militant known as “Jihadi John” is shown performing one of the murders.

[wpvideo sGkbCuO2]

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  1. heard those were the captives from 17th SAA regiment they had for three months now. Also not going so well in iraq oil field last 24 hours for Iraq Army. I highly suggest people get very serious about this, or just face the fact iraq would become ISIS and kill off those who disagree with them. 5-12 bombs a day is nothing.

    • Come to me and I shall return you to your God, the same way you have done to those that believe in their own God. You do not set the rules for the world ISIS, nor do you have any say in what the world does. Come to me Please so I can show you the error of your ways!!!

      • I can’t believe what these bastards are doing…
        They let those poor people wait for their dead.. that’s not human.
        You are right, these b*****d don’t get that everyone has his or her own god..
        It’s so sad… I am shocked.

    • Just nuke them all I don’t care if they’re good or bad u look at this kind of sick twisted shitand u just get angry!!!!!!!!!

      • Who cares what the difference is? Do you really think we should sit back and let these people do these killings and beheadings? Are you crazy? Why don’t you volunteer to be the next one instead of one of these innocent people if you think we should just ignore this violence?

        • World is watching is it year 1502 lol , the only way we can stop them is that we became united ! Wipe this virus from the face of the earth !

  2. The true face of Islam… Finally the West should recognise that this religion, like all others, is like a dangerous cancer. Allah / God and others are products of human fantasy and in their name the most monstrous atrocities are committed. What we need is rationalism and military power to once and for all destroy all religions.

    • What ISIL doesn’t know is they just broke one of the top 5 Islamic laws. They killed Peter Kassig after he converted to Islam, the “Islamic State” is not aware they just broke a Islamic law. It’s not the religion it is these scum who claim to be Islamic, they don’t know they are about to stir up a heap of s**t by killing Peter Kassig a Islamic converter.

      • The didnt break any islamic law. There is a new khalifah now. Religon is what you make it be. Extreme side on any religion is dangerous. So keep telling yourself that oh these people arent real muslims cause if you ask then, the the the most pure and you are just an infidel. Its all in the mind

    • Not all 1.6 billion Muslims like that. You know nothing about Islam if that is what you truly believe in. Killing is forbidden in Islam. Please don’t turn a blind eye for your own sake to think that ISIS is true representation of Islam.

      • Do not believe anyone who tells you this is NOT islam. It is. If this comes from a muslim, it is because it is OK to lie to a non-muslim. Either that or they’re afraid of a backlash. If that message comes from a non-muslim, it is because they do NOT know anything about islam and are misguided in their ridiculous, a**l insistence on being politically correct.

        The way you know this is true, is look at the expansion all around the world of these radical muslims and the evil they bring. If there is such a thing as a moderate or friendly muslim, then by strict definition of the qur’an, they are not true believers.

        Ruqayyah, if islam is a religion of peace, take your head scarf off, or say something remotely unfriendly about muhammed, then let’s see what happens to you.

        Check out this articles to see what I mean. Both are from muslims (or former muslims).

        • JoeD, you know nothing of Islam, don’t try acting like some scholar and chat rubbish like you know what yur talking about, your just a racist little boy, if you have a problem with true Muslims then me and should meet up and see if your gonna be saying the same things on front of my face, anyone can chat rubbish online, a real man don’t hide behind no computer screen, if your interested in meeting up, reply and I’ll make it happen

          • Ahhh a truly brave muslim – not a coward who kidnaps, rapes, tortures, and beheads people. You accuse me of hiding behind a computer screen, but it appears you are doing just that. What is your real name? Muslim is it? Hiding, fearful? Only brave when someone is tied up so you can cut their head off?

            If you have issue with me, then I suggest you study your religion and understand what it teaches. Read the articles I sent, and tell me what is NOT true about it. They were written by former Muslims, which I know if they are caught will be killed.

            I wasn’t a big believer in many of the major religions that tell of a final battle between good and evil. Now I’m closer to believing there will be a major global war coming. It will be very clear then, which side you are on. Just look at who is doing such horrible things in the name of their religion. And all you can say is “they don’t represent Islam”. If they don’t represent it, then stop them. But I think in the back of your mind there must be some sense of false pride that somehow you think it makes muslims feared and strong. Wrong… You will soon see the whole world fight against that evil, the evil the muslim extremists represent.

          • Muslim:- What you say? yours religion “faith in peace” You don’t know how Muhammad captured mecca, you don’t know how Egyptian converted in Islam by Muhammad,,, You didn’t read Sharia law, how to treat with non-believers or non-Muslim, khaliffa or caliph how they destroyed Ancient Churches, Synagogue in Arab,,, a letter to an Egyptian Pharaoh Either u accepted Islam or ready to die,, while Muhammad Siege Egypt with thousand of Muslim…i think that’s call peace in Islam.

      • Then why aren’t you and those like you in your religion doing something about these filthy pigs? Are you cowards or just scared of them?

      • I do not see the 1.5 billion other muslims doing anything to stop this barbaric animal behavior. So to be real I do not believe islam is a peaceful group because most do nothing while the worst kill innocent. My GOD say do to others as you want other to do to you and to help the needy when no one else is there.

      • Ruqayyah, I doubt you have ever read the” quran”
        you probably go by what other people tell you hon. read the quran for your self .

      • I urge everyone to read the Qur’an and the Hadiths.
        You’ll find astonishing evidence of Muhammad slaughtering his captives, torturing a Jewish tribe leader to extract information about his hidden treasure, sleeping with (=raping) the women of the slaughtered tribes etc. etc. The list of unspeakable things of Muhammad goes on and on.

        In order to educate yourselves about the true face of Islam, you might want to start from the Sirat by ibn Hisham (or ibn Ishaq).

        Here you can read for yourselves about how Muhammad gave orders to torture, and it was only for the money.

      • You at 100% right your religion doesn’t lead you to do this they say there Muslims well tell me this if they say there doing this for Allah why are they killing other Muslims

      • Destroy all religions, because of the actions of some religious fanatics? It ‘s a good thing you aren’t prone to over reaction. Otherwise someone might compare you to some pretty despicable despots over the course of history.who also thought it would be a good idea to use nationalism and the military to destroy all religions and the people who followed those religions.

    • you don’t underdtand Peter, OR you don’t want to understand. These criminals have been turned out criminals due to the crimes previously committed by the US army and its friend-countries of the coalition during the 2 iraqi wars and now the war in syria, afghanistan, yemen, etc

      What do you think would happen when during MONTHS and sometimes YEARS, the USA drones didn’t stop bombing and massacring scores of people especially in Iraq, regardless of their being women, children or grown ups ? all this has a price and the price is today this ISIL which wants to take revenge by ALL MEANS and exactly the same way if not worse, by slaying the innocent.Wake up Peter and you too, read again the révélations of Wikileaks and Snowden , remember guantanamo and Arbil prison in Irak during the Bush presidency, and once in your life be honest at least with yourself and admit that all these killings by ISIL (including and mostly of moslims) is the result of the US Policy in the middle east. This same USA which spies on you, which can buy you with a handful of dollars (sorry of pétrodollars) thanks to the cowards governing the Gulf countries. The future will confirm all this, unfortunately the innocent will continue paying the bill….

        • This is for all of you who hide behind your mask like a true b***h. The world is sick of you Isis and weather you think so or not this lil false world you live in is coming to a end. You are a joke and laughed at by the whole world. Your so called God is a joke and what you did to those people is coming back very soon to you. No one is scared of your pathetic lil army and your goofy a*s faces. There is a reason why your country is still a s**t hole and America is far far intellectual advanced than you. It’s called superiority b***h and the next time we come in we won’t give a s**t who you say you are. The guys of war will be unleashed and everyone of you murderous pigs will bleed for your fake God. I would love to get ahold of one of you pukes. Just so I have something to laugh at everyday. Sleep tight pigs

      • Amina, no you don’t understand. No sympathy from anyone who is not psychotic. Explain your position to serial killers. They might understand. As for anyone with at least two brain cells with properly firing neurons/synapses, you and people who explain things like that are obfuscating the issue. You lost any sense of sympathy or civility, when your “brothers” are killing and beheading people, for stupid reasons like not believing what you believe.

        And explain these so called “honor” killings in which a father kills his daughter because she has a boy friend or gets a job without permission. These have happened even in the U.S.

        No…. I think the time is long over due to call a spade, a spade. Evil is simply evil. And you cannot make common-sense thinking people understand it…

    • Peter von Allmen, we (meaning those of us who are civilized and have at least an average IQ), can’t even destroy the muslim extremist that are killing all who do not believe in islam. They would kill you quicker than they would swat a fly. It means nothing to them. They’ll make fun of your corpse, in front of your family.

      Let’s first focus on that. Then we can discuss *all* religions. Although I’m afraid that if we can destroy all muslim extremists, there won’t be any more of the kind of evil we’ve seen from them – then your theory about destroying all religions goes away…

    • “who ever killed a soul, except for a soul slain, or for sedition in the earth, it should be considered as though he had killed all mankind; and that who ever saved it should be regarded as though he had saved all mankind. our messengers brought them proofs; then many of them thereafter commit excesses in the earth.”quran AL-MAEDA 32
      This is Islam!this is what god say.
      we may name isil, Anti Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant .

    • Islam is the ONLY religion that preaches death to all non believers . You can be an agnostic or athiest , but do NOT group other religions with muslims Islam .

    • It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Hebrews 10
      Don’t fear man that can destroy the body but fear God who can destroy both body and soul.
      The Islam faith is a false belief
      And my prayer is that many Arab people come to know the God of heaven and earth the Lord Jesus christ the only God that rose from the dead and is alive and working in his people. He is the maker of heaven and earth and all that is breathing.
      He is a wonderful God and if one Isis person repented and turned to him he would even forgive. He is a living God waiting to save anyone who calls out to him. He Knocks on your hearts door. He gives us a choice to except or reject him. Never does he lead his people to kill but he came to give life and life more abundantly. Wouldn’t you rather serve a God thst has so much love to give!!!!

    • Peter, how you say this is Islam.No its Zionism, Islam is a religion of peace and harmony, It gives rights to all people regardless of their religion.These bastards are in reality the other side of Zionists. clad in this so called ISIS dress.These are KHAWARIJ and Prophet Mohammed saww declared them DOGS of HELL
      Islama has nothign to do with these butchers, they are sponsored and trained from your fathers of terrorism.
      Islam says , murder of an individual is like killing the whole humanity.
      Sonner or later these beasts are gonna meet their fate, and inshallah, all would see, what Real ISLAM means..

  3. Barbarians are these butchers, not fit to be called muslims. Barbarians are the US , Nato Allies who went in these places to stir this trouble and cause blood shed. We don’t see the deaths of civilians by bombs in wars , women and children but they are equally horrifying when perpetrated by Israel and US and their allies. Human life is worth nothing now. Shame on all of us as the citizens of this world to cause so much mayhem and blood shed. Most of all on the media which shows these to suit their own agendas. Woe be to United states and her allies and woe be to the ISIS so called muslims on Israeli payroll. A muslim who follows Prophert (SAW) will never do such an act on captives and then show it as if its some kind of heroism. Islam is peace and love. ISIS should read Quran carefully and wholesome not just the parts which suit them. Propeht Muhammad(SAW) never executed any prisoners and even Saladin who conquered back Jerusalem was kind and hospitable to the prisoners of war. I deplore this act of nonsensical barbarism and the acts of war mongering america equally.

    • Amen

      When i see you in one of these videos i will remember what you said. It will come down to Israel. ISAIAH 42.

    • Actually ISIS is doing exactly what your prophet did in Badr war. Nadr bin Harith beheaded by Ali with Mohamed’s order. Another one: Uqba bin Abu Muayt beheaded by Asim ibn Thabbit or Ali just after the battle of Badr. This cult needs to stop.

      • Get your facts straight. Ali was a successor to Muhammad after Muhammad died, genius, so he was still alive. Uqba bin Abu Muayt was not Muslim and was, in fact, one of the principle adversaries of Islam during the time of Muhammad. Asim ibn Thabbit, who you point out was beheaded was a Muslim. Islam explicitly prohibits killing of any kind unless in self-defense.

        • You didn’t understand. According to Ibn Hisham’s biography, Uqba was executed on the order of Muhammad by Asim bin Thaabit as a prisoner after the Battle of Badr. When he heard the sentence, Uqba asked Muhammad: “But who will look after my children?” Muhammad’s answer was: “Hell”.[9][10] So Muhammad beheaded Uqba and your affirmation that islam forbid killing is an islamic lie, the “takkya”. Bye.

    • uneducated godless fools you muslims will face an eternal unimaginable pain you’ll see, one consulation as CHRISTIANS we know when that time comes we will have eternity without the disgrace that is you

      • Cheryl,
        The people in this video are not practicing Islam. This isn’t Muslims vs Christians. It’s extremists (them) vs moderates (us: Christians, Muslims, Jews, and everyone else).A great resource on Islam is a free course by the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School on Islam. It’s what our policymakers in the military get trained with and its open to the public Just google Islam, CHDS self-study courses. We’re directing our hate towards the wrong people.


        • NRazz, what are you talking about??? Where were all of these so-called “moderates” for the last 20 years, when these extremists were growing and their evil deeds became more horrific? What we did see were bodies being dragged through the streets after Iraq from what appeared to be common people and even children. We even saw celebrations from common people in muslim countries when 911 occurred. I could go on – but where were the moderates?

          Only now recently after the Paris incident, will the so-called “moderates” start speaking out, but only because they are afraid of a backlash against them from all other religions and even secularists. That plus it’s OK to lie to non-muslims like us (infidels).

      • Yall Muslims and bs u all admit terrace attacks in Parris ur stupid u deserve bad things from ur god and others cartoons are funny grow up ppl or blow ur new Isis al qauda a*s up off this planet bad people don’t deserve to be here only god people so kill ur own kind if wanna stop making trouble for others cause ur butthurt get over it

    • Amina, no you don’t understand. No sympathy from anyone who is not psychotic. Explain your position to serial killers. They might understand. As for anyone with at least two brain cells with properly firing neurons/synapses, you and people who explain things like that are obfuscating the issue. You lost any sense of sympathy or civility, when your “brothers” are killing and beheading people, for stupid reasons like not believing what you believe.

      And explain these so called “honor” killings in which a father kills his daughter because she has a boy friend or gets a job without permission. These have happened even in the U.S.

      No…. I think the time is long over due to call a spade, a spade. Evil is simply evil. And you cannot make common-sense thinking people understand it…

  4. This is what happens when you have men praying to a God (Allah) that does not exist. Genuine peace and love only comes through the one true God……Jesus is Lord!

    • yes you are completly Affirmative. non of the people fighting there have any f*****g brains left because sombody made up a fake a*s god to worship and sacrifice lives to go to hell hahahahaha. the USA and all other countrys just look at the isis like little kids in a video game little b***h boys crying to mome for truth and killing s**t to look like idiots that will be eliminated soon because of there own stupidity hahaha. and if they ever show up here we will be ready this time and nobodys a*s will survive what obama has instore for the next, CODE RED. there is no wepon that can penatrate the usa now and there will never be after this years over so if they want to live they better find a way out now. because the isis will be going down soon by air support by the USA. we are going to eliminate all living things and those pigs as well. f**k hostages. they will die too. we can not let this kind of human TRASH LIKE ISIS LIVE ANY LONGER AND THEY WILL PARISH SOON.

    • yeah right Brian. I do hope that was intended as sarcasm. If not, you seem unaware that the Christian God and the Muslim God are the same god, as is the God of the Jews. They are all imaginary.

      • Dont be so bloody stupid the muslim god isnt the same as christian one God never promise christians 72 virgins or order christians to go out and behead those who will not conert to being a christian or order those who leave the christian faith to kill them learn something.Before you leave a stupid comment

        • Billy,
          There is nothing in any text about “72 virgins”. Some random self-proclaimed clerics came up with that number. The people in this video are not practicing Islam. This isn’t Muslims vs Christians. It’s extremists (them) vs moderates (us: Christians, Muslims, Jews, and everyone else).A great resource on Islam is a free course by the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School on Islam. It’s what our policymakers in the military get trained with and its open to the public Just google Islam, CHDS self-study courses. We’re directing our disgust towards the wrong people. Remember, Christians and Muslims (more Muslims) are being murdered by these cowards. They must be stopped.


  5. Thats not the real Jerkia John.. This is one heavier and less eye are shown.. And considering some of the ASIL crapaganda – oops I mean ISIL- showing in raw form of what they really are about- this one doesnt smell right.. Yes I believe those brave men were murdered but the American one I dont believe so..

  6. My dear peter please know about islam Islam represented by lmam Husain a.s Who gave their head for human right Islam really sacrifaise by this barbarian ideology as after the visal of Mohd saws so called Muslim burn the house of prophet daughter killed the Ali a.s the prophet son in law give poision the son of prophet daughter and by cruel act in Karbala these so called Muslim killed all family of the prophet So there is two face of Islam one who learn to give your head for human wright and other to beheaded those people who oppose these barbarians so please know about Islam by shia Muslim who taken Islam directly by prophet and their households.

  7. we still dont care if they dehead there own people we will still kill them any ways and they will be be p***y bitchs next like bin ladin and his sidekick was eliminated hahahaha. americas number1 AND ALLWAYS WILL BE YOU F*****G weak dehead like monkeys while we blow you tha f**k up for good you weak little b*****s hahahaha.i wish you would show yur asses back up in usa. nobody will defeat the U.S.A FORCES

  8. Brian, you are a f*****g retard.

    Don’t you see this is religion as a whole, whether it is ISIS today or the Crusades a thousand years ago by Christians; or any other mass killing in the name of a ‘god’.

    How can people watch this and still worship a ‘God’, when this man made abomination is what caused this in the first place.

    • Retard, the Crusades were unrelated wars in a 400 year period that fought back invaders . ….not done to spread a religion
      It was an expulsion of Islamic who created and spread chattel slavery to southern Europe and northern and central Africa.. It’s why Spaniards and Africa were the source of slave trading.

    • Are you really that thick it isnt god that puts weapons in mans hands, jesus taught love Muhammad taught hatred , And because of Muhammad blind men will follow him and live by everyword he said, compare Jesus to Muhammad “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who
      disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads
      and strike off every fingertip of them.”
      “Allah” (Qur’an 8:12)

      “Fight everyone in the way of Allah and
      kill those who disbelieve in Allah.”
      Muhammad (Ibn Ishaq 992)

      “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”
      Jesus (Matthew 5:14)


      Said Allah hates those who don’t accept Islam.
      (Qur’an 30:45, 3:32, 22:38)

      Jesus Said God loves everyone.
      (John 3:16)

      Just do some research before you leave a stupid comment.

      • Right on billy! Well said. These kind of stupid arguments or explanations like from Dylan, just show how ignorant people are. They want to sound intelligent or “good” by citing historical events even if incorrect.

        This is analogous to people who might justify or implore us to understand, and even to sympathize with what Hitler did. I say don’t waste your time. What he did was pure evil and needed to be dealt with. I don’t care what his reasons or justifications were. Same thing with today’s jihadists and extremists.

    • Dylan,

      how old are you? You don’t look a day over 1,000. keep it simple man, because it appears you don’t understand. I wasn’t there a thousand years ago and neither were you. And whatever book you read, to get that opinion, is likely one-sided perspective. Let’s worry about what is happening now, and what will happen in the future. That’s what is affecting and will affect us. Call Jesus Christ a horrible name, and see what happens to you. That’s right nothing. You may get words of disagreement and disgust, but you’re right to say that is there. Now call Muhammad a horrible name. Let’s see what happens to you.

      Quit comparing what’s happening today to other historical events. It’s that kind of stupidity that disallows us from confronting the true issue which is radical jihadists/terrorists.

    • Dylan , do you not know that all the Christian Crusades were against the Muslims that had raided and captured Christian lands ? Some of the Crusades were also to protect lands from the Muslim raiders . NONE of the Crusades were aggression , but rather retaliation .

  9. these people are not human beings and they shame all religion.they should not be killed but locked up in total isolation,having no human contact for the rest of their worthless lives and suffer.god bless all those who have lost their lives trying to help people.

  10. Ladies & gentleman this is what happen in Iraq and Syria also includes Iranian terrorist state with Turkish regime who is actively support & finance isis terrorist groups as you can see this act is not just in human but also its nothing to do with Islam or any other religion ? BECAUSE since the invasion of our land by Arabs a century ago this people committed far more atrocities on a large scale of war crimes gains kurdish civilian on our land despite that sadam used to be taking our oil and buy weapons and used it against us!! it doesn’t suprice me that Arabs and Iranian regime with Turkey waged war against us on the name of Islam to recruit terrorist people to kill our people. For example Arabs waging war on Israel on the name of Islam but Ok Israel is Jewish how about kurdish people majority are Muslim! Now we know that Jewish people where in middle east b4 Arabs now Arabs claims that Israel is invader and Israel created isis! Ok does Israel created Arab terrorist. ? No Arabs especially iraq & Syria are not going to leave in peace . Look kurdistan gave shelter to 1.5 million Arabs refugee without UN help the very Arabs who used to kill us!!!!!!!! but one word? Iraqi news shouldn’t show such savig act of terrorist on its website because this is sad there for Europe and USA owe there safety on kurdish warriors who repels isis terrorist and stopes them from spreading like cancer !! We should all praise and help kurdistan & kurdish peshmarga force against isis terrorist sponsored by turkish regime. May God have mercy on those people who were murdered by isis . Long live kurdistan. Arab has no pride they should kill them self and do the worlda favour which is go to He’ll

  11. How can anyone justify this kind of cruelty under the name of religion. I hope they nuke that place and start from scratch. The cancer runs too deep now – these animals have devolved to uncivilised apes…and all in the name of Islam. This is not Islam – and those are not Muslims. If they are – then the religion is pure poison.

  12. F**k IsIs, f**k the terrorists there is no God that condones murder,rape, kidnapping, are these airbags for real? Allah, is a bunch of b******t. Worshipping fake gods is there #1 problem. The US military needs to go over there and destroy every raghead they come across. I will volunteer to blow s**t up. I am an angry American woman and if I was allowed I would be over there, a blonde killing machine. RIP Peter Kassig we DON’T forget, we . Are coming believe that! This will not be a war it will be a massacre of Muslims who wanna kill ppl! We will win and ISIS top men will be in our prisoners cause we don’t kill. Or they can have a spin on our ship to a grave in the see and join Osama bin Laden!

    • Chrissy, you pain and anger is understood. Unfortunately, we might to wait for Pres. Obama to leave office before we can really prosecute a proper strategy of destroying those barbarians. Pres. Obama is NOT tough enough. He can’t even say what this thing we’re fighting is.

      BTW, I wonder if osama bin laden is enjoying his 13 or 72 or whatever number of virgins he’s promised young suicide bombers. If heaven is hundreds of feet under water then it’s possible. I also wonder what the virgins think about the hole in his head.

  13. Killing an innocent people is a coward activity. By doing this, they shall not be able to stop attacks on them. If they are real fighters, then they have to fight with the administrators, strong leaders. Killing innocent people means to show only, how cowards they are. They should stop it for the sake of humanity.

    I would request to all the terrorist activities to stop this.

    • those syrian soldiers have been massacreing syrian people therfore they are not innocent you should take your stupid hindu curry analysis back to india and not talk about something you have little knowledge about

  14. cowards,thats what you all are a butch a coward cutting heads,but what goes around come and your stupid cause is cursed,you just cursed yourselfs

  15. How to be a Muslim:

    1. Worship a non-existent deity called Allah.
    2. Grow a big bushy beard.
    3. Mutilate the genitals of young children.
    4. Hate Jews.
    5. Behead people.
    6. Have a murderous paedophile as your primary role model.
    7. Be extremely cruel to animals.
    8. Suppress women.
    9. Be a violent warmonger and want to kill anyone who disagrees with you.
    10. Have no sense of humour.
    11. Say ” Allah Akbar” 1000 times a day.

  16. These agnostic morons are big cowards. Allah hates IS!!! Hopefully all these mother f*****s/goat f*****s will suffer from incredible much pain during many days before going to hell.

    ISIS/ISIL/IS/Al Bagdadi is ANTI-Islam. May all their friends and families die a very painful death. May all their fans get terrible diseases and die after incredible pain. May all their children be cursed for the next 1,000 years and produce only very handicapped offspring. May USA throw very heavy bombs on every region where IS terrorizes other. Let Assad have the pleasure to slaughter very slowly 20,000 of these sadistic agnostic morons. The rest of them must suffer even much more before sending them to satan.

  17. This is exactly why I hate ALL religions. The Bible, Koran and any other religious BOOK can be shoved up the behinds of anyone who are brainwashed by their religions. Christianity is just as bad as any other religion too. Remember the raids in Waco, Texas ???? Those Branch Davidians got what they deserved. Anyone who falls in line with ANY deity are stupid (no offense).

    • Anonymous angry fan – huh??? Why are you dragging Christianity into this? If you want to engage in any cerebral exercise, stop taking your medication for a little while first. You’re comparisons like so many ignorant people do, prevents us from stopping this cancer. Equating Christianity to islam, is like saying you’re just as afraid of a 10 year old with a BB gun in his backyard shooting at paper targets, as an adult with an AK47, hell bent on killing you, and you know he’s serious because he is holding the head of someone he just killed.

      Your comment is probably well-intended, but highly misguided and delusional. So how would you confront these radical jihadists/terrorists and stop them from committing their evil acts? By saying you hate Christianity too? Thank God, you’re not responsible for protecting us.

      • With all due respect.. Hitler used race and religion (christianity) to fuel his belief that war was necessary… N**i’s did just a little bit of damage themselves if you recall.. But it’s not the christian’s fault that they chose to do that… The same goes for the muslim followers…. It’s not their fault isis soiled their religions name to justify death… I know some very peaceful muslims that are disgusted over these actions… .Religion is not the problem, it’s the ones who do evil in the name of a religion… What’s going to stop the problems in this world is not making comments like you just did to this person.. Your religious preference is your right… Maybe he or she was diverted from religion because of a self righteous, judgemental comment made in the past… What’s going to fix this world is stop attacking people in every aspect… All war starts with words… I do believe in God, but I do not believe disrespecting or making someone feel stupid for their belief is going to change anything…. Whether you agree or not, your debates on belief will not bring someone to religion… Your heart is in the right place as well and I believe you’re a good person but if you want to end war and bring people to belief… Don’t pressure or make people feel stupid to make them agree because force and disrespectful disagreements like this are the root of the problem.. Show the love you were given and people will follow…Live the best you can, protect the weak, and defend lives from evil be any means… You’re a good person brother…

  18. Hey f*****g dumbasses. ISIS was created by the CIA, trained by US, British Special forces and of course by Israeli Mossad. These scumbags fund ISIS and the whole fraudulent war on terror is all about the US government’s obsession with Iraq, meaning it’s oil reserves. The Israeli scumbags along with the US and British governments want to destroy Muslim countries and expand their power and influence all over the world through false flag terrorism. And you puppets believe whatever the mainstream media tells you. Do some f*****g research on ISIS, 9/11 who created these false flag terror attacks and who really benefited from them. Look at the massive zionist influence in the US congress.

  19. La guerre que vous avez faite vous les american en irak contre les muslim vous le payé maintenent ! Destruction fausse accusation contre sadam hussein et maintenent vous voulez faire lorde dans le monde , voleur de petrol , george bush père et fils ont détruit l irak pour qu’elle deviennent son pir cochemard,ou et ta reconstruction de l’irak ? Sirya tue des civiles , israel tue des palestiniens enfants civile, et la rien aucune sanction contre ses regime .allah akbar

  20. And they think Yejidi community is devil worshippers… They were torturing them in previous month. Now this act of terror….Do we need to really assert superiority complex our religions, rather do we really need a religion. Humans created religion. Now they are destroying each other in the name of religion….

    • The Yezidis based their religion on Islam, but misinterpreted it on another level.

      – Read about both religions and you will get to that conclusion.

  21. f**k muslims …although i am a muslim…i am feeling to become an ethiest!! wish u.s.a and E.U should bomb and kills all arabic!!we dont need middle east in our world!!

  22. Da fällt einem nichts mehr zu ein, es ist grausam und nicht menschlich was dort geschieht.
    Ich spreche mein tiefstes Mitgefühl aus!
    Denen die das machen, so denken und handeln, denen wird die gerechte Strafe treffen!!!
    Ich hoffe nur, sie wird qualvoll sein!!!
    Sie sollen nicht getötet werden, sie sollen elendig leiden und am eigenen Körper erfahren was Angst und Schmerzen sind!!!

    Den Eltern und der Familie spreche ich mein tiefstes Mitgefühl aus!
    Gruß aus Deutschland!!!

  23. كس ننتان مادر جنده هااخري مادر همتانه ميگايم داعشي هاي كوتوله
    چرا تا اسم سپاه ايران مياد ميرينين خودتان؟؟؟
    تخم ندارين همتان يه مشت ترسوييد
    ما تو اين كاراتان شجاعت نميبينيم
    شجاعت تو نبرد تن به تنه نه اينكه از پشت حمله كنيد به كسي كه هيچ توان دفاع كردن نداره/سر ميبريد /اماممان حسين (ع) انتقامه اين خون هاي بيگناهه ازتان ميگيره
    حسينه ابولفضل اسمش مياد مو به تنتان سيخ ميشه
    حالا تماشا كنيد فرزندان حسين و ابولفضل روزگارتانه سياه مكنن

  24. This is not Islam. Religion has nothing to do with this. May this bunch of cowardly bastards rot in hell. Apart from the absolute brutality of this dispicable act, has anyone wondered about the overall purpose of all this ? has anyone questioned the Professional hands behind this ? This has been carefully scripted and executed with a great expense of means (multiple cameras, carefull camera moves, slow motion etc…) this is not the work of your regular bedouin terrorist. A far greater force is behind this. May the souls of the poor slain people rest in heavenly peace as martyrs. And may the sick minded sons of satan behind this and all their followers burn for ever in hell. I pray that they meet their fate soon and die as they deserve it in the greatest of all sufferings fo all that they have inflicted to the innocent people…

    • “A far greater force is behind this.”

      No. It’s them. Remember that ISIS has many members that have been educated in the Western world like the Jihad John (English). These are musicians and rapper who have a ton of experience with making professional looking videos.

      But back to your original suspicion about the real force behind ISIS…
      It isn’t hard to figure out who in your mind is behind ISIS or any other bad seeds of Islam.
      In any case, it’s not muslims, is it?

      What is it this time? USA? CIA? Mossad?

  25. Hey Ryan you’re a moron the people in this video clearly hate America or they wouldn’t be beheading people. Maybe you should take your a*s over to Iraq or Syria so they can behead you next. And see if the CIA comes rescue you.

  26. The koran should be a forbidden book in civilized countries. Just like Mein Kampf by A. Hitler has been forbidden in many countries. The Koran is a bundle of stupid verses. The pedophile mohamad raped Aisha when she was a little 9 years old girl. In more than 73 stupid verses the evil koran teaches naive followers how and when to beat your own wifes, it orders to murder non-muslims, homosexuals must be murdered by throwing them from a high point to the ground, a muslim girl who has a relation with a Christian of Jew, must be murdered. If she is still a virgin, the guards must rape her first. An orphan child who steals bread or some milk for his smaller brothers and sisters, will be punished by cutting off his hand, a man who wants to get rid of his wife, can claim that she has a relation with another man and she will be stoned to death. Her testimony is never valid because she is only a woman. These moron sharia laws should be exterminated by civilized countries. F**k the retarded islam! F**k all religions that oppress, torture, rape and slaughter others in name of their own, invented, gods. Forbid imams to enter any civilized country because they represent the evil. Forbid all signs that are linked to islam, the ideology that was started by a pervert pedophile. Nowadays he would be thrown in prison. Take over their countries and control the oil because this is their only weapon that they have.

    All terrorists are muslims. In Mecca only muslims are allowed. In Rome and in Jeruzalem all religions are allowed. Those extreme islamic bastards think that islam is something very good but it is the worst human invention!

    No churches are allowed in Saoud Arabie. F**k those filthy rich lazy a******s! They support ISIS financially!

    In Western Europe, over 90% of all Moroccans support and hail jihadists. This is the official result of a serious study done for the Dutch government. Send all jihadists and their supporters back to Africa! Let them try to survive in a much less tolerant country.

    France is overwhelmed by criminal North-Africans. So are Belgium and Holland. Nobody needs them so why are they still there? In my country we don’t allow Islamic fuckheads claiming “freedom of religion” and money. Their countries are also not openminded. They are not welcome and will be kicked out the hard way.

  27. I’m not Christian I’m not Muslim.

    I respect all religions and have read a few important readings in various religious texts. I wish I didn’t see this latest video because this entire time I thought these videos to be fake.

    This one is very sickening and I can’t watch this again.

    Religious texts show moralism, regardless of them being the bible, the Quran, the Gita etc.

    All religious texts say to defend and to annihilate the enemy.

    The interpretation of the texts is based on how one views moralism,

    This is by no means follows moralism and the texts read off from the Quran are HIGHLY misinterpreted. If someone attacks you, you defend through moralism. NOT through violence.

    Martin Luther king
    Mohandas Gandhi
    Nelson Mandela

    They brought freedom to their people.

    Violence never wins!!!! As a religion follower you should know that!!!

    • Dimple ,

      Thanks , you talk sense . I’ve read much and watched the video and it is terrible to see .

      Regarding religions and fending back . The terrorist in the video emphasized they are fending back their kith & kin . But who brought this all to Syria & Iraq ?

      Definitely all the world society is a companion for the slaughterers who committed the killing .

      Also I recall it is one American among 17 human lives . All of them must have had children & families .

      We spend thousands of dollars , time ,manpower , equipment , research and treatment to save one life and send them back to work and these people slay 17 in a matter of 12 minutes .
      This is ridiculous !

      Thanks for your realistic message . Worthwhile !

    • Dongsoo. Quit trying to equate what these depraved lunatic extremists do with what our honorable U.S. soldiers do. The U.S. is and will always protect your right to say what you just did about so-call US war criminals and your freedom and right to have a colorful name like “dongsoo”.

      Simple question: How many beheadings, suicide bombings, rapes, have you seen or heard the U.S. soldiers do? No how many have you seen or heard the muslim extremists/jihadists do?

      Your sympathy should strictly be in the victims of these evil deeds, and for the U.S. soliders (and other countries soldiers) who died fighting it. I have a sympathy for you, for being so misguided and ignorant about what evil is. But I have hope that you will eventually understand…

  28. I am from Korea, I know what Americans did in Korean war.

    Its the same in Vietnam war and current crisis in Iraq.

    Americans are nothing but zombies.

    They are easily manipulated and fooled, and 1 out 4 Americans are in mental disorder.

    And these ignorant stupid Christians who dont realize that they are in Devil’s side rather than Angels.

    its about time we, Americans, get things right in this country.

    We have to start here, right in here in America. We have to start judging these murders who has been presidents and leaders in this country.

    • Dongsoo. I was wrong in my prior reply to you. You are NOT misguided. You are a completely ignorant, mentally-challenged, midget. You know about what Americans did in wars? You being Korean should know about what Kim Jung il and Kim jung Un have done right? Tell us about that…

      You have been brainwashed by the Devil you speak of. I suggest you look in the mirror and practice understanding what you are saying, before you say it. If WWII ended differently, and Germany and Japan, ran the world, how do you think things would be? That’s right. It would be a world without Koreans…

  29. F**k all those allah akbar dumbasses. Allies of the west should agree that we should have an open season on all these countries and be done with it. This will never otherwise end. Wipe every city off the map and start from scratch. Perhaps instead of rebuilding s**t that gets destroyed. leave it in rubble. Iran, Iraq, Syria, and those backstabbing cocksuckers in Turkey. If Saudi Arabia and Egypt say anything or have an uprising erase them f*****s too. Your going to spend the money and military power anyways over the next 50 years. Just get it done now. Shoot everythging that moves. Their women have their children, the children grow up to be pajama wearing terrorists just like mom and dad.
    Really it isn’t like there isn’t enough bombs and ammo to go around. Drop a couple tomned down nukes in special areas. Look at it this way The US dropped 2 in Japan and it ended ww2 There needs to be a couple dropped in key places over there and maybe those ragheads will pull their heads out of their asses.

  30. Is america becoming a atheist nation like russia ? That would explains why obama is our president !! So many young people denying god !!! Walking away from there faith !!! The bible said this would happen…. The end could be close ……..

    • Ok nutjob. First off-it’s a good thing more and more people are denying god. Because God is a made up concept. All religion is b******t, and in case you didn’t realize it the people here murdering innocent people are doing it in the name of religion. Oh but yeah I forgot you’re under the impression that Christianity is good and Islam is bad. Well guess what if you actually read the f*****g Bible you’d realize it’s just as bad as the Quran. But keep on believing in Santa Clause. And really, the end could be close? WTF are you talking about. Maybe you should see a therapist.

  31. It is inhuman no religion teaches this , the cowards are killing innocents in the name of Islam. All the Muslims brothers and sisters of whole world should stand together and protest against this, because they are harming the value of Islam and its ideology

  32. Regardless of how people may feel towards America and its allies, if you enjoy democracy at all; the current situation is pretty straight-forward. This terrorist group can not and will not negotiate and its objective(s) are clear. Any further time wasted will only result in further expansion and influence of the terrorist group, more beheading, and or who knows what else. There is no more time to waste.

  33. Look at you all in here… arguing about GOD…. Have any of you seen this super natural being ? No.. because he does not exist! It amazes me.. that this day and age… all you muppets still believe in some higher being! Get on with your lives… and stop wasting it on something that does not exist ! Oh look… here comes Santa to tell me i’m all wrong !

  34. why not US and other allie nations should drop megaton power nukes to stop those f****n carcenogelic human killing bastards

  35. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Allah is satan and muhammed is a man that was deceived by satan. Jesus Christ is the Messiah from Jehovah God and sits at His right hand in rule from heaven. As a follower of Christ, i forgive those wearing wrags on their heads hautily making threats against us. Still as an American i think if isis wants a fight then we should give it to them. I also call all Americans to get smart about the truth about islam. Islam is not a religion of peace. Islam is to be spread or those who dont convert are to be murdered. How is that a peaceable? Christ didnt preach convert or kill…..he said pray for your enemies. Christ also says that love always protects. I say that if you love your country, family, fellow Americans, then demand we close our borders and remove all muslims from America, either that or just kidnap them and behead them and put it all over the internet. So when a muslim comes here they will always be afraid. If you kill Christians in mideast. We will kill muslims here.

  36. You know what, you guys are attracting the largest uprising against Islam in the planet potentially triggering an ultimate historical chase against this religion and its followers. Though I know ISIS does not represent Islam as a whole, the secular western world won’t swallow it given these footage in the name of this religion.

    Meanwhile, people like me (simple civilians) are only wishing somebody or something could nuke you all and transform the region in the largest concentration camp in History of mankind, transforming all of you terrorists in slaves and killing you one by one. But now imagine If one of us had the actual power of doing that, don’t doubt we would do it. There’s no question about it. If in one day, a new leader comes up with suh ideas, we’ll support it, because of this war and footage. Did you imagine? Your days are counted and you may run, but we’re going after you. Enjoy while it’s time. The secular World will prevail because we’re simply in numerical majority.

  37. Hey you f****n cowards . the losers that hide behind the mask .. not man the beast .. you think you will plant the b******t ISIS flag on are white house … we will plant are USA Flag on your A*S ,,, you are so stupid … you are nothing but spit on the ground and will drain in the abyas of hell .. only one GOD ARE GOD will destroy you fruckin cowards …

  38. These sick head f****d butchers should be put down like dogs, or give every normal person a week to get out of syria and drop a f****n nuke on ISIS these jihadi c***s . ISIS MUSLIM JIHADI SCUM OF THE EARTH.MY NAME IS ALBAGDAHDI AND I LUV SUCKIN C**K yumyum .

  39. Killers in the name of God cowards killers criminals vicious wild animals heartless demons on earth u killing jerks u son of s***s do not have the strength to fight them face to face u cowards handcuffed u evil killers u showing us who is Mohammad leave God out of your crimes put demon and say we killing in the name of our demons u rot in hell sons of s***s criminals

  40. Criminal minded evil u cowards u handcuffed your victims cowards because u knew u cowards u can’t fight them face to face you powerless vicious animals killers stop criminals killing innocent people in the name of God u evil son of s***s heartless troubles vicious animals killers cowards wow u created another religion on earth the demons u cowards belong in hell hell with u killers cowards rot in hell sick minded

  41. This people do not know the world they are stepping into, its going to get to a point where American turn into our roots, and murder ever last one of this weak ISIS punks. Unlike ISIS American are very smart at stay quite groups around America are coming together to make home grown against ISIS terrorist groups, and we all have money and funding. They want to bring it to the street of AMERICA LMAO bring it we will all be waiting and hunt them down like deer in season. I do not think they get it, we are not weak people in American there is almost 5 guns per household. BRING IT PLEASE Glocks and AR-15s loaded ready to let loose!

  42. Let’s just start over.

    Go to Antarctica, plant tons of bombs, break/melt all that ice apart, flood the world with giant tsunamis.
    Problem solved.

  43. To “hell” with all the comments above !!!!!!!!!

  44. oh…..btw, when that 2 kilometre wide comet slams through our stratosphere…..I want to see which “GOD” is more powerful to stop it….the dinosaurs were here for !60 MILLION YEARS!
    GOD…did NOT stop the yucatan peninsula meteor that wiped them CLEAN!
    read between the lines PEOPLE!

  45. …its like…..fighting over who farted and put out the candle…….when there’s a freaking raging tornado outside your porch ???????
    come on people…….you need to set aside differences & emotions if the HUMAN religion is to survive……
    We may not know which country / ies are going to have front row seats to the impact but we do know we have less time to address the problem than is available… work together

  46. Wikipedia, people……:

    “However, a possibility remained that during the 2029 close encounter with Earth, Apophis would pass through a gravitational keyhole, a small region no more than about 800 m (half a mile) wide,[7] that would set up a future impact exactly seven years later, on April 13, 2036.”

  47. ISIS – your day will come. You will rot in Hell. You should be ashamed even to mention God’s name. Moron dogs – may pigs devour you worthless trash

  48. I think I can say it’s official ISIS will be destroyed.
    God, and anyway You call Him, is always the very word of Love.
    ISIS doesn’t Love anyone, and they certaintly do NOT uphold the very words of Allah.
    All people around the world, in every nation, we all seen what kind of disease ISIS portrais.
    Every human being, treaten, insult, and hunt down, all ISIS members, smoke them out.
    And send them to the hell where they all belong in.
    God, and all humans will approve.
    We all need to revolt, and rid ourselfs, of this disease which is ISIS.
    Viva le revolution.

  49. Hi All, im a indian shia musilm pls dnt blame isalam …….. Islam represented by lmam Husain a.s Who gave their head for human right Islam really sacrifaise by this barbarian ideology as after the visal of Mohd saws so called Muslim burn the house of prophet daughter killed the Ali a.s the prophet son in law give poision the son of prophet daughter and by cruel act in Karbala these so called Muslim killed all family of the prophet So there is two face of Islam one who learn to give your head for human wright and other to beheaded those people who oppose these barbarians so please know about Islam by shia Muslim who taken Islam directly by prophet and their households.

    • OK Abbas Mirza. I’ll play your game for now. Let’s say I do believe what you say, which implicitly tries to draw a distinction between the islam of these extremists and your islam. Tell me… Do you wear a head scarf? What would happen if you removed it and walked all around your town? Let’s pretend that you want to convert to Judaism or Christianity? You don’t have to do it, just pretend. Tell that to some people in your community. What would happen? Say something jokingly about muhammed. Let it be funny, and it doesn’t have to be too strong. What would happen? Tell people in your town, you kissed a man who is not your husband and that at least 5 peoples saw it. What would happen? If anything unduly harsh would happen, let alone a stoning or beheading, then what should we think?

  50. this is all human behavior
    it happens all over the world
    every country does it
    every religion is stupid
    we are all humans
    until we face that fact things like this will keep happening
    good luck guys

    • not every religion is stuped and no not everyone does it there are more good people in the world than bad ones if you think religion is stuped go f**k yourself

  51. All like those iraq and Syria terrorism country plz USA destroy them all of people like isis drop atom hydrogen bomb for these countries only is this solution

  52. this has nothing to do with god or allah or religion
    10 commandments thou shalt not murder
    they will all burn in hell because they are following satan


  54. Behead those who insult ISLAM ! i support ISIS and i am proud of it ! Muslim brothers and sisters unite against jewish and american hipocrat society !

  55. islam is the religion of peace…islam dosnt teach to kill innocent..islam teachs to love every please dont use wrong words for our religion islam..

  56. .if a person do not know about a religion…they do not have to talk about it…as i myself do not know about cristions so i dont talk about the religion of cristions…and who says that isis are muslims..any body who kills some one without reason…they are not muslims..and the one who kills childrens and innocents my great ALLAH will not forgive them..i want to tell every body just know about islam and if their u heard some thing wrong then tell me..

  57. Looking at the murderers faces i see only soulless creatures with no conscious or goodness about them at all. And if you act and behave like a devil it’s probably because you are one. Those beheaded seem to die with strength and courage. May they rest in Peace. One God too many Religions.

  58. Islam does not deserve to be a humanity based religion,they believe in violence,convert doctrine others religion and by force.isis and other Muslim terrorist is the best example before the whole world. jihad is become a foolish practice in present. And kafir as called is another senseless ideology of Muslims ,it must same that ‘kafir ‘ is written in holy book Kuran.this book and Allah as Muslims called is only a human invention.because god and Allah does not say that you should behead the inocent people made by their own desire,and increasing population of this is the dangerous for humanity, humanity is the supreme religion,because religion is for us but we are not for religion.

  59. screw the islamic jihadis. the cia/the usa , the mossad ought to wipe these islamists off from the face of the earth. till then, we have to suffer in silence.

    screw indian islamic leaders as well as our pseudo secular leaders who promote hatred in india.

    why must the world suffer beacuse of mad islamists ? they have blood on their hands.

    F*****G BASTARDS !

  60. These people are no muslim they are not even human Bastards i hope all of you isis m***********s die and burn in hell!!!!

  61. It is r
    ealistic to condemn ISIS, HAMAS and other Muslim organizations BUT what were the purist of the pure CHRISTIANS doing during the Crusades.Consider the Knights Templar Hospitalers RICHARD the lion hearted and the Church behaviour throughout the Inquisition.

    • Merry, everyone… Stop bring Christianity into this discussion. Haven’t you guys gone to school, or at least learned to solve a problem? You focus on understanding the *real* problem, think of what the possible solutions are, think of what the outcome should be then execute it. For example, you will not solve a famine problem today, by complaining or comparing to famines from thousands of years ago. You are only confusing the issue.

      The *real* problem is: militant islam.
      Only possible solution = termination to achieve the outcome of peace.

      This problem can be easily solved by the strength of the U.S. itself, but better with other civilized free countries. But we cannot even discuss the real problem because misguided people who are hell-bent on being politically correct, and because people “merry” and so-called moderate muslims who lie to us and tell us that is not islam – continually trying to obfuscate this simple problem.

      • To test whether any discussion here will add to the resolution of militant islam or just confuse it – simply add that thought to this sentence. “We will stop the evil of militant islam (jihadists/extremists) by…” then fill in the thought.

        For example: “We will stop the evil of militant islam today by knowing what the Nights Templar and King Richard the Lionhearted did…”

        Sounds like BS to me. Knowing that information might make you feel like you’re a “good, politically correct” person, but it will not help solve the issue today.

  62. To all those fanatic religios people. Some day justice will come upon all of you. And the way you did to others. Thats what you will get. This world is guide it either by demonic forces and . Our lord kindess. And you will let your body use by either one. But remember by your actions while you were on this phisical body. You will be judge.

  63. Those are not Human! Not even Animal . Animals just kill for the needs. There are not Muslim. Think about Hitler, you can not clasify Hitlers actions as an Christian Terror. These are Just a bunch of crazy people trying to satisfying their sadistic feelings.

  64. The united states need.s two stop the bull s**t and take is us off the map blow them off the map we have the means before they start to kill more people from the u.s f**k them all


  66. So do you feel better about your selves. Killing people that don’t deserve it.. Just try to come and kill me.. You Muslims need to have a taste of real USA,, you all ready hide behind bushes and trees come get me face to face


  68. muslims who say th3irs is a religeon of peace havent got a clue about their own religeon. In the Quran it states Kill all people of the book meaning the bible. That is Christians and Jews. And if anyone cant pay the poll tax they have to be killed or convert to Islam. So the poor people have to pay with their necks.

  69. When was the last time you saw an atheist beheading someone for their religious beliefs? Religion is the problem, all of them.

  70. Isis, Muslim, Islam, terrorist, are all from the same stupid Muhammed.
    Fork all of u, America will finish u all

    • its tuff1 to call but i rekon there will be no world soon because world war3 coming up lol im christian in the books nd there is no other religion after jesus nd i can prove that to ya mr none bacon eaters lol

  71. Anyone who views what Isis does and does not get physically sick is beyond me. These terrorists should be removed permanently from the face of the earth. They are the lowest form of life, I would personally kill each one and enjoy every second of it. They are the Devil himself. Their religious leader is the Devil himself. Muslims are the problem. For the sake of humanity they should be terminated. They make me sick


  73. I do see monsters from both sides but real question is that is this real picture?Americans want resources from that land and make fake wars to make it happened.I think that both sides are playing God and thats wrong.

  74. Religion of any type that goes extreme is to blame, the Christians killed Muslims in the crusades, now the Muslims are killing anyone weak enough to get caught.

    When history is written these days will go down as a dark stain on humanity, the barbaric action in the name of a god are never justifiable no matter which god.

    These people are not, in my view, humans they are the base born animal scum that pray on the weak, if you don’t educate your people then something has to fill the gap envy and hatred tend to be first in.

    We all have a time to die and no matter how we run from it we end up dead none the less, there are more acceptable ways to die than at the hands of fanatics nut when your dead they can do you no more harm. The souls of those executed for trying to help will have a special place in whichever version of heaven they believe in.

    In the end we all die, hopefully not like these poor martyrs for peace.

    Allah has his face turned from Islamic State they are doing an-others work

  75. you call yourself the ultimate warriors but beheading and innocent human being with their hands tied behind their back and you don’t even show your face one word comes to mind COWARDS

  76. As horrible as this is and how much I. Like to see these men caught and punished. Let’s reflect on the horrible suffering of infants being cut up and sucked out by abortionists legally in our own country. These people will see an ANGRY GOD when they die. Be equally angry at both these evils.

  77. There is a simple solution to this problem. We can send in B-2 bombers and level Iraq and Syria with JDAMS once we have withdrawn US forces, or here’s another thought. We have in our Military control some of the deadliest highest trained men in the world. Green Berets, U.S Delta Force, Navy SEALS, and ARMY Rangers, why not just send in a handful of these men and let them do what they are trained to do. Capture or kill the ISIS soldiers and the ones they capture treat them to the same unbearable death that have brought to others and cut there heads off and send there fellow militants and family members a video of US forces doing so. They have no idea the ground power that we posses in terms of special forces. Being a retired Navy SEAL i know what some of these men are capable of and I know they could get the job done in a quick clean manner

    • I agree with you, all the territories controlled by ISIS pigs were to be bombed not get a foot brick and not hear the breathing nimguem, and all Islamic terrorist pigs held in all chains should be run the same way as the cowards ISIS Islamic do to innocent people

  78. Since when did all of you guys care about muslims ? The soldiers are muslims, ISIS considers themselves muslims. Yet you blame all of the world muslims ? Muslims are victims of violence and yet they are blamed for it ? Talk about blaming the victim.

    With that said the Syrian army slaughtered, raped and tortured tens of thousands of syrians (civilians) prior to the rise of ISIS. So they are hardly innocent. Jesus said it himself. he who lives by the sword dies by the sword. Still one can be more human about this execution (which technically speaking defies the Geneva convention)

  79. the only role that religion plays is a shield…just like they are using some women and children… its a false leading message that the rest of the world is to blame for their uprising and b******t….THESE F*****G PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS!! SO WHY WOULD IT EVER STOP NOW? ..If you want to rid of something go to the source…call them out!! why hide?? come get some !…. cowards…

  80. “Such of your women as have passed the age of monthly courses, for them the prescribed period, if ye have any doubts, is three months, and for those who have no courses (it is the same): for those who carry (life within their wombs), their period “is until they deliver their burdens: and for those who fear Allah, He will make their path easy.” Qur’an 65:4

    “f*****g Pedophiles”

  81. I am a muslim but we never saw any such kind of beheading in public .Yes,this is an islamic punishment but that is not for just pleasing people.But beheading is done to set example for others so that no one ever think of doing any thing wrong such as murder.ISIS Is supported and funded by israel and us .They never attacked israel as israel is the great enemy of muslims and islam.Instead ,they kill muslims and innocent people and kill any one who disagree with their version if islam.


  83. these isis idiots dont realize they are pissing off their own religious group….now after killing the jordanian pilot….the jordanian gov. retaliated…soon so will all the civilians….matter of time…

  84. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen, I only looked because it was on the news and I wish I had not.

  85. I’ve seen a lot of disturbing things but this is just PURE evil. Hear me now ISIS what gives you the right to murder and burn alive innocent people?! You heard me burn thats not right. Your not a f*****g god do you hear me? Nothing gives you people the right to take away their life do you not have family’s of your own? How about we behead them and burn them alive then post it the web? How would you like it?! I hope each and every single one of you gets whats coming to you.

  86. Those that are part of ISIS and Jihadists are all cowards!
    They prey on innocent and unsuspecting people.
    They cover their faces and shield their identities from the public as they perform their beheadings and burning of innocents!
    I offer you this challenge…you to come to me…I will take you to the streets and beat the living s**t out of you!!! I will beat you using nothing except what God has given me to protect myself. I will beat you until I kick the last living breath out of your ignorant body!! I will do all of this with out covering my face! I want you and all who view this to know….its me!! I will not hide!! I would be proud to be seen doing this! Even though I could be put to death in my own country….it would be my pleasure to do this! So…what do you think…COWARDS!!

  87. As far as the religious aspect… Any book of any religion can be taken out of context to suit convenience and has happened in most every religion… There is good, there is bad, there is impressionable.

    Hitler- distorted the words of the bible to suit his agenda through “christian fundamentalism” to sway the impressionable.

    Isis- distorted the Quran to suit agenda of a few and sway the impressionable.

    And even down to groups: Different races standing on street corners with a religious scripture in hand explaining to the world why they’re the chosen and that’s why God says the other races must die…

    Hell, Charlie Manson convinced a large group of wayward teens that he was Jesus…

    It’s not the religion… It’s the sick people that warp out the words of their religion to justify to the world and themselves that it’s ok for them to act like a monster and get others to follow. They warp it out to judge, belittle, punish, destroy, kill, and on and on…. The fact is, there is good, there is bad, and there is impressionable… I would bet everything I own that if you sat down and read through NEARLY every religious scripture, you would see a familiar theme… LOVE ONE ANOTHER… Some people need to pull their heads out of their collective asses and realize that the intentions of a religion is to do good… It’s a group of monsters who have no justification to act like monsters so they soil the name of their religion… So you read from your respective scripture and make it fit your agenda, because if you really feel your deity said it’s ok then you have your justification, get others involved with ease, and you can sleep tonight… The rest are just sheep who are following what ever hypes them up the most, and that DOES happen everywhere in this world in every religion from judging one another all the way to genocide…. Religion of any kind will not work if you are driven by hate…. Long story short. This world is f****d…


    As far as the videos and pictures I have watched…. The hate in me would love to see every last one of those people burned alive slowly… But I have a feeling there is nothing we could do that would compare to the after life thats ahead of them and that makes me smile… I dont believe in murdering the innocent but the evil, an eye for an eye is a very clear, hard to warp phrase that I very much believe in…

  88. All religion is b******t!! If you go deep into the amazon jungle….there is a tribe who believes that he is honoring his God. So if there are so many Gods….who’s God is the correct one to worship? Even the Christian bible is full of b******t….they are only stories that have been passed down…converted from many different languages….just to fit their beliefs. This is not anything that was written by Gods….only man…and man is notorious for spreading misrepresentations and lies!
    The Christians….Muslims…Buddhists…Head Hunters? SO….those who are fighting for their religious beliefs are only fools!

  89. There are no virgins waiting for you on the other side when you die. There will be nothing but hell and you reliving your beheadings over and over and over again, except you will be the one that gets beheaded. The sickness of your mind is unfathomable you give bombs to children and women and use them to do your dirty work. You are cowards and undeserving of any mercy. May God wipe out your people because they do not deserve to live. Americans may have their faults and there are some Americans that are just as evil as you but that’s a minority. You are a majority and you do your work at the Devils hand. You kill these people as if they are nothing and do not think twice if it was your brother or father or son. Stop the killing, if you do not stop the killing hopefully the rest of the world will come together and obliviate you at your country. You may have the oil that we need and that’s the only thing that’s keeping your country alive is the fact that governments have a financial stake in your land, I just hope they come to their senses and nuke you bastards and when the air clears the oil can be shared throughout the rest of the world without any more bloodshed. your eyes are wide shut you need to open them and understand that violence at this level solves nothing may God have no mercy on your soul. If Allah truly is a god then he is a God not worth praising. no God would condone the behavior you exhibit no God will allow you to use children and women to do your dirty work. I know what I write on here means nothing to you I’m just another angry American in your eyes but it’s not about being American for me it’s about how gruesome and petty and cowardly you fight your war using children save your own Lives. That is not honorable in any way shape or form. It is selfish it just shows that you are afraid to die because you brainwash others into doing your dirty work 4 u. If you really did believe that when you die honorably for your cause, why aren’t you doing the fighting yourself that’s the only way, by your religion, that you will have all those virgins waiting for you on the other side. Your behavior and actions show me that you,those in power do not believe in your own God, you use him as an excuse to get others to do your dirty work. Stop this madness, it does not have to be this way.

  90. Hey it is not true like what u had just said but even though there is no God but the bible means no harm to you go and read the Christian bible,read and see if it is teaching u the right thing or the evil things so yep 🙂

  91. what we saw is a group of criminals who does not represent Islam !!!!! These are criminals wants to show Islam in this bad way . All these efforts to show islam in this bad face , means that you all know that ISLAM is the right religion >>>> Islam is Peace , Love , Family , friends , Giving , Home , loving poor , respecting other religions … ISIS is not representing ISLAM , this is the production of USA and Isreal , same when they created Al Qaeda . Muslims doesn’t have all these weapons , Muslims are really a good people , but I feel it is difficult to prove because you see such above vedio , and seeing is believing , but the above are not Musliums . in ISLAM if you kill one guy , it is like you killed the whole world . This is what our relifion told us .

  92. All three major religions believe in the same God. So if your against these terror groups, why be Muslim? why even be associated with muslims. Just pray to God if you need a God to pray to. The Koran is just a out of sequence rewrite of the true Bible. The middle east was just jealous of the christians and the jews so they made up a story of a prophet who climbed a ladder to heaven and then God translated the koran to him in a cave with no witnesses. Now they want to rule the world. Mecca and Medina weren’t enough they have to have Jerusalem as well. So if you need religion, pick one that is not associated with lunatics. We really need to do something quick. You think Sep, 11th is a day to remember. That was just a dress rehearsal. There’s going to be an all out day of madness and attacks in multiple cities, but of course we will wait until that happens before we do something about it !! Wake up people !!

  93. ISIS are a bunch of b*****s. Stupid mother f*****s believe in a god damn fairy tale and are stupid enough to kill people over fictional characters they seem to wanna f**k in the butt. Like seriously, take Mohammed’s sandy c**k out of your dehydrated, c*m guzzling mouthes.

  94. The end of this b******t will be forced upon the U.S. There will be a giant parking lot for the good people of Iraq to park in and work the oil fields. ISIS is using modern technology to showcase what has happened since WWII… How many people were killed by the N**I’s before it was a global concern?.. The answer is …it doesn’t matter.. Once the world judges your stupidity… You will perish, it is easy to take pot shots at the U.S, and ISIS clings to the fact that the media plays what sells.. The fact still remains when you poke the bear enough times.. He will eat your a*s!! So good luck with the n**i propoganda b******t!! Start killing Chinese and Russian people the same way, we can end this quicker! Hiding behind anything is cowardly, but hiding behind your own interpretation of a religion is cowardly and stupid. When you are judged by a fair and just God, remember the smiles on our faces and the joy in our hearts.

  95. F*****g sick Mfsl Wish I was young enough to go over with the military and kill those pricks!!! All of them! Our government needs to get a set off balls and stop picking out specific targets that don’t harm civilians! They use them as Clokes because they know we won’t target civilian’s. They are Cowards who need to be eliminated at all COST’s.. F*****g bastards!!!!!!

  96. ISIS is going to pay for what they are doing. Don’t forget Obama will be leaving office soon and we will have a president that will send our troops in and kill every one of them. The people they are killing are f*****g innocent. When they finally face our military, they will piss their pants. We need to take ISIS prisoners and behead them just like they are doing. ISIS can not win against the coalition forces. This can not be won with bombing alone. I know we are tired of war but its time we show them if you f**k with us, you die.

  97. I watched this video (I can’t answer why) my whole body reacted, I shook, I felt a flush of sickness, I went hot and cold.
    My daughter is asleep in her cot and I want to cry for her. What world have I bought her into?
    With all the sadness, pain.
    When all is said and done, the threats made the scripts read and studied the minds made up the bombs dropped the fights faught and words spoken… These men picked up those knives and killed their brothers.. Other LIVING LIVES. These men have mothers and children like those they have slaughtered. I can’t bare it. I wish I could run to an island and shelter my family from this world . Hate everywhere you turn. I’m beyond scared for what is to come.
    I’ve lived every day of my life as an atheist and will continue to do so.

  98. just crying my self, no no no these are the killers the whole world should unite to make total elimination for these dogs

  99. Ignorant murderers exist all over the world. This is Isis 15 minutes of fame. As soon as they are defeated there will always be another murderer with daddy issues to step up and take their place. All we can do is, buy a gun. Learn how to use it. And do our best to protect what we love.

  100. This is what religion does to stupid a*s and ignorant people. How the f**k can beheading people have anything to do with a any god of love. These barbaric savages are f****d up in the head. All these f*****g religions do is brainwash Islam Christianity,Hinduism,bhuddism. When you f**k with religion you let other people think for you. You became a puppet a total a*****e who can no longer reason or think for himself.religion is brainwashing period.Christianity did the same thing people were beheaded,boiled in oil and burnt alive .some were fed to starving animals. History is repeating itself. The same s**t is happening today with isis. Same barbarism,different religion. Remember the inquisitions,the so called conquerors who came over to christuanize the natives in the so called new world. Well its f*****g b******t. Isis is b******t Islam is b******t,Christianity is b******t. F**k can follow your own intellect or become a brainwashed mental slave. Its your choice people .wake the f**k up

  101. ISIS needs to DIE the same HORRIFIC Inhuman deaths they are performing on their victims. They are not human………….they are spawned by the Devil himself and infect everything that is right and pure. GO TO HELL you ISIS Devils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. If people spent less time devoting themselves to religion and more time on becoming better human beings then the world would be a much better place to live.

  103. a muslim cant be a terriost and a terriost cant be a muslim….so you f*****g bastards you all wıll rot in hell and i pray you all should have a horrible and terrified death


  105. I say that we Americans turn the middle east into a parking lot. We don’t need your oil, your religion, or you. Praise be to the true lord Jesus Christ, who died so that our sins would be forgiven.


  107. My family has told me since I was little that I have an “iron gut.” I can eat, watch, and watch and eat anything without feeling the slightest sick feeling. I used to go on daily. I watched this video to the end and it really made me feel sick. I don’t know if it was because I read an article explaining how ISIS keeps their captives calm in execution videos (they basically tell them that they aren’t really getting killed and it’s just to scare our government), but this is just terrible. I’m pretty sure this is what empathy is? I have never felt the slightest emotion watching someone get killed in a video but I don’t know why this is so strong with me. I genuinely dislike people but this made me sad. I hate this. They need to stop. They managed to make me feel something stop them now.

  108. astaghfirullahaladzim.. this is wrong.. very wrong.. we should not punish others, maybe its not the right time for them to enter islam.. hidayah is in allah’s hand.. we are humans.. this kind of people makes people think that islam is a violent reigion. i am a muslim, and for a muslim’s opinion.. this is indeed very wrong.

  109. Why does this have to happen? I’m sick to my very core as a human being. I’m just sick sick sick of this violence. Can we not progress as a human species past the 12th century. I want whole kindheartedly to live in a world that’s more progressive. I also want to believe in a higher power but this just reinforces my belief in atheism. I look at the stars and the galaxy and have to believe that there is something far greater than us. Our “religions” will be our downfall. I pray for all.
    Peace Peace Peace please….

    • I Believe. i believe in the Father the Son and the Holly Spirit.But i totally respect you and your thoughts and beliefs. I also ask why all these killings should take place? I pray and hope for peace too my brother!

  110. Barbarism in the name of america or oil is the same thing as barbarism in the name of religion and revenge. Both sides are willing to do anything to get what they want. The only losers are as in any war: the innocent, and innocence. And in the great chess-game of war all are pawns before the kings and queens.

  111. Whether what relgion you are… i am greatful and so should you all be that the people who are dead arent you or your family. No religion teaches to kill. But brain washers are the ones responsible. How sickning to see images of beheadings. They tortue themselves by afflicting grieve on others. Not knowing what will come to them on judgement day.

  112. I am not grateful that I am not dead, I’m OUTRAGED!!! These people need to be eliminated and I will give my last breath to do so. ISIS, I fought you in Iraq and I fought you in Afghanistan amongst others, bring it on b***h!

  113. Comment:friends or brothers dont fight for this barbaric monsters bcs they knows what they are doing bcs every individua must realise befor doing a job whether it is good or bad….or his heart must say true once…who dont lestin their own heart they are not human beings ……..! this isis is like that they havbeen crosed the border of evil or they dont have any interest to comeback , it is theire gravity .bcs they know they are not forgivable infront of god human socity.

  114. Comon guys, why we fight in the name of religion here as a sensible person
    War against ISIS is the war against humanity.
    Let’s we unite for a common cause.
    If we fight for religion, we will never achive peace for sure rather hatred and violence will grow up.
    Let’s come above religion and be on mankind.
    ISIS is using religion as a tool, they are devils on this earth simply.
    Let’s defeat them with our strong thought.

    • all religions of the world first give the teaching of mankind…religion and worships are your own choice for getting closure to God…….ISIS is just a terrorist organization funded by some countries to gain or achieve their goals…not more then this.

  115. it,s time to get the good old napalm bomb out of the closet. setting people on fire, behead people in the worst way, now the let children do the killing. fisrt shooting but you can wait ,and then the beheadings come by the hand off brainwashed children. sick f*****s, maybe a atomic bomb is the answer to al these sick, allah agbar shouting monsters. The expect 71 virgins when the go upstairs, i think the gona burn in hell, The virgins are gone anyway. raping killing baby;s and anyone ho hase diferent thought’s .
    belief something thats written 1400 years ago, the belief the earth was flat ?? stupid people.I hope the die verry soon all of them .

  116. These bastards are the followers of the baniummayya they were not Muslims they were
    Converted to Islam to save their lives because they were enemy of Islam.

  117. To Jihadi John.
    The Special Forces are on their way to get you you cowardly scum.
    You disgrace Islam and Allah will wreak his revenge on you and all you murdering, raping defilers of the faith. If not here then in the afterlife. Rot you b*****d of a swine.

  118. Islamic State, Animals! Allah knows who you are, yes! and he is coming for you! You demenstrate nothing that Allah stands for and you do it in his name. Yes, he will repay you for the death, distraction, plaque you are infecting on your own.

  119. Lol it’s crazy. All fighting over made up religious characters. Men are insane ! I’m glad to be a woman who lived in Australia and has her own mind and choices. All you religious fools including Catholics are destroying this planet because you can. It’s a joke. A serious ridiculous joke of a pack of idiots who can’t make it in real world. That idiot who beheads ppl will be gone soon. What a loser. You’re all losers no hopers.

  120. This is the real face of Islam, and Satanic religion. What Mohammed did in those days these people are doing now and they will be destroyed by almighty soon in name of Jesus. Washout soon.

  121. I am a Muslim but i am not belongs to Islam and they world call me a christian because Jesus in a true Muslim. Muslim mean gods people and judgement is given to Jesus not to Mohammed in Quran itself.


  123. Islam grows a bad title at the hands of whom follow Islam. Those whom deface Islam make it worse all Muslims world wide. If Iran is so much a “great” country, and had honest and faithful leaders they would step in a slaughter all whom deface Islam. Iran is very much to blame for all of this. They did start this and support this, but unknowingly defacing true Islam. Shame on all of you in Iran.

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