Wave of floods over in Baghdad, heads towards Wasit province

Wave of floods over in Baghdad, heads towards Wassit province

Baghdad ( The crisis committee confirmed that the ”The risks of floods have passed and the committee decided to start the process of reconnecting Kriyat bridge which was dismantled on last Saturday in a precautionary step of rising the water level of Tigris River.”The Minister of Water Resources, Muhanad al-Saadi, announced on Monday morning that “The wave of the floods is over in Baghdad and it is heading towards Wassit province.”

He noted that “The level of water in Tigirs River riased up to 31 meters while the avarege of water level in this River used to be 28 eters.”

The local government of Salah-il-Din province warned the people to evacuate their houses in fear of floods which occurred due to heavy rainfall. \

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