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Ad Specs

Iraqi News offers several placement, size, and format options to ensure your advertising goals as well as your budget are met seamlessly.

Banner Ads:

Super Header Leaderboard
Medium Rectangle ATF
Medium Rectangle BTF
Super Footer Leaderboard

Our banner ads can be featured at the top or bottom of the homepage, or may be placed in a prominent position on a side column or within a given article’s text. These high-visibility positions provide excellent exposure within a traditional placement framework.

Rich Media

Push Down
Side Kick

Make your message come to life on with one of our rich media banner options. From pushdowns to sidekicks to page peels and more, we offer a number of formats for attracting visitors’ attention and serving them with more information and incentive to act through dynamic ad functionality.


Mobile Leaderboard

Nearly a third of our readers visit on a mobile device, so we’ve made sure the site looks great on phones and tablets. That means our ads are optimized for the mobile web, as well, so you’ll make effective impressions and enjoy high click-through rates when you advertise to those on the go.

Special Formats & Press Releases

Advertorial or Press Release
Channeltakeover copy

Sometimes, an ad campaign calls for a powerful approach and a truly distinctive look and feel. Take advantage of our sponsored article, press release and special format options, including customized wallpapers, channel takeovers, and more, to ensure your message makes its mark.

Contact us to learn more about any of our ad options or order a run now and we’ll put the possibilities of our ad space to work for you right away.