40 ISIL terrorists killed while attacking Baiji Refinery northern Tikrit

40 ISIL terrorists killed while attacking Beiji Refinery northern Tikrit

Salah il-Din ( The security forces, supported by the Air Force, killed 40 ISIL elements while attacking Baiji Refinery of northern Tikrit.

The Security Chief in Baiji Refinery, Ali al-Quraishi, stated to “The security forces supported by the Air Force foiled an ISIL attempt to target Baiji Refinery of northern Tikrit and killed 40 of them.”


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  3. InshaALLAH IRAQI ARMY WILL lead and Destroy isil and isis soonly even surely send them in hell With the help of Allmighty Allah in the shadow Of Aimah Masoomeen a.s Aameen..Live Long Iraqi army and volenters

  4. Dear Human Beings,

    It is sad that anyone can get excited about the killing of any person. As a human being I see all this murder as a complete waste of human life. Now, I expect even more innocent human beings will be killed by homicide bombers in the coming weeks and months. Those homicide bombers just don/t have any feelings for anyone. They kill without thought to the suffering of others. Why they seem to truly enjoy killing the defenseless and helpless. That 13 year old girl they blew up with an IED a few years ago had Down;s Syndrome. Now, I ask what do Sunni and Shia really feel about killing a disabled child for no reason whatsoever?

  5. TO ERWIN:
    Thank you for your comments. It is so very sad to see the bloodshed of the innocents around the world, specially in the middle east region. It is stated in the holy book of Qoran ”if one kills an innocent it is as if he killed the entire humanity and if one saves an innocent life it is as if he saved the entire humanity”. Killing of any innocent human, regardless of their belief, is punished by God and the punishment is the hellfire. We are all created by ONE GOD so then why we differentiate between Muslim, Christian, Jews and others? It is not us who must decide who is the sinner – it is only God who decide and will decide who is the sinner. Unfortunately, the world we live in today is a ‘power hungry’ world than ever before. ‘Divide and rule’ has been the policy of the West for hundreds of years. Division created between the Muslims and Christians, division created between the Muslims and Jews. Now we see a new wave in the last 25 years – division is created between Shia and Sunni. Before the west never knew what was Shia and what was Sunni. It was only during the Iraq – Iran war that the west started to know about Shia-Sunni. They found a nitch and used it to further divide the Muslim – Christian- Jewish world based on ethnic background so the West can rule with unprecendent power. This is what happening now and this is the recipe for ONE WORLD ORDER. What the West has failed to realize that ‘terrorism and chaos’ (which is what they have been doing for hundreds of years, specially in the last 50 years) breeds to more terrorism and chaos within the nations. The end is near. It wont be much longer when we face the Day of Judgement before our Creator.

  6. To;
    Saif Khan & Mohammad Rashid:

    Your names sounds muslim names. Have you not learnt from your role model the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) how to be humble, gentle and respectable to your fellow brothers in Islam? Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), even taught us how to be loving and caring and respectable to our enemies. Please if you think you are a ‘muslim’ , go read the Qoran and try to understand its meaning. Using the F word and calling each other names like dog etc is not Islamic at all. Give yourself a better example of who you are. May Allah bless you and guide you on to the proper path of Islam and give you the wisdom you need to behave properly with others regardless of their belief.

  7. بس نقول بهذا الشهر الكريم، الله يخلص العراق من شر الغرباء المنافقين والسراق المخربين، الله ينصر العراق وأهله الشرفاء.

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  9. Go Iraq Go… kill the idiots!!! ISIL is a disease, and it must be eliminated. All the west wants is peace!! God is still in control!!!!!!!

  10. Many Christian are killed. But they have prayed : Tad in heven, vorgive them, because they don`t know, what they do.

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