15 deaths, injuries due to Sunday blasts, says BOC

15 deaths, injuries due to Sunday blasts, says BOC

Baghdad ( Baghdad Operations Command announced that ”Two persons were killed and 13 others were injured while two car bombs were dismantled in Husseiniya area of eastern Baghdad.”Baghdad Operations Command reported in statement received by that ”Two persons were killed and (12) others were injured due to three car bomb explosions in Sadr city of eastern Baghdad.””A civilian was wounded when a car bomb exploded in Husseiniya area of northeastern Baghdad and two Improvised Explosive Devices exploded in Kamaliya and Ameen areas without any casualties,” the statement added.”The security forces managed to dismantle two car bombs in Husseiniya area and a car bomb was detonated under control after evacuating the area of people by the security forces,” the statement pointed out.Series of explosion took place in Baghdad province and resulted in killing and injuring dozens of people. \

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