10 ISIS militants killed in operation by IA and U.S.-led warplanes in Anbar

Representational file photo.
Representational file photo.

Al-Anbar ( On Tuesday, a security source in Anbar province said, that 10 ISIS militants have been killed in a joint military operation by the Army’s Golden Division and the international coalition warplanes in the city of Ramadi.

Army General Abdul-Amir al-Khazraji stated to IraqiNews in an interview, “A special force from the Golden Division of the Iraqi Army, with support from the international coalition warplanes, has managed to kill 10 elements of the ISIS group in the neighborhood of al-Aramil, located in Ramadi,” pointing out that, “The intensive military operation against ISIS militants resulted in inflicting big losses upon ISIS ranks in the areas al-Andalus and Shurtah, located in central Ramadi.”


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