104 terrorists killed, 31 others injured in Baghdad

104 terrorists killed, 31 others injured in Baghdad

Baghdad ( The security forces within Baghdad Operations Command announced killing 104 terrorists and injuring 31 others in security operations in Baghdad.

The Spokesperson of Baghdad Operations Command, Saad Maan, stated in a press conference “104 terrorists were killed and 31 others injured in various areas in Baghdad in addition to arresting 18 escapees from Badoosh Prison in Tikrit.”


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  2. I am hindu..does not matter which religious u r .This is very bad thing happen in iraq.We supposed will

    every thing is going right in coming days.Please god help them those are needed help..

  3. All bull s**t. Iraqi army is lying. They’re coward. They haven’t even fought those rats. Only Kurdish Peshmergas been fighting those rats.

  4. Sunni ko badnaam karne wale ISIS ko Maar do..
    Kyon ke Islaam kisi ko maarne ki Ijaazat nahi deta
    Ye sunni nahi… Dogs hain

  5. To those who think ISIS is the right way to start an islamic state can kiss my a*s! We dont live in the years 550… Let the iraqis and everyone who wants to live in a peacefull harmony build a powerfull country. Dont stop growing, get smarter and strive to be the best in the middle east… Look at those kafirs in saudi arabia… Lets show the world how arabs and muslim can be. Slaughter all those rats, who needs them???

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    Sincerly ALA, your TRULEY F****D UP GOD

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