More than 100 people escape from areas controlled by ISIS in Kirkuk

The displaced families in Iraq. Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( Kirkuk – The Migration and Displaced Department in Kirkuk Province announced on Thursday, that more than 100 people escaped from the areas controlled by the so-called ISIS in Kirkuk (250 km north of Baghdad), while emphasized that the Peshmerga forces secured their entry into the city.

The Director of Migration and Displaced Department Ammar Sabah said in a brief statement followed by, “101 people managed to escape from the areas controlled by ISIS in the province of Kirkuk, including women and children,” adding that, “The Peshmerga forces facilitated their entry into the city of Kirkuk.”

Sabah pointed out, “The Migration and Displaced Department transferred them to internally displaced people’s camps.”

Noteworthy, ISIS controlled the areas south and west of Kirkuk since June 2014.

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