More than 1000 IS militants arrive in outskirts of Diyala: MP

More than 1000 IS militants arrive in outskirts of Diyala: MP
Islamic State militants. File photo.

Diyala ( Diyala’s Member of Parliament revealed, on Tuesday, that the movements of the Islamic State have significantly increased in the areas of the province, while pointed out that intelligence information indicated that more than 1100 militants from the terrorist group have arrived in the outskirts of Baqubah.

MP Zaher Taher said in a press statement that the Islamic State militants are searching for new strongholds, after losing the majority of their areas in Mosul and fearing the increased military approach in many areas of Iraq, especially with an expected offensive on Hawija District.

Taher also pointed out to a notable increase in the movement of the Islamic State during the last week, where confrontations took place between the group’s militants and al-Hashd al-Ashaeri in the sunni regions of Diyala, resulting in the killing of two IS members and wounding of two others.

Furthermore, the terrorist group abducted seven civilians in the last two weeks, where five of them were found dead, Taher added.

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