112 families fleeing from ISIS-held Hawija arrive in Kirkuk

Displaced families. File photo.
Displaced families fleeing from Hawija. File photo.

Kirkuk – ( Kirkuk Police Chief, Colonel Sarhad Qadir, announced on Saturday, that 112 families fleeing from ISIS-held Hawija district southwest of the province, arrived in the safe areas in Kirkuk.

Qadir said in a press statement, “Today, 112 families, mostly women and children, arrived in the areas southwest of Kirkuk, after fleeing from the ISIS-held Hawija district (55 km southwest of Kirkuk),” adding that, “Kurdish Peshmerga forces received and provided them with water, food and medicines.”

“The province of Kirkuk is receiving large numbers of people fleeing from the ISIS-held areas on daily basis, and checking their names and date to prevent the entry of ISIS members,” Qadir added.

Noteworthy, the district of Hawija and other areas southwest of Kirkuk are still under the control of the Islamic State.

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