12 ISIS Asian snipers killed, including women, east of Ramadi, says Federal Police

Federal police chief, Raed Shakir Jawdat
Federal police chief, Raed Shakir Jawdat

( Baghdad – Federal police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat announced on Sunday, that 12 Asian snipers have been killed in the regions of Husaybah and al-Madyaq east of Ramadi, pointing out to the dismantling of 17 booby-trapped houses in the two regions.

Jawdat said in a statement received by that “his forces managed, during the past 72 hours, to kill 74 terrorists and 12 snipers of Asian nationalities, including five women, during the ongoing military operations in the regions of Husaybah and al-Madyaq east of Ramadi.”

Jawdat added, “The federal police destroyed 19 vehicles, seven bombs and dismantled 17 houses booby-trapped, while also defused 64 explosive devices in different sizes, in addition to destroying 22 sites for ISIS snipers,” noting that, “his troops destroyed four ferries and boats of the enemy in the Euphrates River in the two regions.”

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