12 ISIS militants killed in artillery shelling by Peshmerga forces east of Mosul

Representational file photo.
Representational file photo.

Nineveh ( On Thursday, a Kurdish official announced, that the paramilitary Kurdish Peshmerga forces have managed to kill 12 ISIS elements including a senior leader of the group in east of Mosul.

Saeed Mumozini, the Kurdistan Democratic Party spokesman in Mosul, stated for IraqiNews, “The Peshmerga forces began shelling sites for the ISIS group militants in the area of Khursabad near the area of Ba’shiqah (east of Mosul),” noting that, “The Peshmerga forces have used artillery shells and heavy weapons during the attack on ISIS sites.”

“The attack resulted in killing 12 ISIS elements including Amir (top leader), known as Abu Esam al-Masri,” he added.


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  1. From what I see its the typical fighting in Iraq. Stop the enemy ISIL with a large force then attack from a relatively safe distance away from ISIL and fire at ISIL with heavy long range weapons, including artillery and bombing with planes, and ISIL now lacks artillery and heavy long range weapons, and no more tanks left and no planes. Then when ISIL have run out of ammunition where ISIL cannot shoot back then the Iraq soldiers of Peshmerga soldiers advance in great numbers to overwhelm the ISIL positions. Then that is repeated at the next ISIL encounter. Other forms of military tactics to conquer the enemy and which rely on rapid use of armour and infantry mobility do not appear to be used even though they may take the objective considerably faster.

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