13 civilians killed, wounded in suicide bombing northeast of Baqubah

Explosion of a car bomb. Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( Diyala – The Head of Muqdadiya District Council in Diyala Province, Adnan al-Tamimi, announced on Sunday, that at least 13 civilians had been either killed or wounded in a suicide bombing near a casino in the center of the district northeast of Baqubah.

Tamimi said in a press statement obtained by, “A suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt tried to break into a casino in al-Moalmeen neighborhood in the center of Muqdadiya (35 km northeast of Baqubah),” pointing out that, “A policeman shot him outside the casino, causing the belt to explode.”

Tamimi added, “Three people were killed and ten others were wounded due to the explosion,” indicating that, “Ambulances rushed to the incident area, while the security force cordoned off it.”

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