130 Macedonian and Serbian nationals fight alongside ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Representational file photo.
Representational file photo.

( The Macedonian newspaper ‘Nova Makedonija’ reported on Thursday, that around 130 citizens from Macedonia and Serbia are fighting alongside ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The newspaper quoted several Macedonian security officials, including Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska, as saying, “Around 100 Macedonian citizens are fighting alongside ISIS in Iraq and Syria,” pointing out that, “15 elements of them have been killed during armed confrontations.”

Nearly 30 Serbian citizens have also traveled to Iraq and Syria to fight for ISIS, however, only ten of them were killed in battles, according to the report published by Nova Makedonija.


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    • Ahmed , you are very stupid man ..Who do you think are those “Serbians” and “Macedonians ” fighting for ISIS ? Do you really think ISIS is Islamic organization, serving the interest of the Muslims…If you think so you really are an idiot..Wake up !

  1. Iraq and Syria is the killing grounds for all the extremist terrorists in the world to flock too. In time all of them will die and that is exactly what they want, they want to die fighting as martyrs and go to their paradise.


  3. they are citizens of those countryes, but they are muslims too.. most of them are albanians who lives in Macedonia and other small part named “torbeshi” people whitout religion who take for theyr god alah

  4. Hello from Serbia!
    First I want to wish good luck to all armies who are fighting against ISIS and I wish them to kill as much as they can of that ISIS brain washed, sponsored by west scum!

    Second, those terrorists who are fight for ISIS and they come from Serbia are not Serbs, they are Albanians (who live in Serbia), terrorists who are protected by America and EU. And they are partly protected by our government because our government (from 2001.) is puppet of NATO and EU, so they must listen what west says. When we fight against that terrorists back in 1997-1999. NATO bombed hell out of us, just to help that terrorists. They bombed civilians in Serbia, schools, hospitals, whole villages were carpet bombed. At same time NATO called us aggressors, accused us for breaking human wrights etc, but they give support and arms to Albanian terrorists.

    So if you see terrorist in Syria or Iraq, from Serbia, feel free to kill him, you will do good thing, less terrorists and brainwashed Wahhabi in the world. We would deal with terrorists here, but they are protected by NATO and EU.

    And same thing is in Macedonia and Bosnia Herzegovina, Wahhabi are recruiting local people by brain washing them.

  5. The hornet strategy of the US is working just fine. Just let these psychopaths keep coming to their eventual deaths in Iraq and Syria. Have you heard recent news about the great leader, Al-Baghdadi? German intelligence has confirmed that this loser has a severe spinal injury which will most likely prevent him from ever leading ISIS again. Now, another fool, a professor of physics, is set to take over the leadership and the US is now targeting him. One loser after another is slowly and surely being eliminated and one day the great and noble Iraqi people will live in peace and prosperity.

  6. HAHAHA “Serbs fighting alongside ISIS” What a joke, I’m a Serb and I don’t know a single Serb who would go fight for an Islamic cause. This is a joke!

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