15 IS members killed in airstrike, 31 arrested in western Mosul

Airstrike by the US-led international coalition aircraft.

Mosul ( U.S.-led coalition jets have destroyed an Islamic State workshop for booby-trapping motorbikes, killing the members inside, in western Mosul, Iraqi intelligence service announced.

In a statement on Tuesday, the service said “the international coalition jets fully destroyed a workshop for booby-trapping motorbikes.”

“15 IS members, who inside the workshop, located in al-Islah al-Zeraei district, were killed,” it added.

Iraqi forces, backed by the international coalition jets launch airstrikes against IS headquarters located in the western flank of Mosul on a daily basis leaving members killed and havens destroyed.

Meanwhile, a source from police in Nineveh province declared arresting 31 IS members, including two leaders, while combing districts in central Mosul.

“Troops launched a security campaign in district of central Mosul,” Captain Mounir Hamza told BasNews. “31 IS members, including leaders from Arab countries, were arrested.”

Earlier this month, the Joint Operations Command said IS militants were only in control over 6.8 percent of territory of Iraq and that government troops were controlling 60 percent of the western side of Mosul.

In mid-October, Iraqi troops launched an offensive and gained control over eastern Mosul in January. In February, a new offensive was launched to take the western region.

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