15 Shia worshippers killed, injured in bomb blast in Diyala

A bloodstained puddle could be seen on the square after a bomb attack in Baghdad

Diyala ( Fifteen people were killed and injured in a bomb blast near a religious shrine in Diyala, a security source was quoted saying on Tuesday.

In remarks to Baghdad Today, the source said, “the final figures of the bomb blast near Bawat Mahmoud shrine in Khanaqin, northeast of Baquba, reached two women killed and 13 others, mostly women, injured.”

“Khanaqin hospital received two victims and eight injured peoples, while five others were transferred to Clar hospital for treatment,” the source added.

A bomb went off, while the Muslim Shia worshippers were on their way to the shrine to commemorate the 40-day mourning period of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Mohamed.

On Monday, police found and blew up a bomb, found near the shrine, without casualties reported.

A total of 75 Iraqi civilians were killed, while 179 others were injured due to acts of terrorism, violence and armed conflict in Iraq in September 2018, according to casualty figures by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI).

Baghdad came on top of the worst affected Governorate, with 101 civilian casualties (31 killed, 70 injured), followed by Anbar (15 killed and 37 injured).

In December, Iraq announced gaining control on all the territories that were captured by Islamic State, since 2014.

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