150 ISIS elements killed in aerial bombing targeted their convoy west of Anbar

Representational file photo.
Representational file photo.

( Anbar – On Thursday, 150 elements belonging to ISIS have been killed the in an aerial bombing targeted their convoy west of Anbar.

“Sky News Arabic” channel reported in breaking news followed by, “aerial bombardment targeted a great convoy of ISIS criminal elements in Al-Qa’im district western Anbar province.”

“The bombing resulted in the death of nearly 150 ISIS elements, as well as the destruction of their wheels and arms,” Sky News Arabic added.

The air strikes have targeted the largest complex of car bombings and IED-making in Hawija district in Kirkuk,resulled in the killing of hundreds of ISIS, and several others with various injuries.


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  1. iraqi air force should attack also raqqo cause isis convoy to iraq from this area.

    iraqi air force should cooperation with syria government for this purpose. i think syria government need iraqi help cause shia militia is minority on syria.

    as we know, only shia militia that have capability and willingness againts the rats of wahabi.

    its nonsense if iraqi think will wipe off all the rats of wahabi isis in iraqi region meanwhile stronghold raqqo still stand..

  2. US and international coalition fighter planes are helping the Kurds in Syria starting with Kurds liberating Kobane and that region which opened another front against ISIS. The fighter planes are also bombing ISIS in other parts of Syria including in Raqqa city. So its best that Iraq Airforce fight focus on fighting ISIS in Iraq and when ISIS no longer in Iraq then look at fighting ISIS in Syria.

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