12 civilians killed, wounded in 2 bomb blasts in Heet, Anbar

Representational file photo
Representational file photo

( Anbar – On Monday, a security source in Anbar Province revealed, that 12 civilians were either killed or wounded in the explosion of two improvised explosive devices while trying to escape from Heet City.

The source said in an interview, “This morning, three families who inhabit Heet City, tried to escape using the desert road from ISIS members who control the city.”

The source added, “Two improvised explosive devices were emplaced on the road side to target the families exploded, killing seven civilians including children and wounding five others.”

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  1. Some people in Iraq have never known peace as death and destruction have been part of their everyday life for many years. Some already have left Iraq and now live in other countries where there is peace.

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