16 ISIS elements killed in Diyala, a bulldozer bomb destroyed in Anbar

Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( Anbar – On Monday, Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced that its Air Aviation managed to achieve accurate and direct blows to ISIS elements in Diyala.

Ministry of Defense said in an official statement received by,” Army Aviation was able to direct an air strike on two wheels belonging to ISIS in Ajil oil fields within Tigris Operations.”

The statement emphasized that, “the wheels were carrying machine guns; 16 terrorist members were killed as a result of the strike.”

In a related context, the Ministry of Defense pointed out that “the Army Aviation was able to destroy a bulldozer bomb and a wheel carrying a number of ISIS terrorists.”

The ministry explained that, “The air strike was on the strategic road between Baiji and Haditha in Anbar.”

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  1. Iraq has got thousands of infantry portable anti-tank missiles (RPG, AT4, KORNET, MILAN, PANZERFAUST3) that can destroy any armoured vehicle that ISIS has. If Iraq distributed these properly to its infantry and trained its infantry properly on how to use them like Western countries do then Iraq would not have any problem with ISIS. I have noticed that Iraq appears not to have done this sufficiently and tends to rely on airstrikes to destroy most of ISIS’s armoured vehicles.

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