Over 16 terrorists killed in military operations north of Baghdad

Iraqi Air Force. File photo.
Iraqi Air Force. File photo.

( Baghdad – On Sunday, Baghdad Operations Command announced, that the army forces had managed to kill 16 terrorists and destroy a tunnel for them in north of Baghdad.

Baghdad Operations said in a statement obtained by “A force from the formations of the army’s air force had managed to destroy 4 shelters for the terrorists and kill everyone inside them in the area of al-Masuliyah, while another force had also managed to destroy a number of targets for the terrorists and cause casualties among them in the same area.”

The statement also added, “A force from the army’s 24th brigade managed to kill a sniper in the area of al-Kanazer in west of Baghdad, while another force from the army’s 59th brigade managed to destroy a strategic tunnel for the terrorists in the area of Nagy Dawood in north of Baghdad.”

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