17 ISIS elements killed including senior commander east of Ramadi

ISIS bodies.Archival photo.
ISIS bodies.Archival photo.

( Anbar – The president of the security committee in the council of Khalidiya district Ibrahim Fahdawi announced on Monday the killing 17 ISIS elements, including a senior commander east of Ramadi, stressing that the security forces continue its operations to liberate the eastern axis of the city.

Fahdawi said in an interview for”The security forces clashed today with elements of ISIS in Husaybah area (7 km east of Ramadi), which resulted in the killing of 17 ISIS elements, including the security commander of the organization for Husaybah called Abu Zeinab Iraqi.”

Fahdawi added that “The security forces continue the military operations in the eastern axis of the city of Ramadi so as to liberate all regions controlled by ISIS terrorists.”


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  1. Kill them all, their supporters, sympathisers, financiers, and also attack Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt which are epicentres of terrorism and follow an sectarian ideology which was being invented by those illegitimate caliphs who instead of taking parts in the funeral of their son in law rushed to Saqifa to occupy the power of Islam and invented an ideology which was completely up ante of basic tenet of Islam and invented the terror tactics to keep hold of power and have a concept that is no no heaven or hell and there will no day of judgement (Qayamat). Today all the followers of these illegitimate caliphs following terrorism as principle, practice and faith of their sect.

  2. Dear Iraqi people
    Kill all of them and we (Iranian people) will help you because you are our brothers and sisters. All of us are Muslim and ISIS is killing the Muslims and it isn’t different between shia and sunni for them.
    I must replace the name of ISIS with ISUU (Infidel State of UK and US).

  3. Amir ua wrong,the interpretation of the Koran by your so called scholars,is the reason,you have crises’ in the moslem world.not the UK or USA.any country that has moslems must be be prepared because they moslems are going to murder you because you’re an infidel

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