18 ISIS fighters killed in airstrike in southern Mosul

Coalition aircraft while conducting airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq.
Coalition aircraft while conducting airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq.

( Erbil – The spokesman for the 91st Brigade of the army Amin Shikhani announced on Thursday that 18 ISIS men were killed in international coalition shelling to the south of Mosul.

Shaikhani in a press statement said, “International coalition aviation jets targeted seven ISIS vehicles¬†on the highway between Qayyarah and Hamam al-Alil.”

Shaikhani added “The operation resulted in the death of 18 ISIS fighters.”

A security source in Nineveh province reported earlier on Thursday that a convoy comprises of 30 ISIS tankers had been destroyed in an air strike near Qayyarah south of Mosul.


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  1. the kurds have become such a problem in north of iraq that the iraq goverment should take its historical sites like khorsabad, balawat, nimrud and mosul/nineveh back for its self as these places are assyrian and do not belong to the kurds historicaly and let the kurds have there own country the sooner the kurds get out of iraq the better they are more a problem then benefit.

  2. kurdish women are pride of the world. down with daesh and our SDF will ensure their path to hell. long live kurdistan

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