Over 20 IS militants killed by Iraqi army, coalition in western Anbar

Members of the Islamic State group. File photo.

Anbar ( More than twenty Islamic State militants were killed as Iraqi troops and U.S.-led coalition shelled the group’s locations in western Anbar, according to sources.

“The Iraqi army’s artillery shelled on Tuesday IS reinforcements in desert of Annah town, leaving no less than twenty militants killed,” Lt. Col. Yasser al-Dulaimi, of the military, told DPA.

The shelling, according to Dulaimi, comes within arrangements by the army to carry out offensives to liberate western regions.

“Iraqi army carries out daily military operations in the same region to reduce the group’s powers in Anbar desert and to secure the roads leading to borders with Jordan and Saudi Arabia,” he added.

In related news, a security source told Alghad Press that the U.S.-led coalition jets shelled the militant group’s locations in Qaim town, located west of Anbar.

“The shelling left five militants killed,” the source added.

IS has bases at Anbar desert, which lies near to borders with each of the Saudi Kingdom, Jordan and Syria, from which the militants launch attacks against Iraqi troops and civilians.

Anbar’s western towns of Annah, Qaim and Rawa are still held by the extremist group since 2014, when it occupied one third of Iraq to proclaim a self-styled Islamic Caliphate. Iraqi troops were able to return life back to normal in the biggest cities of Anbar including Fallujah, Ramadi and others after recapturing them.

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