25 ISIS senior elements killed in aerial bombardment east of Ramadi

Archival photo
Archival photo

( Anbar – On Saturday, Khalidiya Council in Anbar Province announced, that 25 senior elements of ISIS were killed in an aerial bombardment carried out by the international coalition aircrafts east of Ramadi (110 km west of Baghdad).

The Head of the Council Ali Daood said in a statement received by, “Today, the international coalition aircrafts shelled a gathering of ISIS senior leaders in Khalidiya Island (20 km east of Ramadi), killing 25 elements including the senior leaders in ISIS military wing Hatem al-Bilawi and Mustafa Jassim,” pointing out that, “The bombardment was carried out based on accurate intelligence information.”

Daood added, “The Bombardment also destroyed five vehicles for ISIS near the headquarters of the organization’s gathering,” indicating that, “Most of ISIS leaders are currently existing in Khalidiya Island that became the last stronghold of the organization after the cleansing of Ramidi areas and axes.”

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